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Meditation ctoria Drizin February 2, 2000 Culture Div. Class Professor Manning My Personal Meditation I was very skeptical and cautious about the lesson on meditation. A few years back I had taken a course on relaxation, which I had found to be only somewhat helpful. I was hoping to find another alternative to calm myself and release the stress. Although I became disbelieving of meditation-I was proved wrong.

After you told us to close our eyes, I had a hard time falling into the meditation. At first I felt uncomfortable and distressed. Thoughts kept revolving in my head and I could not get myself to let free. I wondered whether or not the never-ending gibberish you kept repeating was annoying anyone else. I was astonished at how long you kept repeating yourself without tiring.

After a while I found my own method and it had worked for me. Instead of listening to your words (which I became annoyed with) I blocked out every noise, word, racket the surrounded the room. I completely tuned out from reality and fell into the meditation. I did not realize that I had fallen into the meditation until after I came out of it. I felt like I had detached from my body and floated away.

My mind was completely relaxed and blank. Nothing like I pictured it to be. I just felt NOTHING! No noise, no thoughts, I felt at peace with myself. It was hard for me to come out from the meditation because I had forced myself to block everything out and did not hear when you told us to open our eyes. Overall, it was a great experience and I found that it had relaxed me a great deal. However, I did not gain energy as you had so explained to us.

I became very sleepy and peaceful. The only problem was that I had to go to work right after class. I work at a law firm, and being so relaxed did not help me at work. I was disconnected for the rest of the day. This, might be a great method for me to try on the days that I can not fall asleep.

I found that meditation id a self-realization. Meditation is like inner astronomy. You discover the stars, the moon, and the sun are all inside of you. The state is of consciousness with no emotion or feeling. Bibliography None Philosophy Essays.

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