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Lab Report Morphological Unknown Lab Report Introduction: There are many types of microorganisms in the world that may seem alike but are very different in function and purpose. That is why when one has to find what an unknown organism is he or she sees that its difficult to classify it based on its outer appearance. That is why there are many ways in order to classify microorganisms under microscopes. Two of the ways to identify microorganisms are by looking at the colony and cell morphologies or by conducting a series of stain procedures on the microorganisms. A colony is a mass of microbial cells (Colome, Ex6:28). Morphology is the colonys structure and form. There are six parameters used to describe a colonys morphology: overall appearance, colony margin (edge), elevation, size, pigmentation, and consistency (Colome, Ex6:28).

Although colony morphology isnt the best way to identify microorganisms, its helpful in recognizing some types. The other more efficient way to identify microorganisms is by staining them. A stain is used to color a microorganism and its background. On September 25, 2000, each microbiology lab student was given an unknown microorganism and was told to use series of staining procedures to identify his/her unknown organism. The identification key on page 61b of the microbiology lab manual was used in identifying the unknown organisms. Science.

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