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I Could Never Be So Lucky Again I Could Never Be So Lucky Again By General James h. Jimmy Doolittle This book is about a famous pilot in World War II named Jimmy Doolittle. When Jimmy was 14 he had a taste for boxing. To encourage Jimmy to quit boxing his mom bought him a motorcycle. So he boxed professionally under the name of Jimmy Pierce.

When he was 16 he met a girl named Josephine, but she was called Joe. For three years Joe ignored Jimmy but then she started to accept him and they started to like each other. But Joe didnt like Jimmy boxing so he again started to box under the name of Jimmy Pierce. But when Joe found out she was mad. He then went to junior collage. When he was young Jimmy had two goals, to see the world and to build things.

Back then only engineers could build things and only two kinds could see the world, civil engineers and mining engineers, he choose to be a mining engineer. The first two years of the mining engineer course was the same as the other engineering courses, math and science. He went to the famous Comstock Lode, thought the rush was over. Some thing happened that summer, a mining elevator cable broke with the mining boss and a miner on it and it fell 2,900 feet to the bottom of the shaft. Since Jimmy was the only one with first aid training he was lowered down.

When he got to the bottom he found the cage, his light went out so he had a hard time finding the door, but when he found it and dropped in, the people were dead. He was raised up and miners suddenly loved him. When Jimmy completed collage he and his friend joined the armed forces. His friend joined the infantry. But Jimmy joined the air force. First he became an instructor.

On time he and a student were landing, a plane under them hit the bottom of their plane and crashed, when Jimmy landed he went over to the other plane but the propeller had taken the pilots head off. Then he became a test pilot. While he was a test pilot he tested several very valuable safety instruments such as the Turn and Bank indicator and the homing beacon. But Jimmy had a stunt sprit so he was the first to do the out side loop and set several speed and time records. Jimmy also won several races. After awhile Jimmy left the air force to work with shell.

While he was at shell he flew to South America for advertisement. He flew across the country setting a new record for the shortest amount of time. When World War II started he rejoined the air force as a major skipping the rank of captain. He was given a top secret project that was to bomb Tokyo and other major cites. The purpose of this was to inflict fear into the hearts of all Japanese who had been told that they were invincible.

When he got back he was awarded the Metal of Honor much to the delight of Jimmy and Joe who was Jimmys wife. Then he asked to go to Europe to be in battle against Germany. At that time there were several air force divisions, the 8th, 12th, 6th, and the 9th. The 8th is the supreme air force. He commanded the 12th for a while, but then was made commander of the 8th. When he was commanding the 12th he flew a lot of missions that he was not supposed to fly because he was a person that knew about ultra, the German code that the British broke.

When he was made commander of the 8th then he stopped flying missions. He also met up with Bruce, a friend from his test pilot days, who had been discharged for smuggling tequila and other things. Before planes had good bombsights planes would drop bombs on the friendly troops because when the winds changed pilots thought that the target was under the smoke, so Jimmy said that they needed more effective bomb sights which he got. By the end of the war he was a 4 star general. He retired and worked full time as shells vice president.

From then on he became members of clubs and was a 3 time caterpillar club member.

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