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  • Romeo And Juliet: Starcrossed Lovers - 854 words
    "Romeo and Juliet:" Star-Crossed Lovers? After reading Shakespeares "Romeo and Juliet" I noticed something that everybody must had noticed: their immaturity. Romeo and Juliet see each other and instantly fall in love. The next day they get married and two days after that they die for each other. I think that nobody is capable of doing such thing for someone you have less than a weeek of knowing. The haste of this play is what shocked me the most. I really dont know what Shakespeare was trying to transmit through it. Maybe he was warning people so they could take decissions more calmly, or maybe he was trying to critizice the youth of that time. What I do know about "Romeo and Juliet" is that ...
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  • R U Experienced - 809 words
    R U Experienced? Are You Experienced? The Jimi Hendrix Experience released its first album in early 1967. Popular music had been leaning towards psychedelics for a couple years already and Are You Experienced? came out at about the same time as the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Are You Experienced? far exceeded the Beatles' triumph in complexity, capturing the essence of the late 1960's culture. Naturally the newer band did not share the immediate success of the Beatles. But its staying power has been testified to by several generations. The British version of Are You Experienced? contained a few subtle differences. Most prominent were the absence of "Purple Haze" and t ...
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  • Rabbits Immobilized In Wooden Stocks With Ulcers In Their - 1,027 words
    Rabbits immobilized in wooden stocks with ulcers in their eyes; baby seals being clubbed over the head, and the infamous shock treatment. Broach the subject with an individual and odds are that they have witnessed footage of one or all of the aforementioned practices and are appalled by the cruelty. Appalled yes, willing to stand up and voice their thoughts... not often. There is one significant reason for this unwillingness by some to stand up for the rights of our fellow inhabitants of this planet, personal convenience. We are systematically cutting down the last forest that provides their shelter to farm cattle; we dump toxic chemicals and sewage into the waters in which they live; we wea ...
    Related: ulcers, wooden, animal experimentation, animal research, pigeons
  • Rabbits Immobilized In Wooden Stocks With Ulcers In Their - 983 words
    ... uch as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and AAVS (American Anti-Vivisection Society), a number of large corporations have ceased all animal testing in recent years. These corporations include Avon, Amway, Benetton, Revlon and even General Motors, who used to subject animals to crash/impact tests. In addition, the general public has begun to lean toward and seek out those products which are not tested on animals, in the cosmetics industry, cruelty-free products are one of the fastest growing market segments (Sequoia, 27). Consumers have at long-last begun to realize that with the vast number of cosmetics and personal care products on the market today, it is impossible fo ...
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  • Rabindranath Tagore - 730 words
    Rabindranath Tagore Biography from his early childhood onwards ?The steps that I heard in my childhoods play their music resounds in all the music of this world. 1 Rabindranath Tagore was born on the 7th May 1861. The Tagores of Calcutta were famous for their culture and independence. Rabindranath was the 14th child of his father Debendranath and mother Sarada Devi. Perhaps in no family would the 14th child be particularly welcome and much less so in a family, where all the elder brothers and sisters and their families live together in one joint household. His saint like father was distinguished for his pursuit of religious and spiritual truth. He was popularly known as Maharshi, meaning sai ...
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  • Race - 881 words
    Race Of Devil "The white race is a race of devils created by their maker to do evil, and make evil appear as good; The white race is the natural unchangeable enemy of the black man, who is the original man, owner, maker, cream of the planet earth." This paragraph is taken from Soul on Ice written by Eldridge Cleaver. I think that the white race is not just the enemy of black men. It is even the enemy of immigrants. Although America is supposed to be a melting pot, immigrants seem like a problem in many peope's eyes. I was born in Hong Kong. Before I came to this country, I thought the U.S was the most beautiful country in the world. I thought people always had freedom and joy in their life i ...
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  • Race And Freedom - 652 words
    Race And Freedom Freedom is a word that can be spoken and recognized by any man. Throughout history many have fought and died to gain the assurance of freedom and equality. Though the definition of freedom may vary, the general acknowledgement of it is well known. Thomas Jefferson believed that freedom was having unalienable rights that could not be destroyed by any form of government. Although he declared freedom, equality and justice for ALL MEN, this was not the intent of his declaration. Frederick Douglass, on the other hand, knew of freedom, but until a certain point in his life was not able to completely understand and experience it. Freedom, justice and equality are spoken of much tog ...
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  • Race And The Death Penalty - 1,093 words
    RACE AND THE DEATH PENALTY In 1977 the unjust law of capital punishment was once again enforced in the American justice system. The use of Capital punishment has instigated many discussions among American criminologists. The use of the death penalty as a form of justice has been banned from many countries and states but there are still a few American states that believe in this form of punishment. Some of them include Texas, Georgia and Virginia. There have been many academic articles that have discussed the general pros and cons of the death penalty, but there is one specific issue that stands out from the others. This issue includes racism and how its implicated in the capital punishment s ...
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  • Race And The Death Penalty - 1,142 words
    ... various examples Kroll clearly illustrates using a logical as well as an emotional approach that racism has a direct effect on the use of the death penalty. This emotional approach is seen when he provides detailed stories of certain people. Such as: Johnny Johnson came home from church in 1984 to find the body of his wife, her throat cut. His one contact with officials occurred when he was briefly jailed on suspicion of her murder. Ultimately, an arrest was made, but Mr. Johnson was not informed either of the arrest or of the trial and sentencing. They didn't tell me nothing, he testified. [3] Gloria Tells daughter was murdered in 1984. She learned by reading the papers that her daug ...
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  • Race Education Comparing Short Stories - 676 words
    Race & Education (Comparing Short Stories) Race and Education The two children portrayed in the short stories The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez and Dobys Gone by Ann Petry are at a disadvantage because of their races when it comes to forming friendships, overcoming obstacles, and preserving their childhood. While these two stories focus on one character, the difficulties that these children endure plague entire communities and groups of people. In the stories, both children are from minority backgrounds. The young boy in The Circuit is a member of a migrant family and is forced to change schools and move often while Sue, the little girl in Dobys Gone, is African American and is ridiculed beca ...
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  • Race In Education - 878 words
    Race In Education Fall of 1999, I applied for the University of Idaho to pursue a bachelor degree. I could be the first in my family to obtain this accomplishment. The issue that always came to mind was will I have enough money? Racial issues in the state of Idaho were a concern of mine also, for I was a member of a minority group. How is it possible for an Asian American, from a low-income family, suppose to fund their education and mentally tolerate racism in Idaho? I felt scared and uncertain of what the future held for me. I he question, "how does other minority groups deal and cope with the issues at hand?" When I graduated high school in 1994, I was uncertain of what I wanted to do. I ...
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  • Race Issues - 1,794 words
    Race Issues Race and class are increasingly important in the world today; yet, few sources focus on the similarities of these issues at a regional or global level. Ideologies of race were used to justify colonialism, conquest and annihilation of non-European peoples, slavery, indentured labor, fascism and Nazism. Yet, a common impression among men and women of color is that race and class issues are unique to their own particular community. Still, it is only through awareness of how these issues affect different communities that a common bond and understanding can be developed across racial, ethnic, cultural and class barriers. Both governments and media present the image of an integrated, e ...
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  • Race Issues - 1,192 words
    Race Issues In the novel, No Hiding Place, by Valerie Wilson Wesley, the main character private investigator Tamara Hayle faces many difficulties in her career in law enforcement. Wesley explores the struggles of a black woman in a white-male dominated police force and at the same time she also comments upon the constant struggle between inner-city blacks and the oppression they face from the police force. The novel is set in the modern-day and takes an introspective look at today's problems. Wesley also uses a few flashbacks from the past in order to give insight into today's problems. As the novel opens Tamara is held up at gunpoint by a black youth. From the boy's fear Tamara can tell tha ...
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  • Race Relations In The New World - 1,483 words
    Race Relations In The New World Race Relations in the New World The British colonies in North America were not societies that valued or expected equality. They conquered Native American land without any payment for it and they used African Americans as slaves. By the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, the standard norm for the British included vicious warfare with the Native Americans and enslavement of the African Americans. These practices became the standard norm as a result of carelessness and perhaps fear of change on the part of the British. Early British settlements in North America established first contact between the British and the Native Americans. Alm ...
    Related: race relations, trade agreement, north carolina, plymouth colony, army
  • Race Relations In The Us - 1,346 words
    Race Relations in the U.S. I've discovered the real roots of America these past few days and decided that writing about it was better than killing an innocent victim to soothe the hostility I feel towards my heritage. I picked up a pen because it was safer than a gun. This was a valuable lesson I've learned from my forefathers, who did both. Others in my country react on instinct and choose not to deliberate the issue as I have. If they are black, they are imprisoned or dead. As The People vs. Simpson storms through its ninth month, the United States awaits the landmark decision that will determine justice. O.J. Simpson would not have had a chance in 1857. Racial segregation, discrimination, ...
    Related: race relations, chief justice, american revolution, judicial system, fundamental
  • Race Relations In The Us - 1,331 words
    ... the logs in leather straps attached to their shoulders. They plowed using mule and ox teams. They dug ditches, spread manure, and piled coarse fodder with their bare hands. They built and cleaned Southern roads, helped construct Southern railroads, and, of course, they picked cotton. In short, slave women were used as badly as men, and were treated by Southern whites as if they were anything but self-respecting women. From the black women who were even partially literate, hundreds of letters exist telling of the atrocities inflicted by "massa." Both physical and sexual assaults on black women were common at the turn of the century. Nothing I have read captures the true devastation to the ...
    Related: black race, race relations, toni morrison, york press, cotton
  • Race, Class And Gender - 1,052 words
    Race, Class And Gender Race, Class and Gender issues are commonly brought up. Throughout history many groups have been stigmatized not just for their race, but for their sex, and class as well. People of lower class incomes get slandered for where they live and for not having the economical means to purchase most common goods. Women have been considered the weaker sex for centuries, and currently, some of the old fashioned and ignorant theories on women being subordinate to men prevail. In the article " Rethinking Women's Biology" the author position appeared to be that society dictates what a woman means and teaches it from childhood. The old concept of blue for a boy and pink for a girl st ...
    Related: gender, gender issues, gender race, lower class, men and women
  • Race, Class And Gender - 1,030 words
    ... . In "The Social Construction of Gender" I like the author's description of discrimination through athletics. How male sport teams were called "lions" and meant to appear strong and women's sports teams were the kittens. Kittens beings a more sensual and passive name. Never observing this before and found it interesting. I agreed with the all authors on the way to assist in changing the norms of society. Unfortunately, norms have lasted so long and there are many outside factors. If we as a society teach our children to respect, love, and treat equally everyone they encounter, what is to say that this will change everyone perceptions? The article "Aw, Ya Throw Like a Girl" (Messner, 1992 ...
    Related: gender, minority groups, crow laws, nobel peace prize, educating
  • Race: Pierre Van Den Berghe - 592 words
    Race: Pierre Van Den Berghe When we look at physical characteristics such as skin color from the social definition perspective, there is no clear meaning, but these characteristics do have what is referred to as social meaning. Pierre van den Berghe defined a racial group as a "human group that defines itself and/or is defined by other groups as different from other groups by virtue of innate and immutable physical characteristics" (8). Racial group distinctions are based upon ideological racism, which links physical qualities to the lesser or greater cultural and intellectual characteristics. Originating more than one hundred years ago, people with only one-eighth African ancestry, but even ...
    Related: pierre, national origin, physical characteristics, racial discrimination, sociology
  • Rachael Carson - 387 words
    Rachael Carson Rachael Carson Would you want to know if the pesticides that were being sprayed on and around your homes would, in later years, cause cancer? That was Rachael Carsons intended purpose: to make the general public aware of the harmful pesticides used in and around their neighborhoods. Carson stated that chemical treatment of soils led to the destruction of beneficial biological species, and that such destruction resulted in imbalance to the ecosystem. In human safety, Carson pointed out the exposure to or ingestion of various products, each at individually safe levels, taken together, could lead to health problems (mental and cancer). Despite attempts by the chemical industry to ...
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