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  • My Report Is On Agoraphobia Agoraphobia Typically Results From The Fear Of Having A Panic Attack In Specific Situations From - 389 words
    My report is on Agoraphobia. Agoraphobia typically results from the fear of having a panic attack in specific situations "from which escape might be difficult (or embarrassing) or in which help may not be available in the event of having an unexpected or situational predisposed Panic Attack or panic-like symptoms. People with this phobia worry that they will not be able to get somewhere safe. They often worry about having a panic attack or panic symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, loss of control, or difficulty breathing. People with Agoraphobia usually fear large places like malls, theaters, grocery stores, or parks. They also fear large crowds or places where they feel trapped like travelin ...
    Related: agoraphobia, panic, panic attacks, panic disorder, typically
  • My Sad Life - 506 words
    My Sad Life The sun was setting. Far to the east, threatening black clouds arose from the fumes of pollution from the several smoke stacks towering over the city. The streets were pock marked and dented with the recent shower of acid rain. Hot boiling steam from the sewers made the temperature of day much hotter than it really was. Just outside the borders of the city is a lake covered with muck and crude oil spills. Death and despair floated aimlessly on the surface of the unhospitable body of water. Corpses of dead fish, seagulls... bobbed just under the rim of the black slime. The black slime sensing fresh prey, extended it's corrupt and revolting tendrils farther...until it caught anothe ...
    Related: last time, acid rain, fault, fortunate
  • My Side Of The Mountain - 826 words
    My Side Of The Mountain George Sam Gribley is tired of living in a crowded New York City apartment with his dad,mom and 8 brothers and sisters, so he runs away looking for his Great-grandfather Gribleys land in the Catskill Mountain wilderness. The Gribley land had not been inhabited by any Gribleys for around 100 years. Sam hitched rides trying to get to the farm. Sam thought he prepared himself for this adventure by reading books in the New York City public library about how to survive on the land. No one in his family took his plans seriously though. With only a penknife, a ball of cord, forty dollars, and some flint and steel, he relied on his own ingenuity and the resources of the land ...
    Related: mountain, york city, reading books, public library, sisters
  • My Story - 818 words
    My story As I begin this assignment, I really dont know what to write. Should I begin with how I was born and rise up in a country that is far away from American? Maybe talking a little bit about my background will help my classmates get to know who I am, and that is the least thing I can do now. I was born in Saigon City, Vietnam, a country located in Southeast Asia, within a big family. My parents have five elder brothers, two sisters before they have me. I had problems after my birth; a little disorder (nothing serious) in my brain caused me some troubles and worry to my parents. It took three years to be cured through continuos visit to my doctor in Saigon City. Those days were really di ...
    Related: point of view, united state, southeast asia, youngest, american
  • My Struggle - 564 words
    My Struggle Since I was young, there have always been a struggle between my parents and I. This situation began when my father passed away when I was three years old. I have lived with my mother and Step-father ever since. Although I love them both, we do not always seem to see eye to eye on many issues. The cause of this is in part due to my wild nature. I like to stay out late and do things that if caught could get me in lots of trouble. I am under the impression that they resent my relationship with my grandmother. I like to stay often with my grandmother rather than at home, which they do not understand. I have stayed with my grandmother every weekend since my father became sick with can ...
    Related: attending college, high school, dearly, bone
  • My Summer Vacation - 355 words
    My Summer Vacation After radio killed the video star, we couldn't really get much higher (which means that we probably didn't start the fire). So now we're on the road again, running down a dream (missed that stairway to heaven 'cause we were running with the devil). But anyway, we still think that we're bad to the bone and hard to handle; we must truly be the unforgiven (even though, as some of us are chasing what they think are Barbie girls where the boys are only to find out that the dude looks like a lady, we're actually somewhat behaving in the club at the end of the street). And now the day is fading fast (exit light, enter night) and so we'd better be rolling down the river to the nex ...
    Related: vacation, sweet home, main problem, on the road, devil
  • My Summer Vacation - 355 words
    My Summer Vacation After radio killed the video star, we couldn't really get much higher (which means that we probably didn't start the fire). So now we're on the road again, running down a dream (missed that stairway to heaven 'cause we were running with the devil). But anyway, we still think that we're bad to the bone and hard to handle; we must truly be the unforgiven (even though, as some of us are chasing what they think are Barbie girls where the boys are only to find out that the dude looks like a lady, we're actually somewhat behaving in the club at the end of the street). And now the day is fading fast (exit light, enter night) and so we'd better be rolling down the river to the nex ...
    Related: vacation, main problem, on the road, sweet home, rocket
  • My Technical Description Is On My Dependable Coleman Flashlight The Coleman Flashlight Is A Handsized Plastic Flashlight, Eas - 688 words
    My technical description is on my dependable Coleman flashlight. The Coleman flashlight is a hand-sized plastic flashlight, easily portable, which will fit into most automobile glove compartments. The Coleman flashlight has an overall length of 6 inches. It has a diameter of 2 inches at the head of the flashlight, and narrows to 1-1/4 inches in diameter at the battery compartment. The body of the Coleman flashlight, is basically cylindrical in shape, black in color, high-impact plastic, and ribbed for a secure hand grip. The Coleman flashlight consists of two major parts in which I will describe: (a) the body, containing the battery compartment and the switch, and (b) the bulb assembly, cont ...
    Related: coleman, dependable, plastic, technical, original position
  • My Thoughts On Love - 229 words
    My Thoughts On Love My thoughts on Love What is love for? Why does it have to be just a word thrown around like a misguided sin? Why do people fall in love? Is it because they want to be hurt? If people realized that love only brings pain and heartache in the end, why bother with it? I cant stand the pain. It has been eating at me for a while now. Love does strange things to people. I feel like im hanging on the edge of a cliff and love has pushed me off the edge. Is it easier in the long run? No! why fall in love when you know you are going to get *censored*ed over in the long run? Love isnt worth it. and girls wonder why guys are such *censored*s to them. did you bitches ever sit back and ...
    Related: isnt, guys, dreams
  • My Trip - 256 words
    My Trip The role of the visit to Pemberley by Elizabeth and the Gardiners would most closely resemble a modern visit to a museum or a tourist attraction. I remember visiting Newport, RI some time ago and visiting the Vanderbilt's Mansion and the Aster's Mansion on the island and touring the grounds of the estate the same way that Elizabeth and the Gardiners visited Darcy's home. We viewed the rooms filled with crystal and walls made out of Marble that had been imported from Europe in awe. These excursions reminded me of millions of dollars in this world, yet at the same time, in the great scheme of life, the number of really wealthy people is small. Likewise, when we (and Elizabeth) are intr ...
    Related: trip, lady catherine, social class, visiting, super
  • My Trip - 736 words
    My Trip While vacationing in China last summer I had the opportunity to visit "The Great Wall of China". Combined with its technological feat and awesome presence the "Great Wall of China" could easy be one of mans' most remarkable accomplishments. With its design and texture that stretch for miles it can be an overwhelming experience. Construction of the Great Wall started in the seventh century B.C, it joined the walls to hold off the invaders from the Xiongnu tribes in the north and extended them to more than 10,000 li or 5,000 kilometers. Even a few miles away from the Great Wall its self, you could already see the outline of the wall stretching for miles Standing near the Great Wall I n ...
    Related: trip, outer space, ancient chinese, great wall, insignificant
  • My Truck - 456 words
    My Truck My truck got me into a lot of trouble. I had a lot of trouble with my brother. He took my cars and trucks to play with when ever he could. Apparently he thought the green truck was as fascinating as I did. He loved to play with my green truck as much as I did. This was the truck that he took a lot. That green pick-up truck got me into some fights with my brother and caused the trouble I got into. Playing with my truck also lead to trouble with my mother. I had hundreds of blocks set up around my room as roads. I didn't see it as a big problem. But, when my mom comes in to vacuum, she has to remove my blocks. I Hated This!!! Now, six yeard laterI can see her point; my room would not ...
    Related: truck, air conditioning, pick, apparently
  • My Tuesdays With Morrie - 975 words
    My Tuesdays With Morrie My Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays with Morrie, is flipping through his TV stations one night and he heard these words come from his TV set, "Who is Morrie Schwartz?" And Mitch went numb. Mitch found out through the TV show "Nightline" that his life long friend and teacher is dying and Mitch knows that he has to go and see him. Mitch goes to see his old college professor and what starts out as a one-day meeting turns into a four-month "class". The class is conducted in Morrie's house in the suburb or Boston, there are no books or any other students, just Mitch and Morrie. Throughout this class Morrie teaches Mitch the lessons of life; lessons such ...
    Related: morrie, morrie schwartz, tuesdays with morrie, free press, mitch albom
  • My Two Dads - 505 words
    My Two Dads Table of Contents Topic Rational pp. 2 Internet Resources pp. 4 Abstracts pp. Topic Rationale The reason I chose homosexuality as a topic is because it is queer to me. What I do not understand is what would drive people to this way of life. As far as I can tell, people had weird lives when they were younger. Maybe they were dropped on their heads as babies. Maybe they were abused as children, be it emotionally, sexually, mentally, verbally, physically, socially, politically, economically, chemically, and/or academically. Maybe these people joined the other team later in life. They could have just come into it, perhaps simply putting a name to the idea. Its possible that they have ...
    Related: dads, american population, real world, san francisco, realizing
  • My Words About Life - 598 words
    My Words About Life Joey Bur*censored* English 1A March 18, 2001 I can't hear you Cars race by as you impatiently stand on the corner waiting for the crosswalk sign to turn green. A young man walks up and stands adjacent to you. He glances your direction and gives a friendly smile; being kind you do the same. After what seems like an eternity the little green person in the crosswalk sign begins to blink. As you begin to take your first step off of the curb you hear a frantic honking coming from across the street. Looking up you realize that a truck has just run a red light and is headed directly at you. You quickly react and leap back onto the safety of the curb, but in the same moment you r ...
    Related: sign language, closed captioning, social issues, bellow, curb
  • My Worst And Best Friend - 367 words
    My Worst And Best Friend Sales by Management Responsibilities and Geographic Area Jan.Sep. Jan.Sep. Variation Real Internal Growth 2000 1999 Jan.Sep. 2000 in CHF billion % % TOTAL 59.5 54.4 + 9.5 4.2 Food Europe 19.4 19.8 - 2.0 1.9 Americas 18.0 15.7 + 15.2 3.6 Asia, Oceania and Africa 11.6 9.7 + 18.8 6.9 Other Activities 10.5 9.2 + 14.7 7.2 Vevey, October 20, 2000 As will be announced at the press conference beginning today at 10:30 (CET), the Nestl Group's consolidated sales reached CHF 59.5 billion during the first nine months of 2000, up 9.5 percent over the period January-September 1999. This confirms the generally good perspectives for the full year 2000. At comparable structure an ...
    Related: best friend, growth rate, latin american, exchange rates, beverages
  • My Writing: Fantasy - 1,978 words
    My Writing: Fantasy No one ever really thought that Skymat would ever end up looking the way it did, or run the way it is run. In the early 21st century the Ceo of Microtel and the Owners of Cybertech Inc., and Logics Inc branded together to start a colony of Americas most aristocratic citizens and put them somewhere. That somewhere took 4 years to decide and only after hundreds and hundreds of hours on consultation and thought, did Jean Marque Luquette of Logics decide that it could be done in the sky of our Earth. It was a great idea with the technology of the 24th century. No one thought it was possible but yet unscathed and determined the trio continued in their quest for a place in hist ...
    Related: fantasy, preventive measures, family history, spinal cord, magnitude
  • My Writing: One Day - 209 words
    My Writing: One Day The one day of my summer vacation that I would love to relive would be this wonderful invigorating night. It all started out as I was sitting on a grassy knoll, I could tell that it was spring time from the cool breeze that was blowing through my hair, and the smell of fresh flowers all around me. The clouds were pastel colors, and it looked as if an artist had taken a paint brush to a canvas and made a beautiful masterpiece. As the sunset the colors faded, and the night sky looked the deepest blue my eyes have ever seen. The stars were dancing across the sky, and the man on the moon had an angelic grin as if the stars were there for his entertainment. I looked around me ...
    Related: spring, poetry, vacation
  • Myasthenia Gravis - 451 words
    Myasthenia Gravis Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder. The term "myasthenia" is Latin for muscle weakness, and "gravis" for grave or serious. It is characterized by random weakness of voluntary muscle groups. Muscle groups most commonly affected include the eye muscles, facial, chewing and swallowing muscles, and shoulder and hip muscles. It is typical for a myasthenic patient to have a flattened smile, droopy eyes and an ineffective cough due to weak expiratory muscles, are all also associated with MG. Most myasthenic patients usually don't complain of extensive feelings of fatigue. They experience localized fatigue in specific, repeatedly used muscles. Today, MG is on ...
    Related: quality of life, neurological disorders, fatigue, severity
  • Myers - 445 words
    Myers Myers did would not have hurt others in any way whatsoever. Had his actions not been silenced they could have led to the discovery of the true opinions of employees, which could have possibly led to changes in office procedures. Granted, Myers questionnaire could have possibly offended managers in the office, but according to Mill, all controversial speech causes offense and this is not an excuse for censorship. Speech offends people that do not agree with it and if we permit the majority to censor anything and everything that they do not agree with, we run the risk of silencing a possible truth. In Myers case, it is possible that Connick disagreed with both the questionnaire itself, a ...
    Related: freedom of speech, free speech, scientific journals, employer, reveal

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