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  • A Touch Of Elegance - 1,997 words
    A Touch Of Elegance "What is needed in order to really become a star is an extra element which God gives you or doesn't give you. You're born with it. You cannot learn it. God kissed Audrey Hepburn on the cheek and there she was" (Harris 11). Seen as an angel by all those who adored her, Audrey Hepburn portrayed the true image of a Hollywood star. Her grace and elegance touched all those whom she met and her death brought sorrow to millions. Living her life as a princess, Audrey had everything she had ever dreamed of. But her journey to such an end was not easy. Living through the devastation of World War II was only one of the many struggles and triumphs Audrey had to face throughout her li ...
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  • Alfred Hitchcock - 1,554 words
    ... pathy for a peeping Tom killer in his forties (the age of the murderer in Bloch's novel), the director proposed using a much younger character and even suggested to the writer that Perkins get the lead role(Rebello 111). When Hitchcock began production on PSYCHO, he was told that he would have to use the facilities at Revue Studios, the television division of Universal Studios, which Paramount had rented for the making of the film(Rebello 112). Although he was unable to use his regular cinematographer, Robert Burks, Hitchcock managed to convince Paramount that his special editor, George Tomasini, should be included in the production(Rebello 110). The director's desire for detail was in f ...
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  • Cell Phones - 1,261 words
    Cell Phones The new millennium has finally arrived and technological advancements are still being made at a rate faster than is often conceivable. Among the various inventions and discoveries of the modern era is one that has already become a mediocre item to the average individual - the cell phone. As one takes a stroll down the street, grabs a bite to eat, or simply takes a single step into the outside world, one may realize that nearly each and every individual is affected by the cell phone phenomenon. Cell phones are a means by which individuals are able to communicate with others that are not present. However, the fascinating characteristic of the cell phone is that it allows the person ...
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  • Gather Together In My Name - 524 words
    Gather Together In My Name Gather together in my name is an autobiography about a time Maya Angelou's life. She is a teenage mom living with her family without a job. Maya doesn't want to live with her family forever, she wants to prove she can do it on her own. She sets out to make a living for her and her baby. She works as a cook for a small restaurant, meets and falls in love with a man with a fiancee' in another state but, she dates him, anyway. His fiancee' comes back and Maya falls into a depression. Her brother comes to visit and talks her into leaving the city and starting over. So, she moves to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, she works as a waitress at the Hi Hat Club, where she meets ...
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  • Gatsby Vs Fifth Business - 1,010 words
    ... ns why Liesl plays such an important role in the novel because without her, Dunny would have not developed into his final character and there would have no reason for the novel to be written. Dunny leads a double life that seems to be outwardly ordinary and normal. What he symbolizes is the journey that one sometimes takes in order to find ones inner self. It is Liesl that makes Dunny realize his flaws, and it is Liesl that gives him the initial push which ultimately helps finally complete his journey. The difference between Jordan and Liesl's approach are that Jordan does it naturally and Liesl just comes out in the open and splurges it out. As a result Dunny was quickly pointed out to ...
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  • Holy Cross 1947 - 1,324 words
    Holy Cross 1947 The school was small. The program was an afterthought. The gymnasium was non-existent. That a team from the College of the Holy Cross should find itself in the championship game of the NCAA Tournament was a preposterous notion. But there was Holy Cross, the product of a happy accident rather than a well-conceived plan, preparing to meet Oklahoma for the national title in New York. In March 1947, the team without a home court had appropriated Madison Square Garden. The mecca of basketball rocked to the Crusaders' locomotive cheer: Choo-choo-rah-rah! Although basketball traced its origins to New England, the region had been left behind in the development of the game. 0l' Doc Na ...
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  • King Of Handcuffs - 1,135 words
    King Of Handcuffs The man known world wide as the most famous magician of all time, Harry Houdini, was born March 24, 1874 in Budapest. Although Houdini often claimed to be born in Appleton, Wisconsin, Houdini actually came to the United States when he was four years old. In later years, in a magazine interview, Houdini said, " the greatest escape I ever made was when I left Appleton, Wisconsin." Houdinis actual name was Ehrich Weiss. His father was Mayer Samuel Weiss. He was a Rabbi for the German Zoin Jewish Congregation in Appleton. His mothers name was Cecilia Steiner Weiss. His parents spoke Yiddish, Hungarian, and German. The family was quite poor so most of the children began work at ...
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  • Personal Response To Getting Rid Of George - 828 words
    Personal Response To Getting Rid Of George Robert Arthurs story, Getting Rid of George is a good gothic story because of its various examples of required gothic elements. These requirements include atmosphere, psychological state of mind, mystery, romance, and melodrama. All of these combined make this story a good gothic example. To begin, the setting, at one point, takes place at a dark secludes cabin in the mountains. Evidence of this is found when Harry describes: It is absolutely deserted up there at this time of year. As well, the disappearance of George to everyone except Laura and Harry adds to the gloomy atmosphere. Again adding to the gloom and terror of the story is the physical e ...
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  • Stardust - 798 words
    Stardust Spenser, a former boxer, is a private detective from Boston. He is a very down to earth man, who likes to have fun in his work. He is very humorous and takes life as a fun ride. There is a point in the story where a larger man who attempts to intimidate Spenser, who responds by taking the large man down with one kick, all the while laughing at the man. Susan-Spensers girlfriend who has a Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard. She is a clinical psychologist, who has been romantically involved with Spenser for many years. She often helps him on his cases when he is dealing with a disturbed or possibly dangerous person. She helps Jill Joyce overcome her problems in this novel. Jill Joyce-ty ...
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  • Tarenah Henriques - 1,135 words
    Tarenah Henriques Dec. 10, 1998 Period 4 Louis Armstrong Born in August 1901 (not Independence Day 1900, as he was always told and believed), Louis Armstrong sang on the New Orleans streets in a boyhood quartet and in 1913 was admitted to the Colored Waifs' home for firing a gun into the air. In the home he learned the trumpet, and within four years was challenging every trumpet king in his home town, from Freddie Keppard to Joe Oliver, his first father-figure, whom he replaced in Kid Ory's band in 1919. In 1922 Oliver (by now King Oliver) invited Louis to join him in Chicago to play second trumpet. Tempting as it is to echo Nat Gonella's incredulous comment, I can't imagine Louis playing se ...
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  • The Creative Mind Of The Spunkmaster - 2,767 words
    The Creative Mind Of The Spunkmaster Pyro explodes from The Nassau Coliseum in the heart of Long Island, as the 2nd PCW PPV kicks off with Metallica performing Seek -N- Destroy to open up the show !! The crowd is psyched up for this show tonight folks !! Your commentators at ringside are Jackass JR and King Zio !!! ( All The Small Things by Blink 182 plays over the sound system ) JACKASS JR - Here comes Ashley Marty, leading her punk brigade of Cristian Maiullo, Craig Grauso, and Tim Ogden to do battle with the GOD Squad. ( Revolution by Kirk Franklin plays ) KING ZIO - Here comes the GOD Squad, consisting of Michael Morganti, Kevin Cahill, and Father Joly with Maria Nouri and Kelly Dow. Wai ...
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  • The Greek Theater - 606 words
    The Greek Theater The Greek Theater "The arts of the western world have been largely dominated by the artistic standards established by the Greeks of the classical period" (Spreloosel 86). It is from the Greek word theatron, meaning a place for sitting, that we get our word theater. According to James Butler, "The Greeks were the first people to erect special structures to bring audiences and theatrical performers together" (27). "The theaters were normally located near a populated area at the bottom of or cut out of a carefully selected, sloping hillside overlooking a seascape, a plain, or a city" (Butler 30). "They eventually with few exceptions consisted of three distinct parts: theatron ...
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  • The Three Musketeers - 1,616 words
    The Three Musketeers Alexander Dumas Forgive me, Lady de Wardes, he said, for rousing your hatred by my blackguardly conduct. I in return forgive you for murdering Constance Bonacieux and for your savage attacks on me. I forgive you and pity you. Die in peace. Characters dArtagnan- a young, attractive Gascon of eighteen. dArtagnan is haughty, proud, and extremely intelligent. He is one of the main characters is the book, and we follow him through his many turmoils and triumphs; as he eventually defeats the evil of the real world. Porthos- a proud, experienced Musketeer. Porthos is a true friend with a quick temper, and a smart mouth. Nonetheless, Porthos is intelligent, cautious, and has a w ...
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  • Walter Ralegh And Death Theme - 1,203 words
    Walter Ralegh And Death Theme The poems of Sir Walter Ralegh often deal with the issue of death and mortality. In some cases he directly deals with the issue, and others he uses vast metaphors in order to convey his message. For the most part, Ralegh takes a very bleak position on the issues of death and aging, but in some cases he takes a more optimistic view. Ralegh is said to have been a man who was a historian, soldier, courtier, philosopher, explorer, and of course a poet. The fact that he spent the last years of his life in a prison and was then executed for false charges of treason suggest that he knew the potential dangers of his activities and made a conscious decision to live the w ...
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  • Wrestling - 1,929 words
    Wrestling On the heels of The Rock regaining the WWF Title Sunday night at No Way Out, the Road to Wrestlemania officially started its journey tonight as RAW is WAR emanated from the sold-out America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona! Highlights from No Way Out introduced the show, with still images and commentary from the memorable WWF Title Match between Kurt Angle and The Rock. The America West Arena exploded in a massive show of pyro and explosions, as the sold out crowd wildly cheered. Jim Ross reminded us that on tonight's show Vince McMahon & Trish Stratus would face off against William Regal & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley! The Rock entered the arena with his newly won WWF Title, which inc ...
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