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  • Deeeefense - 1,420 words
    DEEEE-FENSE. And it ended with two astounding victories by the American Football League when the brash Joe Namath helped the New York Jets win Super Bowl III and the powerful Kansas City Chiefs spoiled the NFL's golden anniversary celebration by winning Super Bowl IV, and positioned pro football for its last great realignment. That second quarter century began when the Cleveland Rams found a wonderful tailback at UCLA named Bob Waterfield whose gorgous movie star wife Jane Russell elicited more publicity than he did -- even on the sports pages. Waterfield not only was named NFL rookie of the year in 1945, but he led the Rams to the NFL championsip on the margin of a fluke safety scored when ...
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  • Movimientos Vanguardistas Espaloes - 1,161 words
    Movimientos Vanguardistas Espaloes Movimiento vanguardista espaol e hispanoamericano Con este nombre se designan los movimientos artsticos y literarios que nacen en el siglo XX, aproximadamente desde 1910 a 1939. Su poca de mximo esplendor es hasta 1920, a partir de 1930 decaen pues el arte se acerca de nuevo a la realidad y se hace social y comprometido polticamente. En la Gaceta Literaria, junio de 1930, Guillermo de Torre da una larga lista con los movimientos de vanguardia: Cubismo Caractersticas generales: Futurismo 1. La existencia de muchos movimientos Expresionismo con una vida efmera, pues la continua Dadasmo experimentacin es la base del arte; sta Ultrasmo trae consigo la fugacidad ...
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  • Progressive Historians - 3,221 words
    ... 229). This example perhaps best summarizes Beckers view of the"rebels." To be sure, he mentions the roles of radical ministers in New England, and of other "agitators." Becker is perhaps best known for the line: "The war was not about home rule, but about who would rule at home." This theme springs up repeatedly in the writings of the progressive historians. Sometimes the words are a little different, but the theme remains constant. Oddly enough, one of the most outspoken writers on this topic was Charles Beard. He has entered the annals of American historiography as perhaps the quintessential economic-school historian. His seminal work, "An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of ...
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  • The American Crocodile - 1,361 words
    The American Crocodile The American crocodile is a very unique animal. It is mostly found in many parts of the United States, but this species of crocodile lives in the Florida Everglades. The America crocodile's scientific name is a very complicated and confusing name. Its scientific name is Crocodylus acutus. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS The American crocodile is a large reptile with a long, cigar-shaped body, short legs, and a powerful tail and deadly jaws. Its heart has four chambers, preventing an admixture of venous and arterial blood. Their keen senses are very well developed and exact. Its pointed snout and long, partially exposed sharp teeth help distinguish it from its close relative, ...
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  • The Boarding House - 1,147 words
    The Boarding House Brandon D. Hart Mr. Stannard Philosophy 2 July 18, 2000 Mrs. Mooney's Deceitful Act The Boarding House, written by James Joyce, takes place in a small neighborhood located in Dublin, Ireland during the early 1900's. There were three main characters involved in this story-Mrs. Mooney known as The Madam, who was in charge of the boarding house, Polly who is the daughter of Mrs. Mooney, and Mr. Doran who was a resident of the house. James Joyce's, The Boarding House has a strange twist. It just so happens, Mrs. Mooney who is very strict and protective of her daughter allows a secret relationship to form between Mr. Doran and Polly. Pretending as though she has no idea of the ...
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  • The Plot Of Star Wars Episode Ii: - 1,719 words
    The Plot Of Star Wars Episode Ii: THE PLOT OF STAR WARS EPISODE II: Rather than write it all myself, Josh Griffin of has given me permission to use one of TFn's updates (this one) called The Story So Far. Everything written in grey is from TFn, and everything in purple is stuff I've added. I have also added links to the official site's select images so you can see how they fit in with the story. As Episode II begins, we learn that Amidala has left the throne on Naboo and has been replaced by the newly elected Queen Jamillia (Select 9: Queen Jamillia). Now going by the name Padme Naberrie, she represents Naboo in the Galactic Senate. We also learn of a deal between Count Dooku an ...
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