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  • Don Quixote - 520 words
    Don Quixote Madman or Idealist? In my judgement, Don Quixote is and idealist. He lives in a time of Machiavellian beliefs and wants to escape these characteristics. He fantasizes about the way things used to be in the times of the knights, and the code of Chivalry, and wishes that he too could live in this time period. Some may argue that he was a madman due to his attack on the windmills, but he just seems to suffer from a slight mental illness, which does not in turn qualify him as a madman. Don Quixada is a man of about fifty years old; he was born of nobility and therefore, could not get a job after his wealth was spent. At this age it did not seem that he had much of a future, the major ...
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  • Don Quixote De La Mancha By Miguel De Cervantes 1547 1616 - 1,671 words
    Don Quixote De La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes (1547 - 1616) Don Quixote De La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes (1547 - 1616) Type of Work: Symbolic Spanish novel Setting Spain; seventeenth century Principal Characters Don Quixote (Alonso Quejana), a retired country scholar turned knight-errant Sancho Panza, a rustic farmer who becomes Don Quixote's squire Dulcinea del Toboso (Aldonza Lorenzo), a village girl Story Overveiw Alonso Quejana was an ordinary Spanish country gentleman, except in one particular: he was addicted to books of chivalry. He spent every moment engrossed in thick, meandering tomes filled with tales of knights and squires, magicians and giants, and beautiful ladies. At last ...
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  • August Wilsons Fences - 1,827 words
    August Wilsons Fences It is easy to make the case that August Wilson's play Fences is a tragedy and that Troy Maxson is its tragic protagonist. Few comedies end with a funeral, and there is no denying that Troy's character and life are the stuff of tragedy. But Wilson's vision is much larger than Troy's heroic side, his deeds and omissions. Troy, for all his strengths, is flawed humanity in need of grace and forgiveness. Such grace and forgiveness are the spirit of true comedy, and a case can be made for viewing Fences as a comedy or, perhaps, a metacomedy. The term is taken from Christopher Isherwood, who took it from Gerald Heard: I think the full horror of life must be depicted, but in th ...
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  • Candide Voltaires Writing Style - 1,150 words
    Candide - Voltaire's Writing Style In Candide, Voltaire uses many writing techniques which can also be found in the works of Cervantes, Alighieri, Rabelais and Moliere. The use of the various styles and conventions shows that, despite the passage of centuries and the language differences, certain writing techniques will always be effective. One common literary technique is the author's use of one or more of his characters as his 'voice' to speak out the authors views on a certain subject. For instance, in Moliere's Tartuffe, the author uses the character of Cleante to speak out against religious hypocrites (page 1419, lines 99-102): Nothing that I more cherish and admire Than honest zeal and ...
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  • Chivalrous Code - 770 words
    Chivalrous Code Chivalry began in the 12th century in the form of a knightly code of conduct, with special emphasis on courtly manners toward women. Thirteenth century stories that showed the ways a warrior should behave in romance became popular. Churchmen liked the idea of high standards and made the knighting ceremony a religious occasion with a church vigil and purifying bath. Books on the subject soon began to appear. Many forms of chivalrous code can be found today, from The Cowboys Code to the Rules of Courtly Love. These codes are stated with the hope that people will try and follow them to some degree; yet only the perfect could adhere to them all. Considering the fact that such per ...
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  • Don Quxiote - 419 words
    Don Quxiote Don Quixote: Renaissance humor with a modern translation A Spanish knight, about fifty years of age, gave himself up so entirely to reading the romances of chivalry, that in the end they turned his brain, and nothing would satisfy him but that he must ride abroad on his old horse, armed with spear and helmet, a knight-errant, to encounter all adventures, and to redress the innumerable wrongs of the world. As is the case in this epic tale by Cervantes, modern man is not immune to prolonged sustained suggestion. All irony criticizes the imperfect ideas and theories of mankind, not by substituting for them other ideas and other theories, less imperfect, but by placing the facts of l ...
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  • George Balanchine - 1,507 words
    George Balanchine 11.13.00 One of the most important and influential people in the world of ballet is George Balanchine. He became a legend long before he died. He brought the standards of dance up to a level that had never been seen before, and he created a new audience for ballet. Balanchine was one of the greatest and most prolific choreographers in ballet history, choreographing at least 300 ballets; he was rivaled in quantity only by Jules Perrot and Marius Petipa. At the age of nine he started training at the Imperial School in St. Petersburg. He rarely saw his family because they lived far away and he became the ward of Grigory Grigorevich, who was in charge of the school. There Balan ...
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  • Huck Finn - 1,485 words
    ... el's accurate depiction of the world in which it is set. Yet this word is so hateful that over the years it has brought charges of racism onto the book and its author, and even some attempts to keep the book away from young people. The word is nigger. It is first used in Chapter One, as it will be throughout the book, to refer to all African Americans and especially those held as slaves. It is important to remember that the word is used as part of the language of a corrupt, racist society. That society used that word as surely as it held human beings in slavery. Both facts are described in the novel; it is important to remember that the author condemns both. Summary Huck and Tom tiptoe t ...
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  • Miguel De Cervantes Y Saavedra - 849 words
    Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra Miguel de Cervantes is recognizably the greatest author that Spain has ever created. He is word famous for his masterpiece Don Quixote. This paper will look closely into the life of this very interesting man. Miguel was born in Ancala Spain, on September 29, 1547. Ancala is a province of Spain. He was born to Rodrigo Cervantes and his wife Miraflores. The family was in a long heritage of nobility so people expected them to be rich and well-to-do. But they were not. Actually, Miguel was born into poverty. His father, Rodrigo, was a doctor by trade, but he did not want people to know this because he was nobility, he should not have to work. So, when he did work, ...
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  • Seville - 1,069 words
    Seville Spanish SEVILLA, ancient Hispalis, city and capital of the provincia of Seville, in the Andalusia comunidad autnoma (autonomous community) of southern Spain. Seville lies on the left (east) bank of the Guadalquivir River at a point about 54 miles (87 km) north of the Atlantic, and about 340 miles (550 km) southwest of Madrid. An inland port, it is the chief city of Andalusia and the fourth largest in Spain. It was important in history as a cultural centre, as a capital of Muslim Spain, and as a centre for Spanish exploration of the New World. Seville was originally an Iberian town. Under the Romans it flourished from the 2nd century BC onward as Hispalis, and it was an administrative ...
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  • Spain All In Spanish - 1,210 words
    Spain (All In Spanish) Espaa se localiza el este de Portugal y el oeste del sur de la Francia. Es el oeste del Mar y el sur Mediterrneos de la Baha de Biscat. Es el este del Ocano Atlntico y el oeste de las Islas de Balearic. Espaa es separada de la Francia por las montaas de Pyrenees. Ms que la mitad del pas se compone de montaas. All desiertos de seres y wetlands en Espaa. Es generalmente un clima caliente aunque las montaas puedan obtener la nieve. Espaa tiene una monarqua constitucional. El Rey sirve como jefe del Estado. El no tiene un papel directo en las operaciones del gobierno pero l tiene un papel en normas de gobierno. El primer ministro es llamado al presidente del gobierno en Es ...
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  • The Spain Cervantes Lived In - 1,651 words
    The Spain Cervantes Lived In The Spain Cervantes Lived In Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra, writer of the world famous novel Don Quixote, was born in Spain in 1547. He was the son of a practical doctor, and although they were hidalgos, a title of lesser nobility, they were relatively poor. Cervantes' life can be described as somewhat chaotic. Coincidentally, the time period when he was alive was also considered chaotic in Europe, and particularly in Spain. Europe as a whole was going through the Renaissance, bringing about change in every aspect of life. In Spain, Charles V, was king. He divided his kingdom and gave Spain to his son Philip. Philip later married Mary of Tudor, and so he was brief ...
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  • Tobias Smollett Biography - 530 words
    Tobias Smollett Biography Tobias George Smollett (1721-1771), Scottish novelist, was born in Dalquhurn, Dumbarton County Scotland. Smollett was born beneath a plane tree at Dalquharn House on the family estate of Bon hill in the Vale of Leven, near the village of Renton, Dumbartonshire. At fourteen Smollett was apprenticed to a Glasgow doctor. He studied medicine at Glasgow University and moved to London in 1740. He was a ship's surgeon in the Carragena expedition against the Spanish in the West Indies, and lived in Jamaica until 1744 when he returned to London and renewed his earlier attempts to stage a play he had written The Regicide, but still met with no success. He also failed to set u ...
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