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  • Blue Hotel - 403 words
    Blue Hotel "The Blue Hotel" The Swede is a major source of conflict in "The Blue Hotel". The external conflicts that he faces are caused by implied internal conflicts. The Easterner sums up the cause of the Swede's internal conflicts when he says, "...this man has been reading dime novels, and he thinks he's right out in the middle of it-the shootin' and stabbin' and all."(103) The Swede is frightened of everyone because in his mind, he is in constant danger. He is described as "shaky and quick-eyed"(97) in the beginning. Instead of talking to the old farmer, he stares at everyone and makes "furtive estimates of each man in the room."(98) This internal conflict between the real world and the ...
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  • Buffalo Bill And Deadwood Dick - 1,818 words
    Buffalo Bill And Deadwood Dick Phillips Eng. 124 Writing Assn. #1 I Cant Hear a Damn Word Youre Saying Those who deprecate the free supply of such ficticious works as the public demands, are generally in favor of the entire exclusion of fiction of a sensational cast, a course which will unavoidably result in alienating from the library the very class most needing its beneficial influence (Denning, 49). It is obvious here that William Fletcher attached more significance and importance to dime novels than most serious intellectuals did in the late 1800s. In fact, most people, particularly in the middle class, thought dime novels were vulgar and that they caused young children to imitate the ac ...
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  • Death In Stephen Cranes The Blue Hotel - 660 words
    Death In Stephen Cranes The Blue Hotel Stephen Crane is a well-known author of variety of short stories. He was born in Newark, New Jersey, the son of a Methodist minister. After schooling at Lafayette College and Syracuse University, he worked in New York as a freelance journalist. His short stories and experimental poetry, also, anticipate the ironic realism of the decades ahead. In his brief and energetic life, he published fourteen books while acting out, in his personal adventures, the legend of the writer as soldier of fortune (741-743). Among one of his works include The Blue Hotel. The novel the Blue Hotel is a novel themed with death. The moment that the Swede arrives at the Blue Ho ...
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  • The Characters We Call Gunfighters - 585 words
    The Characters we call Gunfighters The period following the Civil War was a time of great uneasiness. It was an era that gave rise to the Western outlaws. They were bandits, gunfighters, and men guilty of hundreds of crimes, but they were also important in shaping American folklore. Two important factors contributed to the making of these legends. The transition that these men under went from solider to ranch hand or cowboy, and the making of their legends through the media molded the way we perceive gunfighters today. I feel that the media had a major role in creating the characters, legends and hero's that we learn about in history. The Civil War gave many young men a taste of conflict and ...
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  • Upton Sinclair - 808 words
    Upton Sinclair READ ALL ABOUT IT... UPTON SINCLAIR!! My cause is the Cause of a man who has never yet been defeated, and whose whole being is one all devouring, God-given holy purpose, declared Upton Beall Sinclair. This man is not only an American novelist, essayist, journalist, but also deeply involved in politics. He has accomplished so many things throughout his life span, it is tough to compare him to anyone else. Until Sinclair was in his later life, he was an unknown failure to many, but then for forty years after that, he was Americas most important writer. Sinclair was born in Baltimore on the 20th of September in 1878. He was born in near poverty conditions to his dysfunctional fam ...
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