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  • Computers Mimic The Human Mind - 1,461 words
    Computers Mimic The Human Mind Computers Mimic The Human Mind The mind-body problem has captivated the minds of philosophers for centuries. The problem is how the body and mind can interact with each other if they are separate and distinct. One solution to the problem is to replace any mental term with a more accurate physical description. Eliminative Materialists take this idea to the extreme by stating that everything that is believed to be mental will someday be explained in terms of the physical world. One way that people try to prove Eliminative Materialism to be true is through technology. Certainly if we are able to create computers and software that mimic the human mind, then Elimina ...
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  • Greek Roman Godstructures - 2,034 words
    ... ence -- but in a mode that differs fundamentally from ordinary experience. According to Husserl, true positivism does not reduce phenomenon to a physical perspective, but instead places the emphasis on consciousness itself. In his original conception of phenomenology, Husserl's idea of a presuppositionless science amounted to rejecting all antecedent commitments to theories of knowledge, both those formally developed as philosophical systems and those which pervade our ordinary thinking. Identifying any previous knowledge, ideas, or beliefs about phenomenon under investigation, allowed the examiner to be impartial. He intended by this bracketing of scientific or cultural presuppositions ...
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  • Hal Is Not Guilty - 1,266 words
    Hal Is Not Guilty In a court of law, killing while mentally disabled, killing under orders and killing in self-defense are sufficient justifications for taking anothers life. With this in mind, was HAL justified in killing the crewmembers of the discovery, or were Hals actions murderous and should he be brought to trial? Can Hal be blamed? The computer basically has 3 excuses for killing the crewmembers of the Discovery. First, Hal was disabled. Second, Hal was killing under orders. Lastly, Hal was killing in self-defense. In absence of free moral will, there cannot be moral responsibility. This is a point argued in Dr. Helms class lecture. I assert that Hal did not have free moral will, bec ...
    Related: emotional intelligence, human error, space shuttle, machine, creature
  • True Believers - 668 words
    True Believers The intentional strategy is in Dennett's sense, the most efficient tool for predicting behaviour. However, for now I will ignore its comparison with other theories and limit my discussion to the processes of the intentional strategy. It is important to note, that Dennett's methods differ from the Identity Theorists' and the Functionalists'. Where the former asserts that the mind is precisely the same thing as the brain, and the latter attaches mental states to their function or design, intentionalism reflects the almost common-sense approach to identifying the mind, and formulates the theory upon the sheer volume of evidence in its favour. For example, one might claim that s/h ...
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  • True Believers - 643 words
    True Believers In response to problems surrounding the ascription of beliefs, Daniel Dennett developed his essay True Believers, where he outlined an intentionalist theory. My intent in this paper is to explain his ideas and defend on of his presuppositions, namely, that most of what people believe is true. First I will briefly explain intentionalism and point out why Dennett feels that his syst3em is so useful. Then I will explain the necessary pretension that most beliefs ascribed are true and explain the validity of that position in greater detail. With a more concise explanation it will then become clear that Dennetts position is not as implausible as it may seem. With both Identity and ...
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  • Upon Examining Issues Of Mind And Thought, The Questions Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Capabilities Become Important Con - 1,497 words
    Upon examining issues of mind and thought, the questions of artificial intelligence and its capabilities become important considerations for answering the ultimate question of what thought truly is. Computerized calculation is one of the few events that is somewhat analogous to human cognitive thought, so the extension of this current technology to more advanced future applications makes it a very interesting testing area for questions into consciousness. If one concludes that the advancement from cash registers to present day computers is a step closer to human thought, then we must concede that progressing technology will bring us closer and perhaps to the very point of true cognitive skil ...
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