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  • A Look At Public Key Encryption - 1,210 words
    A Look at Public Key Encryption Encryption is the process of disguising information by transforming plain text into gibberish, or ciphertext, which cannot be understood by an unauthorized person. Decryption is the process of transforming ciphertext back into plaintext that can be read by anyone. Example of encryption can be found in history, for example in the era of the Cold War, the Solviet Union and the United States would send electronic messages to one military point to another, encrypted. If the enemy intercepted the message, they would have to crack this message to get the information. Typically when governments used encryption they used a very complex method of encrypting messages. E ...
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  • Cryptography Is The Science Of Encoding A Message Into A Form That Is Unreadable And Making Sure Only The Proper People Are C - 1,338 words
    Cryptography is the science of encoding a message into a form that is unreadable and making sure only the proper people are capable of decoding the message back into its original form. This is usually done by using an encryption algorithm and a decryption algorithm (these two are often the same) and very often a secret key. Some of the early cryptographic systems did not use a key but instead kept the algorithm itself secret. The message sender uses the encryption algorithm and the key to encode the message, and then sends it to the receiver. The receiver then uses the decryption algorithm and the key to turn back the encrypted message into its original form and read it. If the message is in ...
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  • Mathematical Codes - 1,508 words
    Mathematical Codes Mathematical Codes Mathematical codes are used by millions everyday for a variety reasons, but all intending to keep something private. The coding theory has actual applications in consumer electronics and with other areas of mathematics. Encryption, which involves enciphering and encoding, is used to protect data against organized crime, government and multinational institutions. A use of arithmetic, prime numbers, and prime factorization is used within coding theory. The study of enciphering and encoding, and deciphering and decoding is called cryptography (Gardner 17). Encryption is encoding or enciphering a message so that the contents are hidden from outsiders (Frsen ...
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  • Pretty Good Privacy - 1,370 words
    ... ses out of my business. If there is a legitimate need to know the information, the neighbor can force the issue in any number of ways: complain about me to the police, sue me and go through discovery, subpoena my employer, and so forth. But if it is just purient curiosity, they are out of luck. And I really feel no need to satisfy someone else's purient curiosity. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- what's it like?, as the Monty Python sketch put it. I am just a normal person. I am not even particularly privacy conscious: I never go around in sunglasses, a trenchcoat with the collar turned up, and a hat pulled down. I do not have a second identity and a bank account in Euros. When someone asks m ...
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  • Security On The Web - 1,337 words
    ... ed screening systems to reduce the damage that could happen if a subnets routing tables got confused or if a systems Ethernet card malfunctioned. When companies began connecting to what is now the Internet, firewalls acted as a means of isolating networks to provide security as well as enforce, otherwise known as an administrative boundary. Early hackers were not very sophisticated; neither were early firewalls. Today, firewalls are sold by many vendors and protect tens of thousands of sites. The products are a far cry from the first-generation firewalls, now including fancy graphical user interfaces, intrusion detection systems, and various forms of tamper-proof software. To operate, a ...
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  • The Computer Underground - 4,645 words
    ... their info. I myself %sic% would like to work for the telco, doing something interesting, like programming a switch. Something that isn't slave labor bullshit. Something that you enjoy, but have to take risks in order to participate unless you are lucky enough to work for the telco. To have access to telco things, manuals, etc would be great (DP, message log, 1988). Phreaking involves having the dedication to commit yourself to learning as much about the phone system/network as possible. Since most of this information is not made public, phreaks have to resort to legally questionable means to obtain the knowledge they want (TP2, message log, 1988). Most members of the underground do not ...
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