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  • Boys And Girls - 1,204 words
    Boys And Girls A Comprehensive Summary of Alice Munro's "Boys and Girls" Alice Munro's "Boys and Girls" is a story about a girl that struggles against society's ideas of how a girl should be, only to find her trapped in the ways of the world. The story starts out on a farm in the 1940's. The narrator is a woman who is telling the first person point of view of when she was a girl. The girl's father was a fox farmer. He was a hard working, quiet man and the girl really respected him. Every winter the father killed the foxes that he raised and sold their pelts. The girl loved this time and found it seasonal, although her mother despised it. In the beginning the girl is about nine years old. She ...
    Related: the girl, the narrator, point of view, book reports, tractors
  • Boys And Girls - 1,104 words
    Boys And Girls In her story, Boys and Girls, Alice Munro depicts the hardships and successes of the rite of passage into adulthood through her portrayal of a young narrator and her brother. Through the narrator, the subject of the profound unfairness of sex-role stereotyping, and the effect this has on the rites of passage into adulthood is presented. The protagonist in Munro's story, unidentified by a name, goes through an extreme and radical initiation into adulthood, similar to that of her younger brother. Munro proposes that gender stereotyping, relationships, and a loss of innocence play an extreme, and often-controversial role in the growing and passing into adulthood for many young ch ...
    Related: men and women, rites of passage, gender stereotypes, radical, fantasy
  • Liberated - 396 words
    Liberated Sandra Smithes Liberated The monotony of life has waged war against the narrator in Alice Munro's "Miles City, Montana." The author depicts the narrator as a brittle woman in search of a personal identity among a community of conformity. This battle between domestic responsibility and personal satisfaction reeks havoc on the soldier of this mother and wife. Munro is a master of characterization, and through the protagonist she depicts the complexities of human nature. Now, as the family of four travels across the continent, the narrator is able to slough off all the obligations which society has dumped on her. Almost relieved, "we shed our house, the neighborhood, the city, and ... ...
    Related: human nature, personal identity, young children, chores, siege
  • Short Stories Spelling And Differently: Female - 1,444 words
    Short Stories - "Spelling" and "Differently": Female Relationships The analysis of the two short stories "Spelling" and "Differently" written by Alice Munro deal with female relationships. These relationships paint a vivid picture of the kinship, deception, challenges, and associations that affect friends and family as they journey through life. "Spelling" is about the relationship of two women, Rose and Flo. Although from the outset the relationship between Rose and Flo is not clear, near the end the reader has no doubt they are mother and daughter. Munro illustrates the awkward relationship between a parent and a child and the sometimes difficult problems that face children as their parent ...
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  • Short Story Comparison Ap And An Ounce Of Cure - 801 words
    Short Story Comparison- A&P And An Ounce Of Cure If a reader is given two short stories, two stories that are seemingly different on the surface, to read and compare and contrast, a surprising amount of similarities and differences can be found. Unless they deal with the same subject matter, most short stories aren't really related, until some analysis is done. The stories "A&P," by John Updike, and "An Ounce of Cure," by Alice Munro, are very similar but very different. One of the mot important similarities between these two stories is the problems the opposite sex "causes" for the main character. In "A&P," Sammy, the main character, quits his job because he thinks that his boss has mistrea ...
    Related: comparison, cure, short story, main character, subject matter
  • Short Story Red Dress: How A Girls Home And School Environment - 431 words
    Short Story - Red Dress: How A Girl's Home and School Environment Determined Her Attitude Towards the Dance The short story "Red Dress" by Alice Munro is about a young girl's first high school dance. Her home and school environment determined her attitude towards the dance. This girl's home life was bad. She was constantly put down mentally by her mother, even in front of her friend Lonnie, to the point that the narrator envied Lonnie on account that her mother died and she lived alone with her father. "`I doubt if she appreciates it.' She enraged me, talking like this to Lonnie, as if Lonnie were grown up and I were still a child." Her mother was obscene in the house; the description that i ...
    Related: high school, school environment, short story, young girl, self esteem
  • The Last Of The Mohicans By James Fenimore Cooper 1789 1851 - 1,876 words
    The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper (1789 - 1851) The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper (1789 - 1851) Type of Work: Historical romance Setting Upper New York region; 1757 Principal Characters Hawkeye (Natty Bumppo), , a skilled white scout and frontiersman Chingachgook, , Hawkeye's lifelong Mohican (Delaware) friend Uncas, , Chingachgook's son and last heir to the title of chief of the Mohican tribe Major Duncan Heyward, , Hawkeye's Scottish soldier-friend David Gainut, , a psalm singer, and comical, naive, self-proclaimed missionary Magua (Le Renard Subtil--- "The Sly Fox"), a dis placed and bloodthirsty Canadian Huron Indian Colonel Munro, , defender of British Fo ...
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