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  • Biometric Systems - 489 words
    Biometric Systems Biometric Systems As defined in Computer Security Basics by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. Biometrics is the use of a persons unique physiological, behavioral, and morphological characteristics to provide positive personal identification. Biometric systems that are currently avaiable today examine fingerprints, handprints, and retina patterns. Systems that are close to biometrics but are not classified as such are behavioral systems such as voice, signature and keystroke systems. They test patterns of behavior not parts of the body. It seems that in the world of biometrics that the more effective the device, the less willing people will be to accept it. Retina pattern devices ...
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  • Bp Amoco - 1,242 words
    ... ve our performance by building on the track record and the highest achievements of each company. BP Amoco will aspire to deliver excellent performance in every part of our business and to be in touch with the reality of the world in which they are operating. They want to build relationships on the basis of mutual advantage the needs of those who do business with them, and the needs of each community in which they operate. They aim to conduct their operations without accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. They apply their skills, technology, and know-how to the search for creative and constructive solutions. Their business policies are universal. Their commitment ...
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  • Cashless Society - 318 words
    Cashless Society Cashless Society One article that caught my attention recently was one presented in the November 21, 1998 issue of The Economist. The article was about a cashless society and how well alternative forms of tender were catching on. According to the article, some forms of the smart card haven't caught on as well as expected. Smart cards have information embedded in them, essentially allowing a consumer to purchase things quickly and conveniently. It was the hope that these cards would supplant paper and coin money forever. However, that has not been the case. Smart cards do exits, however. In the article, it is mentioned that smart cards with chips embedded in them allowed a cu ...
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  • Computer Crime - 1,379 words
    Computer Crime Computer Crime Billions of dollars in losses have already been discovered. Billions more have gone undetected. Trillions will be stolen, most without detection, by the emerging master criminal of the twenty-first century--the computer crime offender. Worst of all, anyone who is computer literate can become a computer criminal. He or she is everyman, everywoman, or even everychild. The crime itself will often be virtual in nature--sometimes recorded, more often not--occurring only on the Internet, with the only record being electronic impulses. Before discussing Internet crimes, we can expect to see in the years ahead, let's look at the good news: The most-dreaded types of offe ...
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  • Current Account Deficit - 664 words
    Current Account Deficit In 1994 the UK had a Balance of Payments current account deficit. Explain the possible effects that this deficit might have upon the economy Discuss what, if anything the UK Government could have done to reduce or eliminate this current account deficit. The balance of payments is a record of one country's trade dealings with the rest of the world. Any transaction involving UK and foreign citizens is calculated in sterling (UK pounds). Dealings, which result in money entering the country, are credit (plus) items while transactions, which lead to money leaving the country, are debit (minus) items. The balance of payments can be split up into two sections: 1. the current ...
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  • Cyber Porn - 1,583 words
    Cyber Porn Imagine a place where you have access to anything and everything one could want. Some would say that is only existent in a utopia, and some would say that describes the Internet. Many adults go on to the net and access pornographic material that would be unsuitable for children. This is called cyberporn. The controversy lies in the fact that children are accessing these materials also. Government, activist groups, and concerned parents are fighting to regulate obscene material found over the Internet to protect children. The first amendment is the only thing protecting adults from losing their rights to obtain pornographic or indecent material on the net. Under the first amendment ...
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  • How Vulnerable Are You To Mass Hysteria - 1,268 words
    ... osal to my lawyer? 14. Would you give me the names of you principals and officers? 15. Can you provide references? Experience has shown that the dishonest sales people usually resist or are not prepared for this type of interrogation. Their marks are impulsive buyers who make entirely emotional decisions. The answers you get are vague and evasive. For example, Question: How much are commissions? Response: Theyre never a problem. Question: If I have a complaint, what can I do? Response: Dont even worry about that, Ill take care of you personally. By gathering a lot of information and taking some time making your decision, you can protect yourself from the majority of swindlers - but not a ...
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  • Introduction : - 1,172 words
    ... e dividends form part of the share's finance costs and, as such, are charged to the P & L account with other finance costs to achieve a constant rate on the outstanding instrument. However, the standard did not mention about what should be done with the credit that arises as a result of charging the cumulative dividend to the P & L account as an appropriation when the company has no distributable profits. For instance, it could be credited to liabilities as a dividend payable, but this does not answer - the dividend cannot be declared without distributable reserves from which to make the payment. In addition, there are no transitional provisions in the standard and, therefore, it appears ...
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  • Loan Request Evaluation - 1,828 words
    ... torical performance of a potential borrower. Projections of the borrower financial condition reveal how much financing is required and how much cash can be generated from operations to service new debt, and can be used to determine when a loan may be repaid. The proforma analysis is a form of sensitivity analysis. Three alternatives scenarios to analyze the relationship between the balance sheet and the income statement: -Best case scenario: improvement in planned performance. Worst case scenario: represents the greatest potential negative impact on sales and earnings. Most-likely scenario: indicates the most reasonable sequence of economic events and performance. The three alternative f ...
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  • Marketing To Tweens - 1,286 words
    Marketing To Tweens Our research into the tween market led to many discoveries about this group of current and future purchasers. We looked at statistics, marketing approaches, and responsibilities of those involved with this demographic group. Who are the tweens, what do they like, and how do they spend their time and money were areas where we probably gained the most insight from the research. Other areas looked at included how marketers target tweens, ethical responsibilities involved, what are the responsibilities of the parents of tweens, and the future of marketing to tweens. Children between the ages of seven and fourteen make up the consumer market known as the tweens. About 75% of t ...
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  • Mba - 370 words
    Mba Your first step is to read our Beginners Guide to Postgraduate Study in the USA, which provides introductory information on US degrees, admission requirements, how and when to apply, admissions tests, costs, financial aid, including Fulbright awards, and visas. The Beginners Guide is available on our Web site, through the post, or can be collected from our London office. It is also available for reference use at university careers services in the UK. To receive the guide through the post please send a large, A4 size self-addressed envelope with 41 pence postage and include a cover note requesting a copy of the Beginners Guide to Postgraduate Study in the USA, and also state which subject ...
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  • Motorola - 1,260 words
    Motorola Since it first entered the competitive electronic firm market, Motorola has continued to remain successfully as a world leader in mobile communication technology, ranking as the leading maker of cellular telephones, paging devices, automotive semi-conductors, and microchips that are used to operate devices other than computers. Although it has lost a few battles, Motorola has taken on the Japanese head to head, through these times of Japanese competition. In the 1980s Motorola controlled the emerging U.S, Market for cellular phones and pagers but they werent aggressively focused on competing with the Japanese, even though Japanese firms began to flood the U.S. market with low-priced ...
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  • Network Design And Implementation Solution - 3,061 words
    ... as hardware accelerated compression and the chassis incorporates 1 or optionally 2 integrated 10/100 (Ethernet/Fast Ethernet) ports. The Cisco 3600 series shares network modules, WAN Interface Cards, and Voice Interface Cards with the Cisco 2600 series. The Cisco 3600 series shares WAN Interface Cards with the Cisco 1600 and Cisco 1700 series. Key Features and Benefits The Cisco 3660, Cisco 3640, and Cisco 3620 routers support the following network applications and services: Analog and digital voice services The voice/fax network modules for the Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3600 series multiservice access routers enable packet voice technologies including VoIP and VoFR. Cisco`s voice solutions ...
    Related: area network, implementation, network, network design, network management, network technology, private network
  • Nonbank Financial Intermediaries - 1,463 words
    Nonbank Financial Intermediaries Nonbank Financial Intermediaries Brian Piotrowski There has been an increased level of competition among financial intermediaries since the late 1990s and it will continue into the new millennium. The large players in this increased competition are the nonbank financial intermediaries. Our text explains that nonbanks are other intermediaries and nonfinancial companies that have taken an increasing share of intermediation (Burton & Lombra, 311). The text continues that these banks face much less regulation than traditional banks, which translates to significantly lower costs. This factor is allowing nonbank intermediaries to create a stronghold on the market, ...
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  • The Bank Of New York And Its History - 1,707 words
    The Bank Of New York And It's History The Bank of New York Table of Contents 1. History of The Bank of New York 2. Services for Customers A. Individuals B. Businesses C. Public Entities D. Government Entities 3. Highlights of The Bank of New York 4. Consolidated Financial Statements 5. Bibliography The Bank of New York Table of Contents 1. History of The Bank of New York 2. Services for Customers A. Individuals B. Businesses C. Public Entities D. Government Entities 3. Highlights of The Bank of New York 4. Consolidated Financial Statements 5. Bibliography HISTORY OF THE BANK OF NEW YORK On February 23, 1784, a small advertisement appeared in The New York Packet, one of the many New York news ...
    Related: bank, bank of new york, first bank, history, long history, york city, york stock
  • The Culture Of England - 1,000 words
    The Culture of England What is it that defines a culture of a historical period? It can be the accumulation of the arts or advances in technology, science, music, teacher, the economy, war, or religion. It can also just be a simple change of view or beliefs in a group of people. These changes were clearly seen in England during the 17th century. The King's followers and Parliament began to dispute over the future government and religion of England. While these disputes were occurring, the common people, along with the upper class, argued over Catholicism, Puritanism, and the Anglican Church of England that, in turn, combine with the above, influenced society as well as marking it for this pe ...
    Related: church of england, government interference, scientific revolution, social structure, theological
  • The Internet: Past And Future - 723 words
    The Internet: Past And Future The Internet is an extension of a computer network originally formed in the United States during the 1960s by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). Working under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense, ARPA initially connected computers at the Stanford Research Institute in California, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), and the University of Utah. This original network, the very first computer network, was called ARPANET (ARPA NETwork). Scientists built ARPANET with the intention of creating a network that would still be able to function efficiently if part of the network was dama ...
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  • Welfare - 1,200 words
    Welfare Public assistance, also known as welfare, is not free money. Public assistance benefits many people who have a low income or no means of income at all. The benefits available are based on the level of income for different sized families and in different states. Welfare is also not to be provided in a biased manner to anyone who applies for it. Welfare in the United States Federal and State Governments serve the financially challenged through about 60 public assistance programs. Most look to receive help through one of the three major programs. These programs are the healthcare programs Medicaid and Medicare, Aid to Families with Dependant Children (AFDC), or the food stamps program. ...
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