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  • Diary Of Dispair - 1,387 words
    Diary Of Dispair A Diary of Despair A Chronicle of Heroin Abuse As Seen through the Eyes Of a Mother Jennifer Bernstein Drug Use and Abuse Professor Santucci 4/26/99 Dear Diary, I think back, and I smile at the little girl I used to have, all pigtails and lace. I can still hear her laughter echoing through the hallways of our home; see her swinging on the swing set in our backyard, her long curly blonde hair, full of pink ribbons, sailing behind her like a pool of melted gold. When the sun hit her face, she just glowed, her green eyes sparkling, her red cheeks, full, lush and alive. What happened to that little girl? Where the hell did I go wrong?!? Why am I sitting in a cold empty room, whe ...
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  • Diary Of Dispair - 1,376 words
    ... all, she was too strung out. I just snatched her up (she was as light as a feather) and brought her to the car. She was like a rag doll in my arms, limp and unresponsive. During the car ride home she began to "sober up" I guess you can say. She said "mom" in a raspy voice I could hardly tell was hers, and I looked over at my child, not knowing what to expect, half-afraid she'd try to jump out of the moving car. But she just grabbed my hand and held it tighter then I ever remembered, and with tears in her eyes, whispered " I'm so sorry, thank you." Thank you. She's upstairs now, sleeping. We had a good talk before she fell asleep. She wants to get better, she agreed to treatment. We're g ...
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  • Ever After - 925 words
    Ever After June 2nd , 1938 Queen Mary Dear Diary, Why have I sgreed? What made me say yes? I do not want to go to Europe! I want to stay here in Long Island for the rest of my life. I know that my family thinks that I have been shutting the world out but I simply can not stand the aberessment in facing all those people back home , in New York, looking at me, talking among themselves here comes Sarah Thompson. She is divorced you know. Why cant my family understand that? And beside, I just found the most amazing house right here in Long Island. It is in an old deserted farm. There is a tiny little cottage there in a desperat need of repair and it is near the ocean. Oh, how I would love to liv ...
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  • My Diary - 321 words
    My Diary Dear Diary, Today was a pretty same old same old day. I woke up to Alia scrambling around her room at ten to seven, I was laughing cause I think she was looking for me ... (she never looks hard enough) finally her cat Princess jumped on her vanity and I rolled on to the floor. Alia found me put me on ... ... I feel so loved and needed when she does that ... ... .and put me in the pocket of her cute Lauzares uniform ... ..(her private school) ... ... .it is so cute ...'s a short little green red and navy plaid skirt ... ..a white collared shirt and a red tie ... ... high socks ... ... ..cute little mary janes ... ..its adorable. Well anyways as I was saying ... she put me in her ...
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  • My Diary - 1,197 words
    My Diary October 06. 1999 Dear Diary, What an excellent way to start off mt 13th birthday, my dog got ran over by a car! To make it better it was my own mother that did it. He was my only true friend, the only one that I really loved and cared for, and now he is dead. I hate my over-weight, hard-ball of a mother! It was her fault, all her fault! I don't blame her for not letting me have any friends over, she to ashamed of herself! And, I hate to say this but I am ashamed of her to. If people really knew what she was like, they would be ashamed too. She knew the only real friend I ever had was my cute little dog Marshall, and then she turns around and killed him! I HATE HER! I HATE HER!!! How ...
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  • The Galaxy - 1,773 words
    The Galaxy June 15, 2007 It was the strangest thing. It all began on the evening of June 15th 2005. My grandmother passed away. This was weird because no body even knew she was dying. Well maybe it was just her time to go. It was a very rough couple of days. My sisters, my mother and I set up the calling hours for her wake, and the time and place for her funeral. It was vary hard to concentrate on these tasks when one of our loved ones had passed away. About two weeks had passed and things were begging to return to normal. It had been a tremendous loss for our family, but we all knew that we had to get on with our lives. I recall a message that was left on my mother's answering machine repor ...
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