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  • Capital Punishment - 1,114 words
    ... uppose, further, that he is able to command respect from his fellow inmates. Is it not possible that such a person can prefer a life in prison rather than having to go out into our world to earn a living? To such a person it is conceivable that a prison sentence maybe more of a reward than a punishment. Deutsh said whether the death penalty is a deterrent, I think we must philosophically consider suitable punishments to incorporate into our criminal justice system that will serve as a deterrent for violent crimes, not only those crimes that now provide for the death penalty. Denver Archbishop Charles Chadput placed a statement on his Internet site last year, condemning capital punishme ...
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  • Pornography - 1,257 words
    ... s abuse. "We see boys imitating pornography. We see the average age of rapists going down. We are beginning to see gang rapes in elementary schools committed by elementary school age boys imitating pornography." (Stan p, 28) The number of rapes and the age at which rapes are committed might be positively correlated with the amount of pornography out there. Nevertheless, in my opinion, this correlation does not necessarily mean causation. I do not feel that pornography itself leads men, boys, or others to rape and sexually violate women. I feel that it is the ways in which pornography is so easily assessable, and the way young boys are taught to look at it. There is also the question of h ...
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  • Serial Killers - 1,258 words
    Serial Killers I didnt want to hurt them, I only wanted to kill them. This is a quote from David Berkowitz, A.K.A., the Son of Sam. David Berkowitz and all of the other serial killers tend to think in unique ways. This paper will talk to you about characteristics, motives, different phases, and the correlation between behavior and aggression. Serial killers like everyone else have certain characteristics that set them apart. To be considered a bonafied serial killer you must murder at least three to four people with a cooling off period between each murder. These killings are usually one on one and are repetitive, occurring with greater or lesser frequency over time (Characteristics of Seria ...
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  • Serial Killers: Programmed To Kill - 1,799 words
    Serial Killers: Programmed To Kill? Serial killers are one of the most fascinating and morbid groups of people to study. A serial killer as defined by Brian and Wilfred Gregg in The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers is someone who kills 3 or more people with sufficient time intervals between each known as a cooling off period. The style and motivation of the killings can vary greatly. I choose serial killers for this project because the idea of someone killing another human being on numerous occasions seemed so out there, so fringe, it just had to be studied. Listen to this letter from one of this centuries most infamous serial killers David Berkowitz (1976-1977) AKA Son of Sam. "I am deeply hu ...
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  • Son Of Sam - 2,107 words
    Son Of Sam Son of Sam David Berkowitz The day of Berkowitz's arrest, Sergeant Joseph Coffey was called in to interview him. Calmly and candidly, David told him about each of the shootings. When the interview was over there was no doubt that Berkowitz was the Son of Sam. The details that he supplied about each assault were bits of information that only the killer would know. At the end of the session, Berkowitz politely wished him good night. Coffey was amazed by Berkowitz. When I first walked into that room I was full of rage. But after talking to him....I feel sorry for him. That man is a *censored*ing vegetable! Who was David Berkowitz anyway and how did he become the Son of Sam? While Dav ...
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  • Son Of Sam - 2,060 words
    ... anyone else. Maybe a little neurotic.Ultimately, it didn't matter because David Berkowitz pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to 365 years in jail. In 1979, Robert Ressler, the FBI veteran, interviewed Berkowitz in Attica Prison three times. Berkowitz had been allowed to keep a scrapbook he had compiled of all the newspaper stories about the murders. He used these scrapbooks to keep his fantasies alive. Ressler made it clear that he didn't buy the demon dog theory one bit and eventually he was able to get the truth out of Berkowitz. The demon story was to protect him when and if he was caught so that he could try to convince the authorities he was insane. He admitted to Ressler that his re ...
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  • The Nineteenseventies Was An Incredible Decade It Was A - 783 words
    The nineteen-seventies was an incredible decade. It was a decade of change, one of freedom, a time for great music. It was also an incredible decade for shock, fear and serial killers. John Wayne Gacy, an amateur clown, was a pedophiliac homosexual. He tortured and killed thirty three little boys and stored their remains under his house. David Berkowitz, a.k.a. the Son of Sam, stalked New York City from nineteen-sixty-seven to nineteen-seventy-seven. He claimed to have been following a voice from his dog that told him when and where to kill. Ted Bundy, who is believed to have killed at least thirty-four people, was charged for only three under his own defense- and in fact, he was commended b ...
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