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  • The History Of Graphic Artsdesign - 1,239 words
    The History of Graphic Arts/Design Chris Hayes ( Graphic design or graphic arts often comes in many forms, from the writing on this paper to the annoying television commercials millions of people view everyday. Despite the very popular usage of graphic design, many people, perhaps the majority of people do not understand or realize when they are experiencing the work of a graphic designer. The work of a graphic artist can be seen anywhere a person looks in any room, in any household. Graphic design with all of its unknown, yet profound affects on people's lives has always and will always be at the center of our lives whether we realize it or not. Graphic design is essentially any type of vis ...
    Related: graphic, graphic arts, graphic design, graphic designers, history
  • The History Of Pi - 1,216 words
    Pi The History of Pi A little known verse in the bible reads And he made a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other; it was round all about, and his height was five cubits; and a line of thirty cubits did compass it about(I Kings 7, 23). This passage from the bible demonstrates the ancient nature of the irrational number pi. Pi in fact is mentioned in a number of verses throughout the bible. In II Chronicles 4,2, in the passage describing the building of the great temple of Solomon which was built around 950BC, pi is given as equal to three. This value is not very accurate at all and should not even be considered accurate for its time, however it should be noted that precision w ...
    Related: history, modern history, ancient greeks, great temple, pacific
  • The Myth Of King Arthur - 1,251 words
    The Myth Of King Arthur There has been a lot of material written about King Arthur and his court. He has been a popular figure in literature for over 800 years. People believe he was only a myth and some people believe he was an actual person. Not a lot of information on King Arthur is fact; most is fictional from many types of writers. The earliest reference of Arthur is the poem Gododdin (A.D. 600) also Historia Bitton by Nennius (A.D.800). In Sir Thomas Mallory's Novel Le Morte D'Arthur, people receive a good idea on how he worked and how the life back then was. Many stories have been written and tales have been told of King Arthur but stories can't be proven to be true. There are many di ...
    Related: arthur, king arthur, myth, le morte d'arthur, queen guinevere
  • The Rise And Falls To Modern Medicine - 361 words
    The Rise And Falls To Modern Medicine In the Miller's Tale, Geoffrey Chaucer depicts the parish priest assistant Absolon and his sexual interests in Allison, the miller's daughter. In addition to his religious duties, he also had obligations in hair cutting. He could laten blood, shave, and clippe. This latter term fives rise to the medical treatment bleeding which was performed by most barbers of that era. After the disappearance of medicine during the Dark Ages, a new knowledge surfaced throughout the medical community. During these times there were a great many scientific breakthroughs. The findings of William Harvey proved that blood traveled through veins away from the heart. Claudius G ...
    Related: medicine, modern medicine, digestive system, scientific basis, explaining
  • The Soul, God, Religion, Evil - 1,677 words
    The Soul, God, Religion, & Evil The Soul, God, Religion, & Evil Being raised in a Catholic family, I have always been told that my body contains a soul. I have often wondered where my soul is and how it functions. Being asked by my friends questions about the soul, I could not answer because I never really knew myself, so I looked to the writings of the church. According the Catechism of the Catholic Church, written by Pope John Paul II, the soul is not just part of the body, it is the body. In Sacred Scripture the term soul often refers to the life or the entire person. But soul also refers to the innermost aspect of man, that which is of greatest value in him, that by which he is most espe ...
    Related: western world, higher power, eastern religions, confucius, loving
  • The Trial And Ultimate Death Of Socrates May Possibly Be One Of The Most Unjust Verdicts Imposed In The Worlds History Socrat - 1,159 words
    The trial and ultimate death of Socrates may possibly be one of the most unjust verdicts imposed in the worlds history. Socrates was merely a radical thinker in a transitional time in Athens, and after Athens lost the Peloponnesian War to Sparta, Socrates principles were just not tolerated. Roman westward expansion and militant domination had yet to happen, as did the trial and death of Jesus Christ. The year was 399 BCE and Athens was a strong and proven democratic government. Athenians were wonderfully romantic people. They loved their arts, nature, and literature, and their democracy. They had produced great thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, and Xenophon. Athenian society was better educate ...
    Related: history, socrates, trial, unjust, middle class
  • Thomas Merton And Mahatma Gandhi - 1,372 words
    Thomas Merton and Mahatma Gandhi Thomas Merton and Mahatma Gandhi both speak of God in a personal way. They both speak of God as truth. Famous Thomas Merton, Trappist American monk, was a traditional Christian. Born in France in 1915 and died in Asia in 1968 Merton was greatly influenced by the complexities of the twentieth century. His writings served as a personal may in his search for God.. He pursued the ascending path towards the eternal kingdom of truth, towards heaven, while leaving the world of shadowy existence behind. Truth would be a passion of his life. He also took it upon himself to speak on behalf of the disenfranchised of the word. Thomas Merton was a dynamic, modern man who ...
    Related: gandhi, mahatma, mahatma gandhi, merton, real world
  • Time Traveling - 526 words
    Time Traveling There are three working theories the "Time Traveler" developed upon his visit to the distant future. The first is the laziness of what human-kind has become. The second is the division between the classes, below ground and above it. The third is based on how human evolution had gone back to its starting point. The glorification of technology is not the answer to the "utopian" life we all seek. The first theory of the "laziness" of human-kind is unfolding today. We grow more and more dependant upon machines to feed, clothe, bathe, groom, cure, and entertain our needs. We think we are in a"technologically superior" times, but if one takes away electricity, we are back in the dar ...
    Related: traveling, technology advances, dark ages, human evolution, obsolete
  • To What Extent Was Christianity A Unifying Influence In The History Of Europe - 3,756 words
    To What Extent Was Christianity A Unifying Influence In The History Of Europe? "Europe was a Christian creation, not only in essence but in minute detail" The above statement can perhaps best sum up the relationship between Christianity and Europe throughout the ages. Christianity has been the strongest single influence in the history of Europe. Regardless of the century, no discussion would be complete without reference being made, at least in small part, to the Church. It is true that in recent centuries this influence has declined significantly, but nevertheless one could argue that it still plays an important part in the lives of many people. Throughout history Christianity has been both ...
    Related: brief history, christian europe, christianity, history, western europe
  • To What Extent Was Christianity A Unifying Influence In The History Of Europe - 3,868 words
    ... e conversion of the Anglo-Saxons which through the proceeding missionary work of the English led to the new Christians of the North being subject to the immediate control and direction of Rome. Nowadays he is "often regarded as the architect of future papal power". Yet the Papacy as it was to exist in the future was not realised fully until over a century later. Other factors also lead to the increased importance of the Pope including the move out of Rome to Constantinople of the Emperor, the increasing threat of Muslims on the eastern front of the Empire and later the conquest of three of the recognised patriarchs, Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria. By the thirteenth century the pope ex ...
    Related: christianity, church history, early history, history, western europe
  • Utilitarianism - 218 words
    Utilitarianism Utilitarianism, for all the unfortunate connotations of the word (which conjures up images of factories, high-rise buildings and all things ugly-but-functional), is an ethical system of great elegance and beauty. It is also a system of great importance: I would guess that the large majority of people in our society are more or less utilitarians, and that they are such without having given the matter a moment's thought. It arouses strong feelings. Most proponents of utilitarianism would probably say that it's not only right, but obviously right; that those who are not utilitarians are living in the Dark Ages. Many of its opponents consider it a thoroughly evil thing, tending to ...
    Related: utilitarianism, christian philosophy, christian ethics, dark ages, glance
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