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  • Cyber Porn - 1,583 words
    Cyber Porn Imagine a place where you have access to anything and everything one could want. Some would say that is only existent in a utopia, and some would say that describes the Internet. Many adults go on to the net and access pornographic material that would be unsuitable for children. This is called cyberporn. The controversy lies in the fact that children are accessing these materials also. Government, activist groups, and concerned parents are fighting to regulate obscene material found over the Internet to protect children. The first amendment is the only thing protecting adults from losing their rights to obtain pornographic or indecent material on the net. Under the first amendment ...
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  • Cyber Porn - 1,569 words
    ... our economy can not say no to (Rosen 15). "There are means of controlling material that parents do not want their kids to view (Levy 21)." Several devises already exist for parents that will help them filter out what they do not want their children to see. Surfwatch, a software package, allows parents to have a list of forbidden sites that can not be reached. It also always parents to program it to watch for any kind of obscene language (Miller and Mauro 85). PICS are rating and filtering technology. Parents or a third party can set up a self-censor program to their values for any document online that is PICS compatible. This always each household to censor out information found to be of ...
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  • Internet It - 1,222 words
    ... b-pages on the internet. Most of this material is extremely hard to access as advanced knowledge of computers is required, however it is the youth in most families that know how to use the computer best. Problems arise when minors left alone on the computer are free to browse some of the most graphic pictures ever taken, or to learn the easy way to make a pipe bomb from house-hold ingredients. The media has a tendency to magnify certain aspects of reality while completely forgetting about others. The mass media so far has not been too kind to the internet. Mainly because television and print magazines view it as a long-term threat encroaching in on their market. The July 3 1995 article o ...
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  • Internet Rating Systems: Censors By Default - 1,203 words
    Internet Systems: Censors by Default The Internet, first designed for the military and the scientific community, has grown larger and faster than anyone could have ever expected. Now being a potpourri of information, from business to entertainment, the Internet is quickly gaining respect as a useful and important tool in thousands of applications, both globally and domestically. But, the growth that the Internet has seen in the last few years has come with some growing pains. Reports of harmful information reaching children are always painful to hear; who wouldn't feel for a mother who lost a child to a pipe bomb that was built from instructions on the Internet? But the greatest pain thus fa ...
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  • Marketing And The Media - 1,739 words
    ... action that wound up misinforming readings and possibly tarnishing a number of Internet providers even those possibly associated with the Time company. Fortunately, back then the Internet market was not nearly the size it is today which means fewer readers truly felt impacted by this story. On the other hand this article could have been responsible for forming many first impressions regarding the Internet and who exactly should and should not be using it as a source of information. The story was titled "CyberPorn" and proclaimed that online almost 85% of all sites were pornography. In reality- porn sites amount to only 1% of the total postings on the web. Here Time magazine made a major ...
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  • The Vast Cyberfrontier Is Being Threatend With Censorship From The Government - 1,308 words
    The vast cyber-frontier is being threatend with censorship from the government Thesis: The vast cyber-frontier is being threatend with censorship from the government. Internet censorship should be left up to the individual not the governments discretion. I. Censoring the Internet. A. Clinton passes the C.D.A. B. Our rights as Americans. C. Exon's victory. D. What's really online. E. Strike to free expresson on Compuserve. II. Where the Internet stands now. A. Judges Panel. B. Congress and other's opinions. C. Background information. D. Other opinions. III. Solutions. A. Family's responsibility. B. Censorship Software. C. Civil Rights. * Conclusion. After threatening the Communications Decenc ...
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  • The Vast Cyberfrontier Is Being Threatend With Censorship From The Government - 1,233 words
    ... nternet.25 Only nine out of 11,000 Web pages contained anything obscene yet Time still said, "There's an awful lot of porn online."26 "[Cyberspace] is a safe space in which to explore the forbidden and taboo. It offers the possibility for genuine, unembarrassed conversations about accurate as well as fantasy images of sex," said Carlin Meyer, a professor at New York Law School.27 "It is clearly a violation of free speech and it's a violation of the rights of adults to communicate with each other," House speaker Newt Gingrich shared.28 In a Time/CNN poll conducted by Yakelovich Partners, 1000 people were involved and 42% were for FCC-like control over sexual content on the computer networ ...
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  • Virtual Controversies - 1,436 words
    Virtual Controversies It was once forcasted that computers in the future would weigh no more than 1.5 tons. Of course, in todays technologically savvy times, its a common occurrence to see people holding their computers in their lap, or even in their hand. Theres no doubt about it: the computer already plays an important role in our lives and that role is likely to expand as more advancements are made. However, new innovations mean new controversies. The Internet, for example, has transformed the way people communicate, conduct business, learn, and entertain themselves. With a simple click of the mouse key, one can do things that were thought science fiction just a few decades ago. For all t ...
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