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  • Vlad Tepes - 3,323 words
    ... ged in various geometric patterns. The most common pattern was a ring of concentric circles in the outskirts of a city that was his target. The height of the spear indicated the rank of the victim. The decaying corpses were often left up for months. It was reported (Florescu and McNally) that an invading Turkish army turned back in fright when it encountered thousands of rotting corpses impaled on the banks of the Danube. In 1461 Mohammed II, the conqueror of Constantinople, a man not noted for his squeamishness, returned to Constantinople after being sickened by the sight of twenty thousand impaled corpses outside of Dracula's capital of Targoviste. The warrior sultan turned command of ...
    Related: vlad, printing press, funeral oration, holy roman empire, ruins
  • Watch Out For People Who Call Themselves Religious Make Sure You Know What They Meanmake Sure They Know What They Mean 572 In - 1,367 words
    Watch out for people who call themselves religious; make sure you know what they mean-make sure they know what they mean! (572). In the novel written by John Irving, A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY, the protagonist, Owen Meany, developed an unusual religious significance. Owen experienced visions of future events, he had a unique type of faith in God that most do not attain, and Owen spoke endlessly to inform people about God. Throughout Owen's life he demonstrated the same characteristics as a prophet through his actions and his words. Thus one could conclude that Owen Meany is a prophet. Similar to a prophet, Owen was given precognitive powers that allowed him to see into the future. Owen's first ...
    Related: the bible, john irving, angel of death, owen, prayer
  • What Elements Makes Up A Short Story - 1,333 words
    What Elements Makes Up A Short Story? What is a short story? What are the criteria necessary for a short story? What makes a good short story? After lengthy debates between many groups weve decided that it can not be decided by consensus, but by what we feel a short story must contain; different people may have different perspectives of this. This essay is devoted to portraying my groups conclusion to what a short story is. With reference to our critical criteria: plot, suspense, object and timeline; I will discuss whether the stories: Mr. Know All, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and By the Rivers of Babylon meets them. The plot is a series of events combined together to form a short story. ...
    Related: short story, san francisco, the courtroom, secret life, entering
  • Whats In A Name - 834 words
    What's In A Name? Amber Jensen Dr. Meiser English 110 September 27, 2000 Whats in a Name? I have always been very proud of everything that I have accomplished in my life. I am proud of one thing more than anything else; my heritage. Ever since I was a child I was told all about my grandparents and their trek from Denmark to the United States. I was curious what their homeland was like, but it never seemed to be a topic of discussion. My grandmother boasted the Danish flag in her home, and displayed little trinkets that said velkomen on them. My knowledge was limited to these few things I saw when I was a child. Since both of my grandparents had passed away, I started my research by picking u ...
    Related: whats, early christian, american history, american family, widespread
  • Whether It Be Through Intensified Media Attention, Or Due To The Efforts Of Prominent Scientists And Other Members Of Society - 1,034 words
    ... nd Eisenstodt recommend, who is to ensure that these policies and procedures are adhered to? Morgensen and Eisenstodt must also overcome an additional hurdle - convincing the government that its programs are as ineffective as they say. The governments environmental programs are working well, according to EPA administrator William K. Reilly in "The Green Thumb of Capitalism: The Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Growth." Solid governmental programs have been developed for the improvement of the environment, indicates Reilly; several situations quantify its success. According to Reilly, the government is creating adequate market incentives to curb pollution, encourage energy efficiency ...
    Related: media, prominent, initial investment, exxon valdez, sagan
  • Which Of Your Possessions Reveals Most About You And Why - 660 words
    Which of your possessions reveals most about you and why? "Observe, Watson." An unfamiliar voice caused me to stop dead in my tracks as I was coming back to my table. Surreptitiously glancing through the foliage, I noticed two men pointing at something. Hesitant to announce my presence, I was very perplexed by the fact that the object they were staring at was my backpack! I was studying in the park and walked off to get a drink of water, and when I came back, whom should I find examining my worldly possessions but the great detective and his chronicler! Maybe I should tell him to mind his own business...on the other hand, I would like to see Mr. Sherlock Holmes struggle to find clues to my i ...
    Related: possessions, the girl, sherlock holmes, star wars, personality
  • Whitley Strieber Bestsellers - 508 words
    Whitley Strieber Bestsellers Whitley Strieber is the author of many non-fiction bestsellers. His most famous books include: The Wolfen, The Hunger, Night Church, War Day, Wolf of Shadow, Natures End, Cat Magic, Transformation, Majestic, Billy, The Wild, Unholy Fire, Forbidden Zone, Breakthrough: The Next Step, The Secret School, Evenings With Demons: Stories of Thirty Years, and Confirmation: The Hard Evidence. Whitley Strieber is best known for his autobiographical account of his experiences with strange visitors who came to his cabin in the New York countryside, titled Communion. Communion was published in 1987 and sold more than 250,000 copies and was number one on the NewYork Times non- ...
    Related: whitley, human beings, public life, curious, transformation
  • Who Am I - 317 words
    Who Am I Who Am I? Believe it or not, I find very difficult to talk about myself. I think that the only way to accurately describe myself is to give a little background information. I was born in Indianapolis, where I have lived my whole life. I live in an old three-story farmhouse, which was built in the 1780s. It has been remodeled somewhat since then but all of the woodwork is the same. The surroundings are beautiful, like a calendar picture. The house sat on about 15 acres of land. Most of that was in the woods and there was a small stream that ran through it. As a child, I was very adventurous. It seemed like every day I would travel further and further from my house. I was always the o ...
    Related: elementary school, middle school, savior jesus christ, athletic
  • Who Was Right - 637 words
    Who Was Right? When white men crossed the boundary of the Missouri River, it upset the balance between the pioneers and the red men. Obviously the red men were not happy and lashed out against their white oppressors. Many just saw savages, but much of the American army saw courage and honor. Was it right for members of the army who had just maintained the union of their own society, to dismember the culture of the Native Americans? I believe it was. First of all, the army did not enjoy having to push the Indians back from the lands that the white people wanted, but then they also had to try and convert them to Christianity. The Indians retaliated against the army, but it was the United State ...
    Related: civil war, american army, common sense, complaining, nelson
  • Why Jerry Rockwoods Essay Life Intrudes Is Effective - 766 words
    Why Jerry Rockwoods Essay "Life Intrudes" is Effective Jerry Rockwoods reflective essay "Life Intrudes" is effective because of the way in which he has constructed the piece. He uses the four Reflective Strategies that are derived from Reading Critically, Writing Well by Axelrod and Cooper. The strategies are; Particular Occasion, Developing the Reflection, Topical Coherence, and Engaging the Reader. It is because of Rockwoods strong and correct usage of these strategies that his essay is effective at persuading the reader to believe in his thoughts on raising children, more namely boys. In addition, Rockwoods essay is also effective at getting the reader to reflect on their own personal exp ...
    Related: jerry, cherokee indian, raising children, different situations, engaging
  • William Shakespeare - 1,467 words
    ... as married to Anne Hathaway. Anne was the daughter of a farmer who lived in Shottery a village about 1 mile from Stratford. At the time Shakespeare was 18 years old and Anne was 26. Early in 1585 Anne Shakespeare gave birth to twins a boy, Hamnet, and a girl Judith. No information exist on Shakespeare life from Feb. 2, 1583 when the twins were baptized to 1592 then evidence indicates Shakespeare was living in London, scholars sometimes call this time the lost years. Shakespeare's name appears with his parents names in a Stratford lawsuit in 1588, but he may not have been living in Stratford at that time. Scholars think that sometime during the lost years Shakespeare moved to London and s ...
    Related: shakespeare, william shakespeare, king lear, lord chamberlain, entry
  • William Shakespeare - 530 words
    William Shakespeare Amazing authors can induce thoughts by a single word. The ideas that can form in our heads by a small phrase are powerful. Only the most talented and capable authors can provoke such feelings within us. Who is more than able to stir these feelings in a reader but William Shakespeare? His various plays keep us entranced and curious but it is his poetry that strikes a chord deep within us. Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare is particularly powerful. He writes about a love that cannot be compared to anything in the world because of his deep infatuation. Shakespeare wrote his sonnet when he was deeply in love with a woman. He starts off his sonnet by implanting an image in our ...
    Related: shakespeare, william shakespeare, compare thee, grim reaper, deeply
  • World Mythology - 795 words
    World Mythology Compare or contrast two major female fertility deities as to character, activities and role in the myth. In the myths of the ancient world, a great deal of importance is placed on the rhythmical cycle of birth, maturity, death and rebirth. Ancient agrarian people observed the world around them, and from this observation they realized that their lives as well as every other living thing on this planet was a part of an intricate continuing cycle. Everything withered and died, but not before reproducing and continuing the cycle of life. Since female plants and animals were directly responsible for the birth of new life, people worshipped female deities to ensure that the earthly ...
    Related: ancient world, greek mythology, mythology, world mythology, social roles
  • Writing Reasons - 557 words
    Writing Reasons On Monday nights I get together with a few friends to exchange ideas about writing and to exchange pieces that we have written. A few Mondays ago one of those friends was having the most fundamental of creative writing problems. "Why should I ever write anything?" she moaned. "Why should any of us? No one wants to hear anything I have to say because I have nothing new to say about any of it." After I, along with the rest of the group, tossed some sympathetic and half-heartedly reassuring words to her I had a thought. "Ultimately, everyone wants to feel like they are not alone. No matter how right or how wrong we think our lives are going or how right or wrong our thoughts ar ...
    Related: creative writing, curious, interconnected
  • Wuthering Heights - 1,129 words
    Wuthering Heights Emily Jane Bronte was born on July 30, 1818 in Thorton, Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of Patrick, an Anglican clergyman, and Maria Bronte. Emily lived with her parents, sisters Charlotte and Anne, and brother Patrick Branwell. Two other sisters, Elizabeth and Maria, died while Emily was very young. Mrs. Bronte also died while Emily was young, in 1821. Mr. Bronte and an aunt, Elizabeth Branwell, raised the surviving children. They were educated at home and spent much of their time reading and writing. Charlotte and Emily spent a year at the Clergy Daughters' School in Lancashire. Charlotte received a job teaching at Miss Wooler's school in Roe Head in 1835 and Emi ...
    Related: wuthering, wuthering heights, late night, jane eyre, tuberculosis
  • Wuthering Heights By Bronte - 696 words
    Wuthering Heights By Bronte Character Heathcliff- this character is a genuinely evil person. He is dark and cruel. He is violently passionate, meaning he loves as strongly as he hates. He is a creature about whose past is unknown. A dark, dirty beggar, he was picked up on the Liverpool streets by Mr. Earnshaw and brought to the secluded part of the world known as the moors, where he has ample space to work out his destiny. He has a strong will and is steadfast. Most of the characters in this novel are masters of their fate. They know what they want and go after it. They overcome all obstacles to immerse themselves in love. The minor characters in this novel are interesting. They portray lit ...
    Related: bronte, emily bronte, wuthering, wuthering heights, point of view
  • Year 2000 Problem - 1,220 words
    ... some duty to citizens to provide basic services in return for the payment of taxes. The failure to provide these services is seen as a breach of this implied contract."(5) This also tells us that all of the information on who paid taxes for the last several years could be lost very easily. There would be no way to prove someone did or did not. This is just one of the major catastrophes that could happen. This is very scary and could truly ruin our nation's economy and freedom that we have come to grow and love. I found some very interesting information in the on-line journal called The Scotsman. ""The picture is a gloomy one," said Stephen Horn, a US senator, warning of possible breakdo ...
    Related: public sector, defense department, legal issues, crash, implied
  • Zero Inflation - 1,993 words
    Zero Inflation Introduction Hyper inflation has plagued most of the worlds developing countries over the past decades. Countries in the industrialised world, too, have at times duelled with dangerously high inflation rates in the post WWII era. With varying degrees of success, all have employed great efforts to bring their inflation rates within acceptable limits. Generally, a moderate rate of inflation has been the ultimate goal. More recently, however, a few countries have pursued policies that strive to eradicate inflation altogether through complete price stability. This has proven to be a contentious enterprise, which clearly indicates that there is still no universally accepted solutio ...
    Related: high inflation, inflation, inflation rate, more successful, first half
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