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  • Cronon On Education - 390 words
    Cronon On Education Cronon on Education Having read Victor's story not realizing until the very end that Victor in the story was the author made it much more confusing! I realize that the issue here is about racial and social discrimination as well as about education and following your own ideals instead of the rest of society's. He displays this through the various characters and stories throughout the essay as well as his own personal accounts. The reason and logic behind his paper is shown through the different examples, such as in the classroom with the different students of different gender, race, social standing, etc. I find his ideas much harder to follow as they are much less clear-c ...
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  • Europeans In Pursuit Of Capitalism In New England - 681 words
    Europeans In Pursuit Of Capitalism In New England Europeans in Pursuit of Capitalism in New England Indian and European people had many cultural differences causing both cultures to clash. The two cultures also had different beliefs in terms of land usage and commodities. The European arrival had an enormous impact on the ecosystem, which as well affected the lives of the Indians. The Indians were used to being mobile in terms of their way of living as opposed to the European colonists, they were used to settling in one place and were also very materialistic. On the other hand, the Indians only possessed what they needed and did not have luxuries like the colonists. The Indians of New Englan ...
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  • How The New England Colonist Altered The Enviornment - 1,356 words
    How The New England Colonist Altered The Enviornment How the New England Colonists` Altered the New England Environment In Changes in the Land, William Cronon points out the European colonists` pursuits of a capitalistic market and the impact it had on the New England ecosystem. Native Americans and colonists had different views on the use of land resources. The Natives viewed the land as something not owned, but as a resource to sustain life. They believe in a hunting-gathering system, hunting only when necessary. In the long run Native Americans lost their old traditions and were forced to adapt to the colonists` traditions in order to survive. This change contributed even more to the alte ...
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  • The Roaring Twenties - 1,306 words
    The Roaring Twenties THE ROARING TWENTIES Americans, in the years following the end of World War I found themselves in an era, where the people simply wished to detach themselves from the troubles of Europeans and the rest of the world. During the years of the Twenties, the economy was prosperous, there was widespread social reform, new aspects of culture were established, and people found better ways to improve their lifestyle and enjoy life. The 1920's exemplified the changing attitudes of American's toward foreign relations, society, and leisure activities. Following the end of World War I, many Americans demanded that the United States stay out of European affairs in the future. The Unit ...
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  • The Roaring Twenties - 1,304 words
    ... they were produced. Since the economy was in such good shape, many Americans could afford to purchase refrigerators, washing machines, and radios. Low income families could afford to buy an inexpensive Model T, which Henry Ford developed in 1908. The number of passenger cars in the United States jumped from fewer then 7 million in 1919 to about 23 million in 1929, (Cronon 341). Traffic jammed the nations highways and created still another need for businesses, roadside restaurants, tire manufacturers and gas stations. Standard Oil gas stations grew from 12 in 1920 to 1,000 by 1929, (Time-Life 102). With all the expansion, and the economy doing well, business became the foundation of socie ...
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