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  • Healthcare - 1,074 words
    ... y. Nurses need to assess: (a) psychosocial needs, (b) functional outcomes, (c) quality of life, (d) daily living, (e) psychiatric outcome, and (f) financial needs. The nurse must use skills in crisis intervention to help ease the disequilibrium of the family. Nurses need to be sensitive to patient and family needs. Nurses must help the patients and their families to cope with(a) disease chronicity, (b) waiting period, (c) role reversal, (d) hospitalization, and (e) complicated medical regimen as well as take into consideration the demands on(a) time, (b) energy, (c) finances, and (d) relationships that the disease has placed on patients and their families. The burdens and challenges that ...
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  • Medical Ethics - 1,445 words
    ... conditions or not, but that is the problem with written guidelines, they work on paper, but not necessarily in life (Levine 173). Must we experiment on human beings? If so, what human experiment categories are ethically correct? Human experimentation falls into three divisions, the first of which is, ? Experiments that the researcher carries out on him or herself ? (Weiss 34). A traditionally excepted example of this was conducted over one-hundred years ago by a scientist set on disproving the fact germs cause disease, The way he decided to prove his idea was to swallow a beakerful of cholera germs. However, he had a natural immunity to cholera; he did not become ill. It was concluded t ...
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  • Organ Donor - 662 words
    Organ Donor Ever since organ donation became a way of saving lives, there has been a shortage of organ donators. Attempts are being made to solve the organ donor shortage by meeting the bereaved familys needs. Aspects of the grieving process are considered in attempts to reconcile the need of donated organs and lessen the trauma to the family of asking for the organ donation. Factors that influence the experience of grief for the family are examined in an attempt to lessen the pain. Many factors affect how bereaved individuals will respond to a loss. The loss is not always immediate since some patients may linger on for hours or days. It is also hard for the family if their love one is brain ...
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  • University Of Central Oklahoma - 1,861 words
    ... t or patient, the nurse acts to promote, maintain, or restore the health of the person; wellness is the goal. A collegial collaborative of relationship with other health professionals who share a mission and a common data base furthers the practice of nursing. Guided by a humanitarian, ethical principles, the nurse practices in a personal, nurturing, and protective manner that promotes health in all ways. The nurse may be a generalist or a specialist and, as a professional, is ethnically and legally accountable for the nursing activities performed and for the actions of others to whom the nurse has delegated responsibility" (Mosbys Medical & Nursing Dictionary, 1996). Questionnaire: A wr ...
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