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  • Affirmative Action - 1,487 words
    ... f Prop. 209 permits gender discrimination that is "reasonably necessary" to the "normal operation" of public education, employment and contracting. In 1998, The ban on use of affirmative action in admissions at the University of California went into effect. UC Berkeley had a 61% drop in admissions, and UCLA had a 36% decline. This decline strengthens the position of the Pro side of affirmative action. However, a contingency plan has been established. According to a source (who asked to remain nameless), UC Berkeley has a program to actively recruit more minority students that falls out of the guidelines established by prop. 209. These types of "loop holes" can ultimately hurt the various ...
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  • Ben And Jerrys Marketing Stratgies - 1,265 words
    Ben and Jerrys marketing stratgies Ben & Jerrys was experiencing a steady growth within their sales figures from 1990 to 1993. However, In March 1994, Cost of Sales increased approximately $9.6 million or 9.5% over the same period in 1993, and the overall gross profit as a percentage of net sales decreased from 28.6% in 1993 to 26.2% in 1994. This loss might have been a result of several reasons, such as high administration and selling costs, a negative impact of inventory management, and start up costs associated with certain flavours of the new Smooth, No Chunks ice cream line. Ben & Jerrys selling, general and administrative expenses increased approximately 28% to $36.3 million in 1994 fr ...
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  • In 1959, A Rebel, Fidel Castro, Overthrew The Reign Of Fulgencia Batista In Cuba A Small Island 90 Miles Off The Florida Coas - 1,520 words
    ... rst of these measures was the advice of the U.S. to the oil refineries in Cuba to refuse to handle the crude petroleum that the Cubans were receiving from the Soviet Union. The companies such as Shell and Standard Oil had been buying crude from their own plants in Venezuela at a high cost. The Cuban government demanded that the refineries process the crude they were receiving from Russia at a much cheaper price. These refineries refused at the U.S. advice stating that there were no provisions in the law saying that they must accept the Soviet product and that the low grade Russian crude would damage the machinery. The claim about the law may have been true but the charge that the cheaper ...
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  • Is Collusion Possible - 1,701 words
    Is Collusion Possible? Essay in Microeconomics. Topic: Is Collusion Possible? 18.12.2000 Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Two types of behaviour (Collusive and non-collusive). 3. Game theory. a.) Concept. b.) The problem of collusion. c.) Predatory pricing. 4. Repeated games approach. a.) Concept. b.) Finite game case. c.) Infinite game case. i.) Trigger strategy ii.) Tit-for-Tat. d.) Finite game case, Kreps approach. 5. The motives for retaliation. 6. Conclusion. 7. Bibliography. 1. Introduction. In this essay I would discuss the price and output determination under the one essential type of imperfect competition markets- oligopoly. Inter-firm interactions in imperfect markets take many forms. ...
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  • Mark Cuban - 1,603 words
    ... ducts. The company doesn't include the customers in the selection of new products, and it doesn't evaluate what needs or wants are satisfied by the products that are currently being sold. The current method of product selection involves the merchandising manager going to trade shows with Martin Woodard and selecting potential products. Five people in the company would then comprise a panel to argue for or against the product, which would determine whether or not the product would make it into the catalog. Potential Solution(s): Research must be conducted to determine if the current product selection is the most beneficial for the company. Both potential customers and current customers sh ...
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  • Networking And Telecommunication Management - 1,370 words
    Networking and Telecommunication Management "The AT&T long-distance networks crashes and millions of calls go unanswered. A computer hacker reprograms a switching station and calls to a Florida probation office are shunted to a New York phone-sex hotline. An illegal computer bulletin board publishes a pilfered BellSouth document on the 911 emergency system, which made it available to anyone who dials up". The above incidents are described in Bruce Sterlings book "The Hacker Crackdown, Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier, copyrighted in 1992. Bruce Sterling authored this book which seeks to explain the "people of cyberspace". Bruce Sterling digs into the bizarre world of electronic co ...
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  • Political Environment In International Marketing - 1,680 words
    Political Environment In International Marketing THE POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT: The critical concern Political environment has a very important impact on every business operation no matter what its size, its area of operation. Whether the company is domestic, national, international, large or small political factors of the country it is located in will have an impact on it. And the most crucial & unavoidable realities of international business are that both host and home governments are integral partners. Reflected in its policies and attitudes toward business are a governments idea of how best to promote the national interest, considering its own resources and political philosophy. A government ...
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  • The Year 2000 - 1,728 words
    ... r line currently. Some expects it to at least double over the next few months. Experts say, there is still hope for late starters. If they act quickly. Late starters still benefit from others' denial of the problems(6). Outsourcing still remains a option for some. Some large and many small consulting firms are still seeking new businesses. Off-shore providers can also provide some relief. More companies are also getting back to their retirees for help. The retirees may have not only the necessary experience, but they also may know the system better than the outsiders. What's in the Future? Companies that have their project 2000 well under control as well those who are starting out -- bot ...
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  • West Coast Offense - 3,280 words
    West Coast Offense We know that football teams, similar to organizations everywhere, improve by going through an evolutionary progression as they learn, apply, adapt, and learn again. Bill Walsh accomplished all these by establishing and mastering the steps involved in that crucial process. No individual in the history of the game is more qualified to put forth such individual guidance. During his illustrious career, Bill Walsh was more than a football coach. In a very real sense he has been an exceptional visionary. Although he is widely renowned as the architect of the West Coast offense, his innovative approach to the game has extended far beyond his imaginative ideas on offense. During t ...
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  • White Collar Crime - 1,744 words
    ... ess during the past ten years. According to the Los Angeles Times, James Richards has also donated 80,200 to GOPAC, the political action committee spearhearded by Gingrich. Computer Crime Computer technology has introduced new factors concerning the types of perpetrators, the forms of assets threatened, and embezzlement methods. ( Radzinowicz 357) Computer crimes generally fall into five categories: 1) theft of services 2) use of computer data for personal gain 3) unauthorized use of computers employed for various types of financial processing 4) property theft by computer 5) placing viruses to destroy data. (Siegel 353) The terms "computer misuse" and "computer abuse" are also used freq ...
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  • Who Is Responsible For Starting Wwi - 1,750 words
    Who Is Responsible For Starting Wwi Who is Responsible for Causing World War I? In August of 1914, the war to end all wars began. The First World War saw incredible amounts of casualties because of new fighting techniques and technology, among other reasons. While it is clear who the victors of the war were after the battles had been fought and the Peace of Paris signed, what is not clear is who started this war. Historians have debated this question since the very early stages of the war and it is one that still remains without one concrete answer. A common elementary history textbook will explain the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria as the sole cause for World War one, but fu ...
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  • Y2k Bug - 760 words
    Y2k Bug David Eggleston Review of Literature 2/24/99 Teri Ferguson Y2K Bug The turn of the century is rapidly approaching. This should be a time of high hopes for the future; the United States has advanced in all sorts of technology. The United States has advanced a great deal with computers, which are able to automate many difficult jobs, calculate extravagant equations, and make life easier for most people. The computer is an amazing tool allowing the United States to excel in the world. But, computers can also be the loadstone of the United States in the year 2000. The computer bug commonly known as Y2K can cause this. Y2K will cause a computers date registry to read 00 in which the compu ...
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