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  • Business Reengineering - 3,354 words
    ... categories: Functional Structure Geographic Structure Divisional Structure Strategic Business Units Matrix Organization We will address each one of them. 3.2.1 Functional Structure: Mainly occur in organizations with single or narrow product focus, require well-defined skills and areas of specialization to build competitive advantage in providing their products/services. Dividing work into functional specialties enables personnel to concentrate on only one aspect of the necessary work. This allows use of latest technical skills and develops a high level of efficiency. Functional areas can be divided into engineering, production, human resource, finance and accounting and marketing. ...
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  • Charges Against Parties - 226 words
    Charges Against Parties Strict Constr.---Judges should use strictly legal precedent for legal opinions Strict-aka-legal formalism//Broad-aka-Legal Realism Broad Const adapting & changing law to fit needs of contemp. society. Impoundment pres. refusal to fund program-if he doesn't support. Jud. activism (lib.)active role for courts;they should use jud. review to strike down on laws that violate const. or its principles. Judicial Review interpret const. & constit. of actions by gov. branches. Jud. self-rest. (cons)restrained role for courts;theyshould find actions of other branches of gov. constitutional & permissible. libertarian indiv. freedom-all aspects of politics & gov. liberals social e ...
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  • Computer And Kids - 245 words
    Computer And Kids #include*stdlib.h* #include*assert.h* #include*iostream.h* #include*apvector.h* template *class itemType* apvector*itemType*::apvector() :mySize(0), myList(0) { } template *class itemType* apvector*itemType*::apvector(int size) : mySize(size), myList(new itemType[size]) { } template *class itemType* apvector*itemType*::apvector(int size, const itemType & fillValue) : mySize(size), myList(new itemType[size]) { int k; for(k = 0; k * size; k++) { myList[k] = fillValue; } } template *class itemType* apvector*itemType*::apvector(const apvector*itemType* & vec) : mySize(vec.length()), myList(new itemType[mySize]) { int k; for(k = 0; k * mySize; k++) { myList[k] = vec.myList[k]; } ...
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  • Computer Languages - 1,710 words
    ... did not. adda.f Adds 3 Numbers instead of 2. PROGRAM ADD 3 REAL NUM1, NUM2, NUM3, SUM PRINT *, 'Enter three numbers: ' READ *, NUM1, NUM2, NUM3 SUM = NUM1 + NUM2 + NUM3 PRINT * PRINT *, 'The sum of ', NUM1, ', ', NUM2, ' and ', NUM3, 'is ', SUM PRINT * END All I needed to do to modify the program was add a third number to the declaration, to the initial "PRINT" command, to the "READ" command, to the "SUM =" statement, and to the final "PRINT" command. addb.f subtracts two numbers PROGRAM SUBTRACT REAL NUM1, NUM2, SUB PRINT *, 'Enter two numbers: ' READ *, NUM1, NUM2 SUB = NUM1 - NUM2 PRINT * PRINT *, NUM1, ' minus ', NUM2, ' is ', SUB PRINT * END All I needed to do to modify this progra ...
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  • Federalism Poverty - 1,974 words
    Federalism & Poverty Many Americans believe that the federal government is too big, both in the number of agencies it directs and in the scope of its powers. Some people also think that the daily business of Capitol Hill has no effect on their lives, in part because they believe that politicians do not understand their problems. This dissatisfaction with Washington, D.C., in recent years has renewed debate over the division of power between federal and state and local governments. Federalism - the sharing of power between the states and the national government - has been a major issue throughout U.S. history. Thomas R. Dye defines federalism as "a division of power between two separate autho ...
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  • Louisiana Purchase - 2,546 words
    ... ferson considered his options. He could either ask congress to amend the Constitution to allow the new territory into the Union, or quietly submit the treaty for ratification. Attorney General Levi Lincoln suggested that Jefferson boldly announce and defend the constitutionality of the purchase in his message to Congress. Jefferson's Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin, was quick to discount this suggestion with his own opinion on the subject. Gallatin noted that if it was unlawful for the United States Government to acquire territory then it would be just as unlawful for individual states to do so. Gallatin went on to advise Jefferson that the United States as a nation has the ri ...
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  • Seabury Construction Corp V Department Of Environmental Protection - 1,533 words
    SEABURY CONSTRUCTION CORP. V. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION COMMENT The price preference program for minority-owned and woman-owned business enterprises and qualified joint ventures in public works procurement projects with the City of New York was declared invalid by the New York State Supreme Court of New York County.1 The City had implemented a price preference procurement program under the authority of the New York City Charter (NYC Charter), which generally requires that all competitive procurements using sealed bids be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. Section 313(b)(2) of the NYC Charter has an exception to the general rule: The agency letting the contract shall awa ...
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  • What Were The Causes And The Effects Of The French Revolution - 1,115 words
    ... peoples' fears. When Louis brought troops to Versailles, many citizens feared that he wanted to get rid of the National Assembly. As a result, they stormed the Bastille. Other disturbances also broke out. People were caught up in what was called the "Great Fear". Rumors passed from village to village that robbers were destroying homes all over France. When no robbers showed up, the peasants turned to their landlords. They destroyed grain towers, and destroyed tax records, showing that they will never pay any taxes, fines or dues ever again. These events forced Louis to summon the National Assembly on August 4th. They people discussed possible reforms. On this day, the National Assembly ...
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