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  • Analysis And Assessment Of Baumgartner Jones Agendas And Instability In American Politics - 1,448 words
    Analysis And Assessment Of Baumgartner & Jones Agendas And Instability In American Politics I find a certain amount of difficulty when I attempt to offer an assessment of Baumgartner and Jones work, Agendas and Instability in American Politics. The reason for this is because the book is written in such a manner that it is enormously difficult to offer a conflicting argument to the model they use to describe how issues become part of agenda, the power of interest groups, policy monopolies, how power shifts, and other issues related to the aforementioned. For this reason, I must say that I find their model to be on solid ground. The previous reading assignments in this course which where mostl ...
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  • Iran Contra - 1,254 words
    ... bad results, and that a lawless process leads to worse. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that "A lawless government is a contradiction in terms ." This particular Administration's departure from democratic processes created the conditions for policy failure, and led to contradictions which undermined the credibility of the United States. The United States simultaneously pursued two contradictory foreign policies during the 1980's. The public policy was to observe the letter and spirit of the Boland Amendment's proscriptions against military or paramilitary assistance to the Contras. The United States was not to make any concessions for the release of hostages lest such concessions en ...
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  • The Presidential Election Of 1972 - 1,501 words
    ... uded defense spending cut backs. What I offer is not simply a set of promises, but a specific plan to pay for those promises. First, I would reduce by approximately 10 billion dollars in each of the next three years the rapidly escalating, lavish Nixon military budget. Current spending wastes billions of dollars on planes that do not fly, and missiles that will not work. I will never permit America to become a second-rate power in the world. Neither can we permit America to become a second-rate society. And if we choose a reasonable military budget, we will not have to choose between the decline of our security and the deterioration of our standard of life.(U.S. News and World Report, Fr ...
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  • Us Constitution - 1,006 words
    Us Constitution The US Constitution The Constitution is the basis of all laws in the United States. This Constitution is a document written by outcasts of England. The Constitution of the United States sets forth the nation's fundamental laws. It establishes the form of the national government and defines the rights and liberties of the American people. It also lists the aims of the government and the methods of achieving them. The Constitution was written to organize a strong national government for the American states. Previously, the nation's leaders had established a national government under the Articles of Confederation. But the Articles granted independence to each state. They lacked ...
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  • Watergate - 1,076 words
    ... lic. One of the tapes clearly revealed that he had taken many steps to stop the FBI's investigation in the Watergate burglary. The tape also made it clear that the president had been actively involved in the cover-up from the very beginning(Grolier 1). The fight for the tapes started in the period between May and October of 1973 when Alexander Butterfield disclosed to senate hearings that the tapes existed. The tapes led to the firing and resignation of many people, and allegations against Rose Mary Woods, Nixon's secretary, that she had deliberately erased select portions of the tapes as they were being released ( Farnsworth 4). Although Nixon did release the tapes a few at a time, and ...
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