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  • Computer Languages - 1,816 words
    Computer Languages Despite having very little knowledge of the world of computer programming, I have come to believe that C++ is currently the programming language of choice. If that is the case, it would be easiest to only learn C++ and to ignore the other programming languages. However, computer programmers should not ignore the other programming languages for at least three important reasons. One, some computers might not accept C++ as a programming language. Two, there may be features of other programming languages that are superior to C++. Three, there are many useful programs written in languages besides C++ that can only be modified with knowledge of those other languages. For these r ...
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  • Computer Languages - 1,710 words
    ... did not. adda.f Adds 3 Numbers instead of 2. PROGRAM ADD 3 REAL NUM1, NUM2, NUM3, SUM PRINT *, 'Enter three numbers: ' READ *, NUM1, NUM2, NUM3 SUM = NUM1 + NUM2 + NUM3 PRINT * PRINT *, 'The sum of ', NUM1, ', ', NUM2, ' and ', NUM3, 'is ', SUM PRINT * END All I needed to do to modify the program was add a third number to the declaration, to the initial "PRINT" command, to the "READ" command, to the "SUM =" statement, and to the final "PRINT" command. addb.f subtracts two numbers PROGRAM SUBTRACT REAL NUM1, NUM2, SUB PRINT *, 'Enter two numbers: ' READ *, NUM1, NUM2 SUB = NUM1 - NUM2 PRINT * PRINT *, NUM1, ' minus ', NUM2, ' is ', SUB PRINT * END All I needed to do to modify this progra ...
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  • Computer Engineering - 530 words
    Computer Engineering Computer Engineering Andrew Winegarner Ms. Lee English 3-4, Block 2 2/11/99 Andrew Winegarner Ms. Lee English 3-4, Block 2 11 November 1999 Computer Engineering Computer engineering is a relatively new field of engineering and is one of the fastest growing fields today. Computer engineering is one of todays most technologically based jobs (Basta 71).The field of computer engineering combines the knowledge of electrical engineering and computer science to create advanced computer systems. Computer engineering involves the process of designing and manufacturing computer chips processors, memory systems, central processing units, and of peripheral devices . Computer enginee ...
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  • Programming - 968 words
    Programming PROGRAMMING A program is a sequence of instructions that tells the hardware of a computer what operations to perform on data. Programs can be built into the hardware itself, or they may exist independently in a form known as software. In some specialized, or dedicated, computers the operating instructions are embedded in their circuitry; common examples are the microcomputers found in calculators, wristwatches, automobile engines, and microwave ovens. A general-pur pose computer, on the other hand, contains some built-in programs (in ROM) or instructions (in the processor chip), but it depends on external programs to perform useful tasks. Once a computer has been programmed, it c ...
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  • Steve Wozniak - 1,438 words
    Steve Wozniak At first I had began brainstorming trying to think of a subject for this paper. I had heard Mr. Perry speak of Apple computer and of Steve jobs. His rise to power and his fall from grace then his rebirth, like the phoenix from in myths and legends rising from his own ashes. However I didnt know much about the subject. So I decided on the subject of Apple computers. Then the more I researched I found a more interesting subject. In the next few pages I am going to attempt to do justice of the accomplishments of Steve Wozniak. No not the other Steve, I found Steve Wozniak a more interesting person simply because I had never heard of the man. I never new he existed. Being of lesser ...
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  • The Tortuous Path Of Early Programming - 1,787 words
    The Tortuous Path of Early Programming. In the perpetual darkness more than two miles below the surface of the North Atlantic, a submersible sled slowly traced the alpine contours of the ocean bottom in the summer of 1985. Named the Argo after the ship in which the legendary Greek Hero Jason sought the Golden Fleece, the 16-foot-long craft resembled a section of scaffolding flung on its side and stuffed with equipment, Powerful lights, sonar, Video cameras. Far above, arrayed in front of a video screen in the control room of the U.S. Navy research vessel Knorr, Members of a joint French-American scientific expedition intently watched the images transmitted by the submersible as it was towed ...
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  • The Tortuous Path Of Early Programming - 1,800 words
    ... e represented by the numerals 0 through to 9 and the letters A through to F. Eg. Black #000000 White #ffffff. A Penchant for Gadgets To at least one frustrated American programmer, the modest progress offered by such number systems seemed grossly insufficient. Grace Murray Hopper was accustomed to being in the vanguard. She had grown up fascinated by things mechanical, gadgets, she called them. As a girl of seven she had taken apart all the wind-up alarm clocks in her family's summer home in New Hampshire, to discover how they worked, However she could not put them back together. The 'spanking' that followed failed to dim her scientific enthusiasm. After graduating with honours from Vass ...
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  • Year 2000 Bug - 1,600 words
    Year 2000 Bug The Millennial sun will first rise over human civilization in the independent republic of Kiribati, a group of some thirty low lying coral islands in the Pacific Ocean that straddle the equator and the International Date Line, halfway between Hawaii and Australia. This long awaited sunrise marks the dawn of the year 2000, and quite possibly, the onset of unheralded disruptions in life as we know it in many parts of the globe. Kiribatis 81,000 Micronesians may observe nothing different about this dawn; they only received TV in 1989. However, for those who live in a world that relies on satellites, air, rail and ground transportation, manufacturing plants, electricity, heat, tele ...
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