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  • Civil War - 3,706 words
    ... iority. They also feared competition from freed slaves for their trades. The economic viability of slavery is a debatable issue. Slavery as an efficient labor system was not feasible, as the slaves did not have enough compulsion to do more than would be extracted from them by force. Slavery made the souths economic system less flexible and progressive. The success of plantation agriculture hindered the growth of a more diversified economy. The reluctance of white men to work as a free labor force due to the social stigma attached to it meant that the economy never progressed beyond the rural character to industrialization uniformly. Huge profits were made by businessmen at the expense of ...
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  • Miracle Economics - 1,755 words
    Miracle Economics In his book Asias Miracle Economies, Jon Woronoff examines the dramatically quick economic growth of five Asian countries. The five countries examined are Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Through his study the author demonstrates that there was no miracle involved in these countries growth. They applied specific strategies that were adapted to their local environment. Some of these strategies worked some didnt. The author says that by examining these nations, one may be able to repeat there success. The book is divided into three parts. In Part One: Places the author tells where these countries started from. Some were poorer than average. Some had little natu ...
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  • The Kanagawa Treaty - 297 words
    The Kanagawa Treaty The Kanagawa Treaty In 1852 the United States appointed Commodore Mathew Perry to lead an expedition to Japan in efforts to open diplomatic and trade relations. Japan had been closed off from the rest of the world for over two hundred years. Only the Dutch and Chinese had limited contact with Japan. Perry and his soldiers sailed into the Japan's Edo Bay in 1853. Commodore Perry presented the Shagun officials with a letter stating the Americans demands. The Japanese were very intimidated by the arrival of the American troops, but were unprepared to immediately agree the terms. One year later, Commodore Perry and his troops returned. This time Perry brought of one quarter o ...
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  • The Wild West - 1,017 words
    ... and fortune, he enlisted in the Third Colorado Cavalry under Colonel Chivington and was at the infamous Sand Creek Massacre. After the cavalry, Breakenridge became a train brakeman for the Southern Pacific Railroad and then a storekeeper in Sidney, Nebraska. In 1878, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he took the job as deputy Sheriff. He then moved to Tombstone and became deputy sheriff under Sheriff John Behan. During the late 19th Century no area in the United States was a haven and a refuge for criminals like the Indian Territory, pre-statehood Oklahoma. The jurisdiction of this territory fell to the United States court for Western Arkansas, located at Fort Smith, Arkansas. The cour ...
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