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  • A Hurried Businessman Runs Across The Airport At A Full Sprint If He Doesnt Get To Gate D3 In Three Minutes, He Will Miss His - 1,211 words
    A hurried businessman runs across the airport at a full sprint. If he doesn't get to Gate D3 in three minutes, he will miss his flight to Singapore. As he is running, little beads of sweat begin to form on his brow. People gawk at him and hurl insults his way when he bumps past them with seemingly no thought. All of a sudden, the man stops in full stride, whining to a stop. He breathes heavily and looks to his right. How can he go on the plane without something to read? Quickly the man bounds over to the news stand and looks at the plethora of reading materials. News looks appealing. Grabbing a local newspaper and a copy of Newsweek, the man tries to decide which one to buy. The dullness of ...
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  • Apocalypses Theme - 1,893 words
    Apocalypses Theme "All I smelled was rotten bodies," Texas Ranger, Roy Coffman said during his testimony at the murder and conspiracy trial of 11 Branch Davidians. The dead were found in the rubble of the April 19 fire that destroyed the compound, killing more than 75 Branch Davidians, including the sect's leader, David Koresh, and 17 children. Perhaps the worst case of the federal government's overreaching in American history, the 1993 Waco tragedy has caused Americans to ask the question of how much military involvement will citizens allow in their everyday lives before they lose their rights as individuals. In February, 1993, 4 federal agents were killed in an assault on the compound of t ...
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  • Bible Code - 812 words
    Bible Code The Bible Code is a report of the discovery concerning certain codes hidden in the Bible that are able to foresee events. The code was first broken by an Israeli mathematician, Dr. Eliyahu Rips, and has been confirmed by famous mathematicians around the world. The three-thousand-year-old code foretells events that happened thousands of years after the Bible was written. It foresaw both Kennedy assassinations, the Oklahoma city bombing, the election of President Bill Clinton, everything from World War II to Watergate, from the Holocaust to Hiroshima, and from the Moon landing to the collision of a comet with Jupiter. In an extremely complicated procedure, Israeli Doctors Doron Witz ...
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  • Bushs State Of The Union - 1,078 words
    Bush's State Of The Union Essay 3.01 part 4 Recently, President Bush gave his State of the Union Address to Congress. Throughout his speech, he makes a solid case for the further unification of America throughout these harsh times. He makes a very strong argument for the retaliation of the actions committed against America. However, when he speaks of bringing the terrorists to justice, his argument falters. He has made a hasty judgement with little proof when he first began his argument. Bush also presented a very strong argument in support America's unification process. He speaks of the American people and what he has already witnessed in past weeks, such as the lighting of candles, the pra ...
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  • Decline Of The American Empire - 2,325 words
    Decline of the American Empire In any era there are different protagonists, playing the same game on a similar board. Like a game of monopoly, there are nations competing to become the foremost leaders of their time. They amass great wealth, powerful armies, and political sway. When the influence and might of these countries transcends the confines of their boundaries, so that they become a presence throughout the world, they become empires. At times, it seems as though one of these empires wins the game, becoming the undisputed superpower in the world. Today, there is one such nation that has outlived all of its rivals in the great game, it is the United States of America. This vast empire ...
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  • Existence Of Evil - 506 words
    Existence Of Evil Since the beginning of time, evil has existed and evolved. There are many questions and theories about what evil is and where it comes from. There are three meanings of evil in particular: my definition of evil, the real life situations definition of evil, and Wiesels meaning of evil. My definition of evil is having the intent to do harm. An example of intending to do harm to others would be the Oklahoma City Bombing, or the mass murders of Charles Manson. They both killed many, many people, with the intent to do so. If someone is driving down the road one day and a pedestrian jumps out in front of them, and gets killed, that is not evil generated from the person driving, t ...
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  • Factors That Influence Teen Violence - 393 words
    Factors That Influence Teen Violence Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter! Factors That Influence Teen Violence In today's society, the teenage population has experienced an increase in violence. Teens face many situations that cause these problems. Several factors are mass media, peer pressure, and society's view on the "perfect" person. Television, radio, and news papers are all ways of transferring messages to people. One might see a violent movie and decide to re-enact the scenes thus causing harm to one's self or to others. Hidden meanings of racism and hate are put into music. Teens hear the words of their supposed role models and think it is OK to follow in their ...
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  • Journalismmediatelevision - 1,502 words
    Journalism/Media/Television Journalism/Media/Television 27 Influential Years of 60 Minutes 27 Years of Influential 60 Minutes Since 1968 America has been better enlightened than previously concerning current events and happenings around the world. A considerable factor for this occurrence is the television program 60 Minutes which debuted on the air in September of 1968. Many other television newsmagazines have been produced since its creation, however none have possessed the longevity nor the influence of 60 Minutes. In fact, 60 Minutes, which is owned by CBS News, was the first regular network news program to cover actual stories as opposed to topics. Today, similar newsmagazines can be se ...
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  • Lawyer - 491 words
    Lawyer A day in the life of an attorney. Its said that its the last job you'll ever want. (source 1) Over thirty percent of lawyers who receive their law degrees are not practicing law regularly ten years after graduation. Attorneys can work up to eighteen hours a day and more than three thousand hours in a year on cases. (source 1) Lawyers also spend time in law libraries or record rooms, in the homes and offices of clients, and sometimes in jail cells. (source 22) Some courts, such as small claims, family, or surrogate, may have evening hours to provide flexibility to the community. Criminal arraignments may be held at any time of the day or night. Court hours are usually 9:00 - 5:00 with ...
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  • Media Too Powerful - 1,443 words
    Media Too Powerful? Exposure to the media is a constant event. It begins as soon as the radio or television are turned on, or as soon as a newspaper or magazine are opened.. The television, radio, newspaper and magazines are all ready to give us their spin on the top stories of the day. Some try to give us facts, with as little of their input and thoughts as possible, some work only on rumors and inuendoes, while others give us facts but slanted to their way of thinking (Kurtz 1). The media contributes to public opinion and provides understanding of the news. The media entertains us, watches government and social institutions, and gives the public information for debate and discussion about ...
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  • Online Dangers - 1,382 words
    On-Line Dangers On-line Dangers In this day and age of super high-speed networking and digital communications, just about anything on any subject can be found on the Internet. Some materials, such as online libraries are helpful, some, such as student's personal homepages are fairly useless, and some sites, such as online medical references, can be lifesaving. All these sites have a right to be on the web. However, there are also sites that could be detrimental to people, such as pornography sites, pages detailing the manufacture of illegal drugs, and instructions on how to build high explosives and other illegal devices. With the number of these types increasing daily, parents and lawmakers ...
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  • Psychics On Tv - 555 words
    Psychics On Tv These articles were very interesting. I have seen these psychics on t.v. and I always knew they were full of it. Alot of people spend millions of dollars a year on these folks , so it was cool to see how they did it. In the part where Ms. Coleman talks about going to the casino to practice, she showed us that it didn't really take that much to become a psychic. She said that she had prepared somewhat, but didn't really know that much about the whole charade of being a psychic. I know that the people who do this for a living have probably perfected the art of picking out things about clients and going with them, but it doesn't take supernatural powers to be a psychic, just a bi ...
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  • Terror: Arthur P Murrah Federal Building In Oklahoma City - 541 words
    Terror: Arthur P. Murrah Federal Building In Oklahoma City Cause and Effect Paper It was planned for months; everything was in order for the day of April 19, 1995. Timothy had all the ingredients together in the Ryder truck, gasoline, fertilizer, and a remote detonator. The huge amounts of both could be detonated to create an explosion bigger then a small nuclear device. The target was the Arthur P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. Since the city street passed in front of the building Timothy McVeay could drive his homemade bomb right to the front doors. After parking he got out and just walked away, later when the amount of people in the building was at its maximum capacity he deto ...
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  • Terrorism - 1,148 words
    Terrorism Terrorism and Conceptual Problems International terrorism is the use of political violence to gain specific goals by force. These acts of terrorism may be practiced on individuals, governments, and religious groups. The purpose of terrorism is to promote terror, in that case, the population is force into fear and the delusions of death (Terrorism, International Microsoft (R) Encarta 1994.). United States has been maintaining the ominous terrorism acts by increasing security, high-tech devices detecting characteristics of a terrorist, and preventing fewer menacing attacks against the United States. International terrorism has been recurrent during the periods of political and social ...
    Related: counter terrorism, international terrorism, terrorism, animal rights, mass destruction
  • Terrorism And Lethality - 1,804 words
    ... -ft wide crater six stories deep, and causing an estimated $550 million in both damages to the twin tower and in lost revenue to the business housed there31--as the more "high-tech" devices constructed out of military ordnance, with timing devices powered by computer micro-chips and detonated by sophisticated timing mechanisms used by their "professional" counterparts.32 "Professional" Terrorists Finally, while on the one hand terrorism is attracting "amateurs," on the other hand the sophistication and operational competence of the "professional" terrorists is also increasing. These "professionals" are becoming demonstrably more adept in their trade craft of death and destruction; more f ...
    Related: international terrorism, terrorism, terrorist group, coercive power, adept
  • Terrorist Bombs In The Us - 1,181 words
    Terrorist Bombs in the U.S. Although the people of the United States are still concerned with the threat of international terrorists attacking our land and citizens, there has been an alarming increase in domestic terrorism that has raised the nations concern about this problem. This increase in terrorist activity has not been imported from other countries but has had its start within our nations boundaries. This increased violence seems to be aimed at influencing governmental policy and public opinion. The recent increase in domestic violence is said to be associated with the rise of anti-government sentiment and the proliferation of self-styled militia and paramilitary groups - some of whi ...
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  • Workplace Violence - 1,241 words
    Workplace Violence Workplace Violence Statistics Workplace and Violence two words that until recently were never associated with one another. Yet when these words come together they strike terror in the lives of the people that are affected by them. Workplace, when we think of this word we think of a safe environment where we go to make to our lives better, a place to make careers for ourselves. The workplace is supposed to provide security for our families and to help to one day achieve the goal of financial freedom. Violence, when we hear this word images pop up in our head like the Jerry Springer Show, the Oklahoma City Bombing, or the latest act of violence to shock our nation the massac ...
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