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  • Jarena Lee - 936 words
    Jarena Lee Jarena Lee felt imbued with a religious mission in life, and because of this, she bravely defied the conservative sex biases of the church to become, as she contended, the "first female preacher of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church". As an evangelist, Mrs. Lee sometimes traveled on foot to spread her religious message and would walk as far as 16 miles to preach. When over forty years old, the unordained minister logged 2,325 miles on the Gospel circuit. She preached up and down the Eastern Shore and traveled into sections of Illinois and Ohio, converting blacks as well as whites to the Christian faith. Believed to have been born free in Cape May, New Jersey, February 11 ...
    Related: religious experience, new jersey, african methodist episcopal, christian, mission
  • People Of Gilded Age - 1,511 words
    People Of Gilded Age After the Civil War had ended, several soldiers had returned home to find their places of living destroyed. Most of these people returned to practically nothing. The United States had to rebuild itself, and this rebuilding was called Reconstruction. Today historians refer to this era of reconstruction as the part of the Gilded Age. Many people had to pickup and start all over again, while others continued their quests of expanding. Expanding by taking control over the land or by expanding their beliefs, either way lives of these people reflected the social tensions of the Gilded Age. Philip H. Sheridan, who was one of the heroes of the Civil War, was a soldier who had st ...
    Related: black people, colored people, gilded, gilded age, western frontier
  • The Under Ground Railroad - 933 words
    The Under Ground Railroad The Voyage to the Free Land In Americas 19th century, many slaves escaped North by way of the dangerous Underground Railroad to attain freedom. It was the most effective protest against slavery, resulting in many free lives. The term Underground Railroad does not mean underground tunnels, but rather secret routes escaped slaves followed, usually leading them north to Canada; the free land. Thousands of slaves escaped yearly through treacherous conditions to attain their freedom. Not only did the slaves have to be determined and secretive, they had to be strong as well. To defy the Fugitive Slave Act, many abolitionists risked their lives to covertly help hide the ru ...
    Related: railroad, underground railroad, african methodist episcopal, men and women, cave
  • Trip To Mother Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church - 219 words
    Trip To Mother Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church I thought the field trip to Mother Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church was a great experience. I enjoyed it a lot, infact, I am thinking about revisiting the church again. There were a lot of very interesting things about the church. For example, I did not know that Mother Bethel Methodist Church had so much history and significant facts that I needed to know. One fact that I did not know about is that Mother Bethel is the first African Methodist Episcopal Church in America. I think that is amazing considering the fact that back then, blacks were limited to freedom as well as education. Another fact that I learned was that Mother Bethel was the ...
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