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  • Us And China Relations - 534 words
    US And China Relations American Foreign relations and Foreign Policy regarding China are very critical and very tumultuous. Information that China has stolen confidential information regarding nuclear weapons has now come to light. This, combined with China's restrictive policies regarding trade with America and its long history of opportunism in dealings with the U.S., has brought our past policies, as well as Clinton's present policy, for dealing with China into question. Can we trust this nation? We currently have protective relationships with nations surrounding China, and America's relationship with Japan has changed from adversarial to friendly. America must also provide Taiwan with ad ...
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  • Us China Relations - 1,561 words
    US China Relations After rather lengthy negotiations between the United States and China, there has been a trade agreement reached between the two countries. China has agreed to enter into the World Trade Organization (WTO). This along with U.S. Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Kurt Campbells visit to China in an attempt to mend relations damaged by the U.S. bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, marked a good series of events for U.S. and Chinese relations. The article also shows that the relationship between these two countries still needs work which cannot be done with ease. A century ago, the U.S. fought off rival countries in a battle for economic influence in China. The 20th cen ...
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  • Us China Relations - 1,590 words
    ... possible drawbacks that Chinas new membership to the WTO could hold within it. Initially jobs could become scarcer as ailing state firms and inefficient family farms give in to the new foreign competition. Chinas state-run media has been selling the WTO deal to the public all along, but does officially admit that millions of people could be thrown out of work, including more than nine million people associated with agriculture. And even though China has negotiated for WTO entry for 13 years, its social security system remains very unsophisticated. With these factors combined, surely there will be a rise in the already common workers protests that have prompted a police crack down on suc ...
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  • Communist China - 1,265 words
    ... were taken to regulate their army, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), as they returned from Korea. When Mao died in September 1976 (Zheng, Party vs. State in Post-1949 China, 161) his revolutionary ideas died with him. At the next National Peoples Congress meeting, the nation was called to achieve four modernizations in agriculture, industry, national defense, and science and technology. (Metzler, Divided Dynamism, 161.) The modernization program gained momentum after Deng Xiaoping managed to return to power. The Congress decided to change its priority of the Party from political campaigns to economic development. Leaders devoted tremendous attention to reestablishing a legal system. La ...
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  • Living With China - 1,510 words
    Living With China This is a book Summary I did for an International Polictics Course. I do not wish to have my name published, because if the teacher found out I submitted it I would be expelled. I attend SUNY in NY, USA. I recieved an A on this paper. The only comments she made was that I needed to replace the Whichs with thats & I needed to have a page for siting. Book Summary : Living With China Living With China: U.S. -China Relations in the Twenty-First Century is a book edited by Ezra F. Vogel which assess the political, economic, and human rights issues which the U.S. must consider in developing a consistent and mutually beneficial foreign relations policy toward China in the twenty-f ...
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  • Should Chinas Human Rights Record Prevent Permanent Normal Trade Relations - 748 words
    Should China's Human Rights Record Prevent Permanent Normal Trade Relations Background Since the initial warming of U.S.-China relations in the early 1970s, policymakers have had difficulty balancing conflicting U.S. policy concerns in the Peoples' Republic of China. From Nixon to Clinton, presidents have had to reconcile security and human rights concerns with corporations' desires for expanded economic relations between the two countries. While the U.S. regularly objects to China's human rights violations, the Chinese government counters with complaints that the American concerns represent unwarranted American intrusion into its internal affairs. In 1989 the Tiananmen Square massacre drew ...
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  • Three Georges Dam - 4,001 words
    Three Georges Dam The United States, China and the Three Gorges Dam: Toward A Sounder Foreign Environmental Policy Yumiko Kojima, Kyoko Murai, Howard Pang, and Elena Vitale The Three Gorges Dam project on China's Yangzi River is the world's largest hydroelectric undertaking. While Chinese leaders say the dam will improve river navigation, prevent periodic flooding, and provide the needed electricity for China's growing economy, many doubt that the dam will be able to meet the proponents' claims and instead point to evidence of environmental catastrophe if it is built. Under pressure from NGOs, the Clinton Administration has opposed the provision of competitive export financing for the dam. T ...
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  • Three Georges Dam - 3,917 words
    ... " which entails maintaining economic ties while pushing for change through normal diplomatic channels and multilateral organizations. The Three Gorges Dam case is also an example of how efforts to promote trade come in conflict with political concerns. The issue is particularly relevant in considering U.S. foreign policy towards China. In its relations with China, the United States has long been torn between engagement and disengagement. This division is currently at work in trade policy, with experts advocating the necessity of free trade and activists leading public opinion by highlighting its costs. The renewal of China's Most Favored Nation (MFN) trading status has been controversial ...
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