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  • Turners Syndrome - 737 words
    Turners Syndrome (Webster's definition) A chromosomal disorder resulting in a syndrome characterized by specific dysmorphic features (short stature) and organ malformations (gonadal dysgenesis) Turner's Syndrome- (Anastasia and Rosebud's def.) "It's something that makes me different from other people. It's something that I'm proud of, and ya know what? I have a pretty normal life." When I was assigned this report, I decided to do a little more than the average person does. When I was doing all of the research, I wondered what it would be like to have TS. Well, through the wondrous powers of the Internet, I was able to take a peek at TS by talking to two young women who have it. What did they ...
    Related: syndrome, young child, chat room, young women, bilateral
  • V Chip Act - 1,181 words
    V Chip Act In the process of unbridling the burdened telecommunications industry, Congress somehow forgot itself and managed to regulate a new blossoming business. This industry was one that was a true and unadulterated free market. It is the Internet. This market place, which resides everywhere yet nowhere in a place called cyberspace, deals in one thing: information. Each day millions of people trade uncountable letters, memos, posts on newsgroups, photographs and innumerable conventional and unconventional information. This is done at the rate of millions of gigabytes each hour. Nevertheless, tucked away under Title V of the otherwise agreeable telecommunications deregulatory law, is a me ...
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  • Various Genetic Disorders - 1,099 words
    Various Genetic Disorders Various Genetic Disorders Alterations in human chromosomes or the deletion of an important gene product are often due to a mutation, which can spring an abundant strand of genetic mutations and improper coding. Mutations can spring from deletion, duplication or inversion of a chromosome. This improper deletion is the factor that leads to complications and ultimately genetic disorders. Turner Syndrome and Cat-cry Syndrome are both alterations of chromosome structure due to deletion. In Turner Syndrome, there is a missing X chromosome and in the Cat-cry Syndrome chromosome-18 has been lost or deleted. Other genetic disorders that give rise to discussion are point muta ...
    Related: communication disorders, disorders, genetic, genetic disorder, bone marrow
  • Virtual Controversies - 1,436 words
    Virtual Controversies It was once forcasted that computers in the future would weigh no more than 1.5 tons. Of course, in todays technologically savvy times, its a common occurrence to see people holding their computers in their lap, or even in their hand. Theres no doubt about it: the computer already plays an important role in our lives and that role is likely to expand as more advancements are made. However, new innovations mean new controversies. The Internet, for example, has transformed the way people communicate, conduct business, learn, and entertain themselves. With a simple click of the mouse key, one can do things that were thought science fiction just a few decades ago. For all t ...
    Related: virtual, internet relay chat, criminal law, free speech, relay
  • Virtual Reality: The Future Of Tomorrow - 1,054 words
    Virtual Reality: The Future Of Tomorrow Virtual Reality: The Future of Tomorrow Although some doubt the potential of virtual reality, the reality is our technologically dependent culture is making virtual reality a part of everyday life. Popular in video games, virtual reality allows the user to totally control a computerized character. Every action the user makes is imitated by the character and instantly displayed for the user. However, since the early 90's, the use of virtual reality has developed and taken the spotlight past evolving video games. Virtual reality has already made its mark on fields such as aviation, medicine, and even meteorology. Where is this new technology heading in t ...
    Related: tomorrow, virtual, virtual reality, wall street, british medical
  • Virtual Reality: The Future Of Tomorrow - 1,080 words
    ... t space provides. Virtual reality is a benefit to space training because any environment can be readily created and explored by the user. NASA in return is making VR more affordable and opening the equipment to large numbers of people. Most everyone would like to have a more accurate weather forecast, especially when dangerous weather is involved. Virtual reality allows scientists to get an inside look at dangerous weather and obtain a better understanding of the ingredients necessary to generate a storm. With this knowledge, scientists can educate forecasters allowing them to make better predictions on the occurrence of threatening storms. These accurate predictions will allow people to ...
    Related: tomorrow, virtual, virtual reality, instant messaging, extracurricular activities
  • Washam 1 - 1,096 words
    Washam 1 Is Napster Stealing? The web site Napster has become a very popular site on the Internet this past year. The web site was founded by 19-year-old Shawn Fanning. Fanning thought up the ideal of Napster while a freshman at Northwestern University. In May of 1999, Fanning was looking for digital music files (MP3) on the Internet and became frustrated about how hard it was. Fanning later got financial support from a friend a created the software that makes Napster possible (Hartigan). The Napster web site has been very popular since it started. Over twenty million people have downloaded the program. The Napster web site can be accessed at Once you are there you can download ...
    Related: san francisco, computer piracy, shawn fanning, media, link
  • Webonomics - 2,294 words
    Webonomics Webonomics, by Evan I. Schwartz, is a practical, strategic tool for positioning and growing your business in the todays exploding World Wide Web economy. Schwartz addresses the unique problems and rewards businesses can expect to encounter when conducting business in cyberspace. He also dispels some of the most common misconceptions about doing business on the Web. More importantly, Schwartz targets the key to business success on the Web: understanding consumer behaviors and expectations. From scores of case studies, Schwartz has formulated nine guidelines for growing your business on the Web. Schwartzs analysis of these cases clearly explains why some businesses thrive and others ...
    Related: brand image, diminishing returns, street journal, communicate, worldwide
  • Well Rounded Education - 720 words
    Well Rounded Education The first day of class for a college student is like drawing cards in a poker game. Just as the cards that one receives determines their outcome in poker, the types of professors a student gets on the first day will determine the success of their year. The difference between a helpful and a harmful professor can easily result in a much lower grade. College professors have a wide range of personalities and backgrounds. However, professors fall into one of 3 categories: helpful, malicious, or uncaring. One type of professor in the college system is the helpful professor. This professor can be recognized right away by their smile and joyfulness in the classroom. These pro ...
    Related: subject matter, college system, self esteem, survey, grade
  • Wendt V Host - 4,611 words
    Wendt V. Host US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Case Name:WENDT V HOST INTERNATIONAL Case Number: Date Filed: 96-55243 12/28/99 FOR PUBLICATION UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT GEORGE WENDT, an individual; JOHN RATZENBERGER, an individual, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. No. 96-55243 HOST INTERNATIONAL, INC., a Delaware corporation, D.C. No. Defendant-Appellee, CV-93-00142-R and ORDER PARAMOUNT PICTURES, CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation, Defendant-Intervenor. Filed December 28, 1999 Before: Betty B. Fletcher and Stephen S. Trott, Circuit Judges, and Bruce S. Jenkins,1 District Judge. Order; Dissent by Judge Kozinski ORDER The panel has voted to deny the petition fo ...
    Related: host, lord byron, beverly hills, copyright infringement, intrusive
  • Why Microsoft Is A Monopoly - 2,935 words
    ... move into other markets. With large areas of commercial activity moving onto the Internet, a prime Microsoft goal is to take substantial control of the standards governing financial transactions on the Internet and to use that position to leverage itself into an array of on-line commercial activities. While working to set the software standards for financial transactions on the Internet, Microsoft is rapidly moving from being a software supplier to being a major direct player in Internet commerce unto itself by using its dominance of software and its monopoly position in operating systems to reinforce its other businesses on-line. Microsoft had originally hoped to take a very direct rou ...
    Related: microsoft, monopoly, competitive edge, windows operating system, inherent
  • World War Ii How America Came To War - 1,459 words
    (World War Ii) How America Came To War How America Came to War By James A. Gillmore Introduction On December 29, 1940 Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave a speech to the country that was like a fireside chat but was not. Roosevelt talked about in his speech statements about Germanys plans to engulf the world during World War II: The Nazi masters of Germany have made if clear that they intend not only to dominate all life and thought in their own country, but also to enslave the whole of Europe and then to use the resources of Europe to dominate the rest of the world. This speech was one of many that FDR gave to put an end to the isolationism of the 1920s and 30s. Although most of Europe was battl ...
    Related: after world, america, world war i, world war ii, pacific fleet
  • Wrestling - 737 words
    Wrestling I would just like to start out and say that I dont think that watching wrestling on television is worth while. I cant understand how millions of people sit around their living rooms watching a bunch of muscle-bound wanna be jocks play fight and talk *censored*. ITS NOT REAL! What else do I have to say? The wrestlers and the officials admit it. The couch potatoes that watch this garbage are drawn in by the story of all things. You see, there is an ongoing saga behind every pseudo-body slam. None of it is real though, none of the trash talking, partnerships, or the fighting is real. Even so, people still are addicted to it. Wrestling today is bigger than it has ever been before. It i ...
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