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  • Aristotle - 1,015 words
    Aristotle Atirtotle's Politics Aristotle's Politics is a timeless examination of government structure and human nature that explains his ideas on how a utopian state can be achieved. In this work, Aristotle examines ubiquitous issues such as government structure, education, crime, property ownership, the honesty of occupations, and population control. He states in Book IV, Chapter Eleven ... the best form of political association is one where power is vested in the middle class, and secondly, that good government is attainable in those cities where there is a large middle class ... The polis is a partnership of citizens in a system of government that serves to achieve the common good. It is ...
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  • Arthur Dimmesdale - 1,093 words
    Arthur Dimmesdale Dimmesdale In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale unquestionably suffers more than Hester Prynne, his accomplice in the affair that took place years ago. He is tortured by Roger Chillingworth, Hester's husband, who arrives in Boston and begins to 'assist' Dimmesdale with his illness. He is also tormented by Pearl, Hester and Dimmesdale's daughter, who, is a product of the affair. He also injures himself, as the shame of the incident literally makes him sick. These persons, including himself, contribute to Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale's potential downfall. Roger Chillingworth arrives in Boston, and ironically, the first scene he views is his wi ...
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  • Invisible Man And Glaring Blindness - 1,325 words
    Invisible Man And Glaring Blindness Blindness is a very interesting and important theme to Ellisons Invisible Man. Oftentimes throughout the novel the Narrator is blinded and is unable to see the events, which are happening to him. The Narrator is a black man who thinks of himself as invisible to the rest of the world. Many times the Narrator is given hints and clues on how to better himself, but his own blindness prevents him from being a visible member of society. His own blindness prevents him from being nothing more than a silhouette of a person to not only himself, but the rest of the world as well. The Narrator is first blinded when he is supposed to participate in the "battle royal." ...
    Related: blindness, invisible, invisible man, the narrator, battle royal
  • Lockes Argument For The Origin And Practice Of Legitimate Authority - 1,157 words
    ... ciety people give up the power to do what they want for preservation and the power to punish others that they had in the state of nature. Since people did however have the right to property in the state of nature, and would never consent to be worse off than they were before, society must always protect property. Along with the protection of property to make government legitimate there are certain conditions to be met. There must be promotion of the common good, secure property, establishment of a standing law, indifferent judges, and an impartial execution of the law. The legislation has limits as well as duties. The limits are that there cant be an absolute arbitrary rule, property can ...
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  • Lord Of The Flies - 1,456 words
    Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies Chapter One: The Sound of a Shell. The first chapter concentrates on describing character personalities. Ralph, Piggy, Jack and the rest of the choir are introduced after Ralph blows the conch. The group elects Ralph, 'the chief' and they begin to establish rules and boundaries. Ralph, Jack and Simon explore the island and begin plans for shelters from the weather. The trio find that the island is a fertile place. It has natural fruit, fresh water and wild pigs which could be hunted as a form of meat. Piggy is immediately ostracized from the group and Ralph also decides that a bonfire on the mountain should be lit permanently on the mountain as a constant ...
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  • Lord Of The Flies: Foreshadowing By Use Of Conflicts - 605 words
    Lord Of The Flies: Foreshadowing By Use Of Conflicts In the beginning chapters of Lord of the Flies, William Golding foreshadows action that will come in the eleventh and twelfth chapters. He does this by introducing various conflicts. These conflicts are Ralph versus Jack, weak, represented by Piggy, versus strong and Ralph, representing order, reason, and humanity, versus chaos. It is obvious from the first time that Ralph and Jack meet that there will be a struggle between them. In chapter one when the two meet Jack automatically proclaims himself the leader while Ralph has himself in mind for the position (22). Although both boys wish to be in charge, they think very differently. Ralph p ...
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  • Physical Geology Notes - 2,645 words
    Physical Geology Notes Chapter Seven Weathering: Chemical alteration and mechanical breakdown of rock and sediment. * depth of air/water penetration * as distance of formation from surface rises, so does susceptibility to weathering * physical weathering: The physical breakup of rocks. * chemical weathering: The decomposition of rocks and minerals caused by stability-increasing chemical reactions. -rate of weathering positively linked to presence or absence of high mountains, and thus to plate tectonics Physical Weathering-Mechanical Processes (water, fire, roots) * development of joints- rock moved upward after erosion, causes fractures -columnar joints in igneous rock * crystal growth- sal ...
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  • Scarlet Letter Reflection - 1,331 words
    Scarlet Letter Reflection Nathaniel Hawthorne has a sufficient reason for repeatedly making reference to mirrors throughout his refined novel, The Scarlet Letter. The use of mirrors in the story serve a beneficial purpose of giving the reader a window to the characters soul. The truth is always portrayed in the authors mirrors; thus, his introspective devices will continuously point out the flaws to whom gazes in it. Hesters "A" has now become the most noticeable part of not only her physical features, but her spiritual being. The reflection of Pearl Prynne uncovers her hard shell and brings out the loneliness, the innocent recklessness, and the wild beauty within her. Reverend Dimesdales im ...
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  • Survival Guide - 1,111 words
    Survival Guide This book is exactly what it says it is a Guidebook or Manual for both parents and teens that offers insight and advice on a wide range of adolescent developmental concerns. Organized into convenient topical sections for both parent and teen readers, the text can be easily consulted when seeking advice on a particular issue, or simply read cover to cover. Either way, the reader will find a wealth of practical advice for both parent and teen. The authors approach their subject in a sympathetic and sensitive manner in an effort to ameliorate typical parent/teen confrontations. Sections intended for teen readers are highlighted in blue and written in a conversational style where ...
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  • The Chosen - 1,723 words
    ... because he does not want to be like his father. With no one to learn from Danny turns to books by Freud and this may influence his way of thinking and further upset his father. Chapter Eleven 21. I saw only emptiness and fear and a kind of sudden, total end to the things that I had never experienced before. (p. 179) Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States, has just died and it has filled Reuven with immense grief. He does not fully understand why he is sad but only knows that a great man has died. Along with Judaism Reuvens home country is very important to him and Roosevelts death is very upsetting to Reuven. The president was probably a role model to Reuven especially now t ...
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