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  • Cable Modems: Cable Tv Meets The Internet - 3,872 words
    Cable Modems: Cable Tv Meets The Internet Cable Modems: Cable TV Meets the Internet John G. Shaw IS 3348 October 2, 1999 Abstract The Telecommunications Act of 1996 opened the way for cable TV (CATV) companies to become full-fledged telecommunications companies, offering two-way voice and data communications services, in addition to television programming. After passage of the Act, the cable companies were eager to expand into the new fields of business that had been opened to them, especially the rapidly growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) business. The biggest hurdle facing the cable companies is that cable television systems were designed for one-way traffic, and must be upgraded into ...
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  • Classification Analysis - 566 words
    Classification Analysis Computer is no longer something new and magical to many people nowadays, because many families now have at least one computer in their homes. It is without doubt that there are thousands and millions of computer users in the country, but is it ever possible for all of them to explain how a computer works? No. Alright, can they even classify the components of a computer appropriately? Not quite. They may know how to describe the physical appearance of a computer and they will probably include two or three other terms as well, such as monitor, keyboard or a mouse. Nonetheless, classification of a computer should not be done this way. In fact, a computer can be broken do ...
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  • Computer Architecture - 1,714 words
    ... Speed means that how long it takes the memory in nano-seconds to retrieve the data. Standard memory speeds have not progressed at same rate as processor speeds. As a result, the CPU can process data faster than the data can be fetched from memory or placed in memory. The Pentium motherboard operates at no more than 66MHz while CPUs can run at up to 266MHz. Consider that a 133MHz CPU cycles every 7ns while the access time for main memory is usually 70ns. Accessing each cell will incur the same circuit switching time overhead. This is the chip's access time. There will be address lines and also data lines to transfer data in and out of the cells to the CPU. A data transfer will either be a ...
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  • Computer Programmers - 1,803 words
    Computer Programmers Computer programmers held about 568,000 jobs in 1996. Programmers are employed in almost every industry but the largest amount is in the computer and data processing industry that includes companies that write and sell software. Allot of programmers can also be found working for companies that provide engineering and management services, manufacturers of computer and office equipment, financial institutions, insurance carriers, educational institutions, and government agencies. A growing number of computer programmers are employed on a temporary, a contract basis, or work as independent workers because allot of companies demand expertise with newer programming languages ...
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  • Computer Upgrade - 1,126 words
    Computer Upgrade With increasing popularity of computer games, and multimedia home PC users often need an unexpensive computer system upgrade. By building a custom computer one is able to combine componenets, and operating system to provide maximal gaming performance. Computers are often called number manipulators, because of their ability to run millions of mathematical operations per second (White 43). Computers use binary system of numbers, which allows them to operate system of microscopic switches called transistors found inside of computer chips. Binary system is defined as counting system that uses two digits one and zero (Gookin 49). A transistor is a basic building block of microchi ...
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  • Computers Have Changed The World Along With The Internet, Advanced Telecommunications Easier Travel A Global Community Has Be - 1,222 words
    Computers have changed the world. Along with the Internet, advanced telecommunications easier travel. A global community has been created in the past 50 years. Using satellite technology and fiber-optics it is possible to communicate instantaneously anywhere in the world, using the Internet it is possible to use visual-telephones with almost no lag and this technology is available to almost everyone. If there is one field of social change that is on the fast track, then it is the field of technology, specifically computers, telecommunications and the Internet. Computers There are five recognized generations of the modern computer. The first is from 1945-1956, World War II lead governments to ...
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  • Computing Power Unleashed - 470 words
    Computing Power Unleashed This article mainly deals with the microprocessor chip, which is the computer's brain. This computer chip is responsible for the majority of the computers functions, it's commonly referred to as the Central Processing Unit (CPU). It receives and executes your instructions and determines if your computer understands software written for a Personal Computer (PC) or a Macintosh (MAC). The CPU chip size is small, about half the size of a business card, and just as small as your thumbnail. Intel is the leading manufacturer of microprocessor for IBM PC's, also other companies manufacture them also. However Apple, IBM, and Motorola have combined to create a power chip desi ...
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  • History Of The Coputer - 2,118 words
    History Of The Coputer COMPUTER Generally, a computer is any device that can perform numerical Calculations --even an adding machine, an abacus, or a slide rule. Currently, however, the term usually refers to an electronic device that can use a list of instructions, called a program, to perform calculations or to store, manipulate, and retrieve information. Today's computers are marvels of miniaturization. Machines that once weighed 30 tons and occupied warehouse-size rooms now may weigh as little as three pounds (1.4 kilograms) and can be carried in a suit pocket. The heart of today's computers are integrated circuits (ICs), sometimes called microchips, or simply chips. These tiny silicon w ...
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  • Instruction Set - 1,433 words
    Instruction Set It has become increasingly popular to build one's own computer. In many cases, it saves money, and guarantees that you get what you want. Building your own computer also assures that you avoid the proprietary designs many companies use to utilize to keep the customers coming back for new parts. Most importantly, having built the system, you become very familiar with your system and with computers in general. There is no reason not to tackle the project of building your own computer. A very basic knowledge is required, and you can learn as you go! Materials and Tools Needed Upon having researched the quality of the parts you want to use to build your computer, you will need th ...
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  • Introduction - 345 words
    Introduction Peripheral Devices A Peripheral device is any external device attached to a computer. Without Peripherals a computer is just a box full of wires, transistors and circuits, which is able to: - 1. Respond to a specific set of instructions in a well-defined manner. 2. Execute a prerecorded list of instructions (a program). The only problem being that without any input Peripherals you cannot tell the computer to do any of the above processes, and if you could, without an output device of some kind, the computer has no way of delivering the result to the user! Examples of peripherals include printers, disk drives, display monitors, keyboards, and mice etc. These can be separated into ...
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  • Leinigen And Brain - 788 words
    Leinigen And Brain The human brain needs only to become fully aware of its powers to conquer even the elements. The human brain is powerful and controls all of a person's body. It easily compared to the central processing unit in a computer; all information is received, transferred, and sent back out. Without it nothing would work. Leiningen, a plantation farmer, was persistent and followed this motto to help him overcome many elements, or "acts of God." Leiningen had met and defeated these elements which had come against him unlike his fellow settlers who had little or no resistance. Something terrible was coming, about a hundred yards wide, a flood of ants. All people except Leiningen, who ...
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  • Participation Report - 814 words
    Participation Report PARTICIPATION REPORT # 2 CHAPTER 4 PART 1 IN BRIEF MAIN IDEAS MICRO-BRAIN The first steps I would take in creating bulletin boards would be to have each of my four bulletins very colorful and I especially like the idea of a pyramid. The first board would be red and I would use yellow letters for the words systems unit, memory, and brain. I would compare the systems unit of the computer and the systems unit of our brain, which is memory. Then draw a computer and a brain then show where the memory of each is located. At the very top of the pyramid CPC would be added and at the bottom CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT. BYTES OR BITE The next step would be to use another bright color ...
    Related: participation, random access memory, middle school, central processing unit, colorful
  • The Human Brain - 1,797 words
    The Human Brain The human being is considered to be the ultimate form of life on the earth. This is not because the human body is strong and agile. Many other animals posses skills much superior to humans and are able to perform feats humans can only dream of. The one thing that distinguishes humans from all of the other organisms on this planet is the brain. The brain is the site that controls the human body. However, unlike in animals, in man, the brain is also the site of the mind. The mind gives humans superiority over other creatures. It provides humans with the ability to reason, to feel and to adapt. Because of this, man has achieved so much, and has also realized that much more is st ...
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  • The Y2k Problem - 1,112 words
    The Y2k Problem Y2K: Nearing Disaster or Minor Computer Flaw? By Pete Conti Imagine that, as you do annually, you are counting the minutes until the New Year arrives. You are watching Dick Clark announce that the countdown will begin soon, and you feel anxious. Finally, as you hear the offbeat 5-4-3-2-1-0, and let out a sigh of relief, something goes wrong. At precisely 12:00 A.M. on January 1 of the year 2000, computers across the nation crash, leaving the country in panic. Stores are looted, riots break out, 911 is dysfunctional, banks lose money, the stock market crashes, planes drop from the sky, and we are all left in the bitter darkness. Horror stories such as these are common among ne ...
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  • Why Microsoft Is A Monopoly - 2,876 words
    Why Microsoft Is A Monopoly Through a combination of tactics that many people would consider monopolistic Microsoft is now involved in almost every aspect of the computer and computer-related telecommunications markets and is emerging as a major player in Internet commerce and on-line media ventures. As of March 1997, 87% of all the software developers were actually developing the Windows bit 32 platform, which is the operating system for Microsoft. Fifty three percent of 2.4 million US Professional developers use Microsofts visual basic program as their primary development language(1) Microsoft is playing an increasing role in their technical education, forging commercial partnerships with ...
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