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  • Adela En La Casa De Bernarda Alba - 1,055 words
    Adela En La Casa De Bernarda Alba 1 de noviembre, 2000 El personaje de Adela en La casa de Bernarda Alba Estoy estudiando, La casa de Bernarda Alba, y en mi trabajo escrito voy a estudiar el personaje de Adela. Creo que Adela es la ms dinmica de la obra y la evolucin de su personaje entre cada acto es muy interesante, porque las influencias de las situacines influan su personalidad mucho. En muchas de las escrituras de Federico Garcia Lorca, ha vinculado el fascismo y la represin, porque los reglos y derechos de Franco y del gobierno han tan influado su y de todos la manera de la vida. En ese obra, Lorca le represente Bernarda cmo Franco, y las reglas del gobierno, y Adela como lo contrario. ...
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  • Main Competitors Casa Molina, Mesquite Wood Grilled, Creative Catering There Are Three Main Strengths That Our Competitors Ha - 597 words
    Main Competitors- Casa Molina, Mesquite Wood Grilled, Creative Catering. There are three main strengths that our competitors have over Catering Creations. The first one is that these catering business have been around for a while. The second advantage they have over us is that they have experienced in running the business and the third reason will be that our competitors have a comfortable amount of capital to work with and they have already established set routines in financing. We feel that the threat created by these three catering businesses can be easily overcome through good service, great selection, and affordable prices. Following is an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of ...
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  • Aspectos Problematicos Del Espaol - 1,148 words
    Aspectos Problematicos Del Espaol Aspectos problemticos del espaol. Tania Santos Cano. Por y para Plan de trabajo. Nivel: intermedio: Conocimientos previos: vocabulario sobre medios de transporte, relaciones entre parejas, verbos de movimiento, presente, pasado/copretrito, futuro. Edad: 15/20 aos. No se dar la regla gramatical, se pretende que el alumno infiera los diferentes usos de las preposiciones. No se presentarn todos los usos de por y para, durante el transcurso de la clase se tomarn slo 4 modalidades: Por y para - LOCATIVO - TEMPORAL - CAUSAL PARA: FINALIDAD POR: MOTIVO, CAUSA, RAZN - MEDIO (slo para por) Objetivos: Lingstico: Que el alumno sea capaz de utilizar expresiones con l ...
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  • Cats Cradle - 964 words
    CatS Cradle In questioning the value of literary realism, Flannery O'Connor has written, "I am interested in making a good case for distortion because it is the only way to make people see." Kurt Vonnegut writes pessimistic novels, or at least he did back in the sixties. Between Slaughterhouse Five, Mother Night, and Cat's Cradle, Vonnegut paints a cynical and satirical picture of the degradation of society using distortion as the primary means to express himself. In Cat's Cradle, the reader is confronted with the story of the narrator, John, as he attempts to gather material to write a book on the human aspect of the day Japan was bombed. As the story progresses, he finds that becomes incre ...
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  • Charles V - 2,533 words
    ... fided to a bureau of commerce (casa de contratacion) in Seville; but at the same time he established in Spain a special political Council of the Indies. In the colonies two viceroyalties and twenty-nine governments, four archbishoprics, and twenty-four bishoprics were gradually organized. Already of all those great problems had arisen which still vex colonial politics - the question, how far the mother country should monopolize the products of the colonies; the question colonization; the question of the treatment of the natives, doubly difficult because on the one hand their labour was indispensable and on the other it was most unwilling; the question, how Christianity and civilization m ...
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  • Chistes En Espanol - 1,147 words
    Chistes En Espanol Cierto poltico mexicano fue invitado por una potencia extranjera a servir como astronauta en un arriesgado viaje espacial en el que adems ira un chango. Le entregaron al poltico dos sobres que debera abrir ya dentro de la nave. El primer sobre contena instrucciones sobre lo que tendr que hacer el chango: encrgase del procedimiento de despegue, conduccin de la nave, llegada al planeta Marte, despegue de regreso y aterrizaje, ms registro de todas las observaciones que se hagan durante el viaje y reparacin de la nave en caso de descompostura. Qu barbaridad! - piensa el poltico -. Si todo eso le encargaron al chango, qu no me encargarn a m. Temblando abre su sobre y lee. Usted ...
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  • Colombia - 1,207 words
    Colombia La situacion de los derechos humanos en Colombia es, sin duda, la peor de America Latina. Las ejecuciones extra-judiciales, la tortura, las desapariciones, las violaciones contra ninos e indigenas han alcanzado en los ultimos anos en proporsiones epidemicas. Voy a hablar de los derechos humanos en respecto al conversaciones del presidente con las guerrillas, la libertad de expresion y de prensa y el Plan Colombia. Colombia es una democracia constitucional multipartidista en la cual los partidos liberales y conservadores han dominado la escena politica durante un largo tiempo. Los ciudadanos colombianos eligieron en 1998 al presidente Andres Pastrana del partido conservador y un cogr ...
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  • Definitions - 783 words
    Definitions Hagia Sophia: Church erected in Constantinople during the reign of Justinian, which later became a mosque and a museum; ranks as one of the world's most important examples of Christian architecture Grand Canal: One of the world's largest waterworks project before modern times built during the Sui dynasty under second emperor, Sui Yangdi, in order to facilitate trade between northern and southern China, mainly in an attempt to make supplies of rice and other food crops from the Yangzi River valley available to those in the northern regions; series of artificial waterways that spanned almost 2,000 kilometers from Hangzhou in the south to Chang'on in the west to the city of Zhuo (ne ...
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  • Don Juan - 1,419 words
    Don Juan ANALISIS DE LA OBRA. 1.- GNERO : Obra de gnero dramtico o teatral. Es religiosa-fantstica y est dividida en dos partes, una de comedia y otra un drama religioso. 2.- CONTENIDO : - Argumento: Pasado un ao desde la apuesta hecha entre Don Juan y Don Luis Meja, para ver quin de los dos era ms mujeriego y ms malvado. Don Luis enojado por la perdida de la apuesta, propuso un nuevo envite, el cual consista en conquistar a Doa Ins. Para facilitarse las cosas, los dos sacaron los trapos sucios del otro, siendo as encarcelados los dos. Ambos lograron escaparse y de nuevo Don Juan logr sus propsitos, enamorando a la prometida de Don Luis. Don Juan rapt a Doa Ins, del convento en el que se enc ...
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  • In Recent Times, There Have Been Few Ideas Of Such Compelling Force As The Concept Of World Heritage There Are Places In Natu - 881 words
    In recent times, there have been few ideas of such compelling force as the concept of World Heritage. There are places in nature and culture with a value and importance reaching far across geographical and political boundaries and becoming a heritage of the world in general. This promising idea was taken up by an International Convention of the Unesco in 1972. Today over 100 countries have joined it. This Convention does not only strengthen the idea that all countries should make the defence of a unique, exceptional heritage a common cause, but for the first time it draws up a single List where sites of nature and culture rank side by side. The Great Canyon of the Colorado or the Galapagos I ...
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  • Internet - 1,833 words
    Internet Emanuel HALAPCIUC Ruxandra ICA Internet-ul si (r)evolutia comunicatiilor Fac. Management, anul II, gr.126 Cuprins:  Internetul aparitie, scurt istoric  E-business, afacerea sec. 21  Nevoia de viteza si noile tehnologii de comunicatie  Mobilitate maxima: cu Internetul la plimbare  Tendinte pentru viitorul apropiat  Bibliografie Acum 4 decenii se lansa cu mare pompa primul satelit de comunicatii, Echo 1. La acea vreme, evenimentul capta atentia intregii lumi. Azi, lansarea unui satelit e ceva banal. Anul trecut, IRIDIUM (reteaua globala de telefonie mobila) declara ca mai are de lansat doar citiva sateliti, pentru a fi operationala in o ...
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  • Juan Domingo Pern: Argentine Master Of Labor And Leader Of The Masses - 2,052 words
    Juan Domingo Pern: Argentine Master Of Labor And Leader Of The Masses Juan Domingo Pern, born in 1895 in Lobos, Argentina, was the President of Argentina on two occasions separated by eighteen years. He first came to power by the election of February 28,1946. He ruled for almost ten years until he was pressured to resign by the Argentine military and in September of 1955 he left the country. He spent almost the next twenty years in exile but never lost touch with the Argentine people and especially the Argentine labor movement. In 1973, after eighteen years of exile, Pern returned to Argentina and was elected president again with his third wife Isabel as vice-president. His power as a ruler ...
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  • Juvenile Delinquency - 1,394 words
    ... s a few important questions. What is being done to prevent this? And what are our governments (local and federally) doing to help? Money makes the world go round and without government help the many social workers, psychologists, counselors and doctors trying to help this situation would not be able to do their part. The juvenile justice system is funded by multiple sources (McNeece & Roberts, 1997). Almost no federal money is expended by juvenile courts to support ongoing operations, but demonstration projects are funded with grants from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This appears to be changing som ...
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  • La Pelcula Nos Traslada A 1936, En Brooklyn, Ny, Donde Se Ve Una Madre Y Su Hija, Ambas De Origen Japons Se Puede Ver Donde A - 911 words
    La pelcula nos traslada a 1936, en Brooklyn, N.Y., donde se ve una madre y su hija, ambas de origen japons. Se puede ver donde ambas estn platicando como ella conoci a su padre, y todos los conflictos que ambos tuvieron que enfrentar para poder realizar su amor. Es donde se da un retroceso en la historia y se ve un cine y un complot dentro del. Explota y se incendia. Es all donde aparece Jack, el otro protagonista de la historia. Despus la pelcula se enfoca en Little Tokio, N.Y.; un teatro japons es el sustento de una familia. Lily la madre la nia que al principio aparece en la pelcula, es la hija predilecta y la mayor de la familia. Esta familia es de origen japons, pero lo que sucede es qu ...
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  • Legalization Of Marijuana - 1,180 words
    ... g kids has increased 78 percent in the last four years alone". With drug use by young people increasing, we must not send a mixed message to our youth about the dangers of marijuana. The recent proposals for legalization and the medical usage laws are sending messages to the American children that it is "ok" to smoke pot. And it simply is not. Our nations goals must be to reduce, not promote the use of illicit drugs by our children. Marijuana is the first step that children take into the dark world of drug abuse. It acts as a gateway to more serious problems. The idea is that cocaine and heroin users don't just start out with cocaine and heroin. They start with drugs like marijuana that ...
    Related: drug legalization, legalization, legalize marijuana, legalizing marijuana, marijuana, marijuana illegal, marijuana prohibition
  • Louisiana Purchase - 2,546 words
    ... ferson considered his options. He could either ask congress to amend the Constitution to allow the new territory into the Union, or quietly submit the treaty for ratification. Attorney General Levi Lincoln suggested that Jefferson boldly announce and defend the constitutionality of the purchase in his message to Congress. Jefferson's Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin, was quick to discount this suggestion with his own opinion on the subject. Gallatin noted that if it was unlawful for the United States Government to acquire territory then it would be just as unlawful for individual states to do so. Gallatin went on to advise Jefferson that the United States as a nation has the ri ...
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  • Maltratogeneral - 488 words
    Maltrato(General) Yo voy a empezar explicando sobre el tema del maltrato a nios y adolecentes. Hay muchos actos violentos cometidos en el hogar entre miembros de una familia. En la dcada de 1970 las feministas analizaron el alcance de la violencia intrafamiliar (considerada como un fenmeno exclusivamente masculino) y se crearon centros de acogida y de ayuda para las mujeres maltratadas y para sus hijos. El trmino maltrato infantil abarca una amplia gama de acciones que causan dao fsico, emocional o mental en nios de cualquier edad. Sin embargo, el tipo de maltrato infligido vara con la edad del nio. Los malos tratos en bebs y nios en edad preescolar suelen producir fracturas, quemaduras y he ...
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  • Mama Mama - 1,423 words
    MAMA MAMA!!!! 1.- Mama, mama, ya no me gusta mi hermanito. Calla y sigue comiendo. 2.- Mama, ya no quiero conocer a mi abuelito. Calla y sigue escarbando. 3.- Mama, ya no quiero ir a europa. Callate y sigue nadando. 4.- Mama, ya no quiero piscina. Calla y sigue escupiendo. 5.- Mama, mama por que papa corre tanto?. Callate y recarga la ametralladora. 6.- Papa, papa que es un degenerado. Calla y sigueme lamiendo... 7.- Mama, en la escuela me dicen mentiroso. Callate que ni vas a la escuela... 8.- Mama, en la escuela me dicen mafioso. Maana mismo voy a arreglar eso... Bueno mami pero que parezca un accidente... 9.Mama, mama, en la escuela me dicen peludo. Callate y peinate la cara!! 10.Mama, hu ...
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  • Movimientos Vanguardistas Espaloes - 1,162 words
    ... ra V. Ultrasmo A. poca 1918-1923 Surge en Espaa por influjo de los movimientos europeos de vanguardia. B. Caractersticas 1. Reduccin de la lrica a su elemento primordial: la metfora. La imagen se identifica con el objeto y lo anula. 2. Omisin de frases de enlace, nexos y adjetivos intiles. 3. Desaparicin de la rima. Se utiliza el ritmo unipersonal, mudable, no sujeto a pauta. Se suprime la puntuacin sustituyndose por el sistema tipogrfico C. Autores importantes 1. Ramn Gmez de Serna (periodista y escritor espaol) 2. Rafael Cansinos Assens (poeta, novelista, ensayista, crtico) 3. Guillermo de Torre 4. Jorge Luis Borges (escritor argentino) 5. Ricardo Guiraldes (escritor argentino) 6. Juan ...
    Related: jean-paul sartre, pablo neruda, jorge luis borges, diego, alberti
  • Open Life By Joseph Campbell - 1,076 words
    Open Life By Joseph Campbell In the novel, An Open Life, by Joseph Campbell, I agree that life is like a novel and that disasters result in structuring a great aspect of your life. If you really think about what Mr. Campbell is saying, he is right. Looking back at my life with all the ups and downs I have experienced, made me who I am now, which is a great thing. I had an experience with a boyfriend which caused me to get a great job to make as much money as my Mother. A reading that makes me agree with Mr. Campbell quote, was when I read my Mothers journal that she kept from the start of my birth until I was ten. An observation that I got to see was from the movie Dont be a Menace to Societ ...
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