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  • Alexander Sandy Calder - 490 words
    Alexander Sandy Calder Alexander Sandy Calder was born into a family of renowned artists who encouraged him to create from a very young age. As a boy, he had his own workshop where he made toys for himself and his sister. He received a degree in mechanical engineering in 1919 but soon after decided to pursue a career as an artist. Calder attended classes at the Art Students League in New York from 1923 to 1926, supporting himself by working as an illustrator. In 1926 Calder arrived in Paris where he developed his Cirque Calder,a work of performance art employing small-scale circus figures he sculpted from wire, wood, cloth, and other materials. Through these elaborate performances, Calder me ...
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  • Ahl Finals - 820 words
    AHL Finals When the Rochester Americans started the AHL finals, they were looking to add to their sixth Calder Cup banner to the ceiling. To get to this feat, they would have to go through the Portland Pirates. For teams making the playoffs, all teams start fresh and every team has a shot to win it all. This year's finals, is true of that last sentence because both teams had losing records for the regular season. When the playoffs arrive, that's the sign that the best hockey is yet to be played. When the Rochester Americans skated into the first two games on home ice, they had a chance to leave Rochester with a two game to none lead. They won the important first game 5-3 and won the second g ...
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  • George Orwell Research - 1,003 words
    ... y Orwell as the “Political book...a sort of enlarged pamphlet combining history with political critiscism”. Orwell came to believe that Homage to Catalonia was the best book he had ever written. During winter in 1938, Orwell wrote his sixth novel Coming Up for Air. It is the discovery of George Bowling, that his boy-hood home has changed like everything else. It is regarded as his best novel (with the exception of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four). It illustrates in great detail, the fact that everything peacefull eventually becomes corupt. After Coming Up for Air, Orwell wrote one of his most-loved novels, Animal Farm. It is the “fairy story” of an animal revolut ...
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  • In The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz, We See Duddy Set Himself Up For A Great - 1,066 words
    In The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, we see Duddy set himself up for a great downfall. We all know that every one must pursue their dreams, because without dreams there would be no reason to live. Duddy understands this perfectly, that is why he is very ambitious. From the moment he hears his grandfather say, A man without land is nobody. Remember that, Duddel.(Richler 49) Ever since those words were said Duddy prepared himself to seek the land of his dreams, no matter what the cost would be. Duddy is a relentless pursuer; a fierce competitor and also a good manipulator. At the end of the novel he does end up getting his land, but he is only successful because of his immoral and despicabl ...
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  • Marcel Duchamp - 1,641 words
    ... nt wheel from a bicycle in a type of sculpture. He mounted the wheel to a kitchen stool in effect making the first mobile sculpture. Duchamp would later name the kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder simply as mobiles. These simple sculptures named mobiles and ready-mades were designed to make people think, to use their mind to understand art instead of only using their eyes. In early 1916 the Dada movement was born in a direct result of World War I. This was not really even an artistic movement. To be more accurate the Dada art was more a frame of mind. This frame of mind was anti-art and, as time progressed, anti-everything else. The Dada movement was seen by conservatives as dangerou ...
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  • Rise And Fall Of The Nova Scotia Coal Industry - 1,483 words
    Rise And Fall Of The Nova Scotia Coal Industry Introduction Coal mining has always been an important component of Nova Scotia's economy, landscape and culture. Together with cod fishing it was the primary export and employer for the regions population. With both industries now failing, the poor economic climate will no doubt have an effect on the population. This paper attempts to examine the economic conditions, market forces, and political maneuvering that gave rise to the coal industry in Nova Scotia as well as those contributing to its demise. Coal Formation The first stage in the formation of the fossil fuel we know as coal is large accumulations of organic matter, an anoxic environment ...
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  • The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitzthe Tragic Fall Of Duddy - 1,197 words
    The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz--The Tragic Fall of Duddy The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz--The Tragic Fall of Duddy A man must pursue his dreams. This is certainly true for everyone of the humankind, for if there were no dreams, there would be no reason to live. Duddy Kravitz understands this perfectly, that is why he is one of the most ambitious young men of his time. From the moment he hears his grandfather says, "A man without land is nobody," he is prepared to seek the land of his dream -- no matter what the cost would be. This ambition of his is very respectable, but unfortunately his methods are damnable. Duddy is a relentless pursuer; a formidable competitor and also a ruthles ...
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  • Themes Of Italian Renaissance Art - 846 words
    Themes of Italian Renaissance Art As the fourteenth century ushered out the Middle Ages in Italy, a new period of cultural flowering began, known as the Renaissance. This period in history was famous for its revival of classical themes and the merging of these themes with the Catholic Church. These themes of humanism, naturalism, individualism, classicism, and learning and reason appeared in every aspect of the Italian Renaissance, most particularly in its art. Humanism can be defined as the idea that human beings are the primary measure of all things (Fleming, 29). Renaissance art showed a renewed interest in man who was depicted in Renaissance art as the center of the world. Pico della Mir ...
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  • Throughout Battery Park, In Downtown New York City, The Sculpture I Found To Be Most Intriguing Is The New York City Police M - 1,319 words
    Throughout Battery Park, in downtown New York City, the sculpture I found to be most intriguing is the New York City Police Memorial, by Stuart B. Crawford. Memorials and monuments create solid, deeper meaning to the public. This is because memorials contain certain information, which is clear to the viewers. This New York Police Memorial serves as a constant reminder of the officers who have past away serving the people of the city. The emotion that this piece emits is very different compared to sculptures by Alexander Calder or Ned Smyths The Upper Room which therefore produce a different kind of interaction of the audience and the piece. In my analysis, I will have a well thought out argu ...
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