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  • Rules Of Relationships In Of Mice And Men And The Breakfast Club - 1,251 words
    Rules of Relationships in Of Mice and Men and The Breakfast Club Rules of Relationship Kyle and I decided to research relationships as they are portrayed in movies for our presentation. Between us, we watched "The Breakfast Club", "Dead Poets Society", "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Of Mice and Men." Today I'm going to discuss how rules of relationships were used in "The Breakfast Club" and "Of Mice and Men". I will list the rules portrayed in these movies and provide you with insight on the happenings of each movie. I think that "The Breakfast Club" and "Of Mice and Men" did an excellent job of demonstrating the rules of relationships. "Of Mice and Men" is a classic story with a timeless messa ...
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  • Madonna - 1,379 words
    Madonna Born August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan to a lower-middle class Italian-Catholic household, Madonna Louise Ciccone was the third eldest daughter born. Her father Chrysler engineer Sylvio (Tony) Ciccone and French-Canadienne Madonna Fortin, for whom the future superstar was named "Veronica" was added to her name for confirmation. While at a young age of five, Madonnas world fell apart as her mother struggled to a long process of breast cancer on December 1, 1963. Gathering strength from the tragedious loss of her mother, Madonna took a role of the head female of the house. She constantly competed with her other siblings for attention and eventually became her fathers loved one. Mad ...
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  • The Decade Of Realizations: Amercian Youth During The Last Century - 1,498 words
    The Decade Of Realizations: Amercian Youth During The Last Century Of all the 1980s films, that can be described as Eighties Teen Movies (Thorburn, 1998) or High School Movies (Messner, 1998), those written and (with the exception of Pretty In Pink (1986) and Some Kind of Wonderful(1987)) directed by John Hughes were often seen to define the genre, even leading to the tag John Hughes rites de passage movies as a genre definition used in 1990s popular culture (such as in Waynes World 2 (1994 dir. Stephen Surjik)). This term refers to the half dozen films made between 1984 and 1987; chronologically, Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985), Weird Science (1985), Ferris Bueller's Day O ...
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  • The Decade Of Realizations: Amercian Youth During The Last Century - 1,469 words
    ... of the time. Samantha has a crush on popular and successful sportsman, Jake (Michael Schoeffling). Jake is dating Caroline (Haviland Morris), a girl Samantha considers to be perfect but Jake wants more than a superficially beautiful girlfriend (I want a serious girlfriend, somebody I can love thats gonna love me back) and so chooses to pursue Samantha, despite, the fact he has never spoke to her before. Eventually, they become a couple, the narrative is complete, and everyone is happy. The film series has further similarities to teenage magazines of the time, for example, McRobbie describes four categories of Jackie boys which can be applied to the films: First, there is the fun-loving, ...
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