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  • During The Last Century A Great Deal Of Legislation Was Passed To Protect Womenon The Ongoing Fight For Improvement Of Women - 1,532 words
    During the last century a great deal of legislation was passed to " protect women"On the on-going fight for improvement of women as employees. Improvements involved the effect of restricting their hours of work, their opportunities to engage night work, and the types of work they were legally permitted to undertake. The purpose of such provision was to provide opportunities for women, and to decrease the level of discrimination. Discrimination can occur in a number of ways e.g. in the essence of a person who is badly treated, but in regards to this assignment ower main categories will be Women who are mistreated over there gender rather than theyre physical abilities. To prevent and remedy t ...
    Related: improvement, legislation, men and women, ongoing, white paper
  • Frankenstein - 876 words
    Frankenstein Mary Shelley Frankenstein is filled with various underlying themes, the crux being the effect society has on The Creature personality. In fact, the ethical debate concerning biotechnological exploration into genetic cloning has created a monster in itself. A multitude of ethical questions arises when considering the ramifications of creating a genetically engineered human being. Does man or science have the right to create life through unnatural means? Should morality dictate these technological advancements and their effects on society? The questions and concerns are infinite, but so to are the curiosities, which continue to perpetuate the advancement of biotech ...
    Related: frankenstein, frankenstein mary shelley, victor frankenstein, human race, mary shelley
  • Geography Colorado River Geographers Can Tell You That The One Thing That Most Rivers And Their Adjacent Flood Plains In The - 2,394 words
    Geography Colorado River Geographers can tell you that the one thing that most rivers and their adjacent flood plains in the world have in common is that they have rich histories associated with human settlement and development. This especially true in arid regions which are very dependent upon water. Two excellent examples are the Nile and the Tigris-Euphrates rivers which show use the relationship between rivers and concentrations of people. However, the Colorado River is not such a good example along most segments of its course. There is no continuous transportation system that parallels the rivers course, and settlements are clustered. The rugged terrain and entrenched river channels are ...
    Related: colorado, colorado river, flood, geography, rivers
  • Introduction - 1,394 words
    ... his journey toward leader of the Nazi party. AUSTRIA Hitler rose to the challenge of being granted admission into art school. He needed a secondary school certificate to get in but he did not have one. Instead, he went back to Stumpergasse and settled and did some studies which were nothing more than doodling and reading. Hitler refused to admit his rejection and became more and more detached from reality. He convinced his family that he had not failed the entrance exam to the art academy but was actually studying in Vienna. Adolf met a Professor Roller from the Imperial Opera who offered to examine Hitler's painting and advise him on his career. Roller's offer exacerbated Adolf's excess ...
    Related: moral code, defense minister, working class, woman, infamous
  • Killer Whales Scientific Classification: Order Genus - 1,836 words
    Killer Whales Scientific Classification: Order & Genus Killer Whales Scientific Classification: Order & Genus. The scientific order of all types of whales is Cetacea. This large order is broken down into three further groups as well: the toothed whales or Odontoceti, which includes killer whales, dolphins, porpoises, beluga whales, and sperm whales, the baleen whales or Mysticeti, which include blue whales, humpback whales, gray whales, and right whales, and the Archaeoceti order, which are all now extinct. The genus of these species is Orcinus orca. Family. The killer whale is the largest in its family of delphinid. Bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, and Pacific white-sided dolphins are ...
    Related: genus, killer, more important, body weight, buds
  • King Lear: Justice - 1,096 words
    King Lear: Justice Humans, like all creatures on the earth, have the privilege of the freedom of choice. There are two broad ranges of factors that affect the decisions a person makes. The first factor that affects decision making is internal and includes a person's character and intellect. The second factor is external such as environment and interaction with other people. Naturally, each decision a person makes results in a repercussion of some degree, usually either helpful or hindering, and rarely inconsequential. The concept of justice is based on the fact that decisions are always followed by consequences. It strictly adheres to the rewarding of good deeds and the punishment of evil. K ...
    Related: king lear, first instance, good deeds, william shakespeare, intent
  • Napstercom - 1,197 words
    ... e would be more likely to purchase them. In this case, Napster could continue, serving it's purpose as a 'try before you buy' application for the music industry. Just as people still purchase and rent videos even though they can record movies from TV and borrow tapes from friends, people will continue to buy CDs, and will be encouraged even more so if prices are reduced and extras given away with the music. Music industry players such as BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group), EMI, Sony and Universal are already launching efforts to combat Napster and take advantage of the opportunities the Internet offers ( ). These companies are launching their ow ...
    Related: information sharing, current state, time magazine, offering, sales
  • On June 11, 1993, The United State Supreme Court Upheld - 1,655 words
    ... ments. The state interferes with an individuals right to free speech by suppressing ideas not supported by the government, and fails to provide equal protection to all its citizens when it punishes an act more severely when committed by an individual whose opinions are not shared by the state. Mitchell v. Wisconsin is a clear example of majority will infringing upon minority rights, and proves that the Bill of Rights works well, except in the instances when it is most needed. There are probably more Supreme Court cases that favor Wisconsins position than there are that support Mitchells argument. However, many of these rulings are of questionable constitutionality themselves. Two cases a ...
    Related: court cases, court decision, state board, state supreme court, supreme court, united state, united states supreme
  • The Aviary, The Aquarium, And Eschatology - 3,743 words
    ... s in their psychic "sorties" to locate Soviet submarines. Alexander seems to have an extremely eclectic background -- he received a PhD. in Thanatology (the study of death and near-death experiences) from Georgetown University under the tutelage of the celebrated Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Apparently, Alexander is a "mind-control" junkie, having studied everything from Silva Mind Control, to a stint in a Buddhist monastery. When the National Research Council issued its findings that there was no evidence of paranormal phenomena, Alexander wrote a critique of the report that was both passionate and eloquent. In this rebuttal, he compared the report's apparent a priori conclusions to the C ...
    Related: eschatology, moral dilemma, practical applications, board of directors, futurist
  • The Civil Strife And Chaos That Had Torn Russia Limb From Limb In The Early 20th Century, Although Brutally Devastating, Did - 1,182 words
    The civil strife and chaos that had torn Russia limb from limb in the early 20th Century, although brutally devastating, did not hail the end of the stability and power that had characterized the massive country for so much of history. The continuing strength of what was now the Soviet Union lay in the newly formed support structure provided by Socialist Realism, a force that directed the awareness of, and the arts produced by, the Soviet people. The ideals of Socialist Realism deified Lenin and Marx, attributed the Bolshevik ranks with heroism undaunted by overwhelming opposition, and directed the proletariat towards a better future through reconstruction and industrialization of the state. ...
    Related: chaos, civil war, limb, russia, russian civil, russian civil war, torn
  • The Computer Underground - 2,136 words
    ... ere publicized in a 1971 Esquire magazine article. The term "phreaking" encompasses several different means of getting around the billing mechanisms of telephone companies. By using these methods, long distance phone calls can be placed without cost. In ma y cases the methods also prevent, or at least inhibit, the possibility of calls being traced to their source thereby helping the phreaker to avoid being caught. Early phreaking methods involved electro- mechanical devices that generated key tones, or altered line voltages in certain ways as to trick the mechanical switches of the phone company into connecting calls without charging. This method of phreaking is generally called "(color) ...
    Related: computer crime, computer ethics, computer program, computer revolution, computer virus, computer viruses, underground
  • The United States Vs The World : Issues Concerning A National Missile Defense System - 1,883 words
    The United States Vs. The World : Issues Concerning A National Missile Defense System The debate over a National Missile Defense System first began in 1983 when President Ronald Reagan introduced his Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). His ambitious plan to defend the nation directly impacts every citizen of the United States, as well as many countries across the globe. Any person interested in weapons technology, effects of the Cold War, national security, or foreign relations should become familiar with this issue. The foundation arguments of this issue are fairly easy to follow. The twilight years of the Cold War brought about the unification of Germany, the signing of the Intermediate Ra ...
    Related: defense council, defense secretary, department of defense, missile, missile defense, national defense, national policy
  • Was A Military Struggle Fought Principally In Kuwait And Iraq During January And February 1991 The Crisis Began In August 199 - 1,078 words
    Was a military struggle fought principally in Kuwait and Iraq during January and February 1991. The crisis began in August 1990, when Iraq, led by President Saddam Hussein, invaded and annexed Kuwait. Between August and November the United Nations Security Council passed a series of resolutions that culminated in the demand that Iraq withdraw unconditionally from Kuwait by January 15, 1991. By that time, some 500,000 allied ground, air, and naval forceschiefly from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Egypt, Syria, and Francewere arrayed against an Iraqi army estimated at that time to number 540,000. Under the command of U.S. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the multinational coalit ...
    Related: crisis, iran iraq, iraq, kuwait, kuwait city
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