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  • Affirmative Action - 1,198 words
    Affirmative Action As Nick Catoggio went to his mailbox, he knew that his acceptance letter from Harvard University had arrived. Although Nick was nervous, he knew that his hard work in high school had gained him admission into one of the worlds most prestigious institutions of higher learning. Because of his grade point average of 4.0 in high school, his numerous extracurricular activities, and a combined score of 1440 on his SATs, Nick believed that he would almost be guaranteed admission to Harvard. When he opened the letter however, he was shattered when he read the words, "We regret to inform you ..." He immediately called his friend Richard Sahk, who had also applied, to tell him his n ...
    Related: affirmative, affirmative action, college admissions, preferential treatment, minority
  • Bridgewater State College Guidelines, Not An Essay - 399 words
    Bridgewater State College Guidelines, Not An Essay. Bridgewater State College Help Exit Your on-line application has been marked complete. It will be reviewed by the Admissions Office when we receive your non-refundable application fee of $20.00 for all applicants. After completing the information requested below, please print this page(s), sign and date it, and send it with a check or money order to the following address: Office of Admissions Bridgewater State College Bridgewater, MA 02325 U. S. A. SPECIAL PROGRAMS:(Please check if applicable) PROGRESS(provides individual support services to students from racial minorities and/or disadvantaged backgrounds) Outreach (a program for older s ...
    Related: college degree, state college, extracurricular activities, high school, facilitate
  • Practice Brief: Designing A Data Collection Process - 971 words
    Practice Brief: Designing A Data Collection Process Practice Brief: Designing a Data Collection Process Types of Data Collection In any healthcare organization, data is collected in numerous ways for an ever-increasing number of reasons. Data may be collected by a monitoring device directly connected to the patient, or by providers as they make observations or record treatments. Quality improvement activities often call for data collection where observations of activities, timeliness, or satisfaction indicators are gathered. Data may be abstracted from primary sources and collected for unique reporting requirements, such as specialized registries or claims transactions. With the various type ...
    Related: collecting data, collection, data collection, designing, primary sources
  • What Is In Mars - 1,212 words
    What Is In Mars Did life exist on Mars? What would it take to build a spaceship that could travel at the speed of light? When will the moon be colonized? These are just some of the questions that wander through my mind all day. Fascinated by the secrets of the universe, I yearn to uncover mysteries. In order to blast open all the closed gates between knowledge and myself, I need the powerful tools of education. After I graduate from high school, I plan to attend a college or university that has strong mathematics and science departments. Even now, I am actively preparing to enter the realm of science, taking college-level math and physics classes through the Running Start program. Upon recei ...
    Related: mars, scientific research, critical thinking, college degree, attaining
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