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  • Borges And Bertolucci - 791 words
    Borges And Bertolucci There are a number of differences between Bernardo Bertolucci's movie The Spider Stratagem and the story on which it is based, Jorge Louis Borges' The Theme of The Traitor and The Hero; however, overall Bertolucci does a pretty accurate portrayal of the essence, at least, of Borges' story. Besides changing the setting of the plot, there is also much more information relayed in the movie. This is very much due to that the story is simply a suggestive piece, while the movie had to fill in all of the blanks. In the movie, Bertolucci had to add characters, motivations, and many vast details that are left out of the story. To begin with, Borges is very vague in his ideas on ...
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  • The Book Of Sand By Jorge Luis Borges - 1,287 words
    The Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges Jorge Luis Borges is a famous Spanish author, known best for his short stories. In this paper, I will discuss several short stories written by Mr. Borges, what influenced him in his writings, and a brief history of his place of origin, Argentina. Borges' The Book of Sand is the story of a man who is visited by a stranger trying to sell a "holy book" called the Book of Sand. The narrator looks at the book and is unable to see the first or last pages of it because, as the stranger explains, the number of pages is infinite. The narrator is fascinated by the book and buys it, only to become obsessed with it, until the point that it is all he thinks about. He ...
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  • Jardin - 650 words
    Jardin El jardn de senderos que se bifurcan En este breve ensayo analizaremos sobre la obra del escritor argentino Jorge Luis Borges, El jardn de senderos que se bifurcan. En el primer prrafo de la obra se puede observar que la narracin est escrita en presente y en tercera persona en sigular. En este prrafo, el autor no slo introduce al personaje principal de la obra, Yu-Tsun, quien es un chino espa aleman, sino tambin presenta el tema del cuento que es la demora de una ofensiva britnica contra las fuerzas alemanas en la lnea Serre-Montauban en 1916. Este hecho histrico de la Primera Guerra Mundial hace que el cuento sea ms real y le da legitimidad a la obra. Tambin hay un pequeo comentario ...
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  • Leaves Of Grass - 982 words
    Leaves Of Grass I attended one of the many presentations at the Book Fair in MDCC Wolfson Campus on Thursday 18, 199 at 7:30pm. This presentation was called Art and Literature in Argentina and it was the introduction of the new translation of Leaves of Grass (Hojas de Hierva). Leaves of Grass is a book full of inspiring poems; Walt Whitman issued the first of many editions more than 100 years ago in 1895. Many writers translated this book into many languages, especially into Spanish but its best translation was by the famous author and poet Jorge Luis Borges. Leaves of Grass is a volume of poetry in a new kind of versification because he praised the human body and glorified the senses. Walt ...
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  • Movimientos Vanguardistas Espaloes - 1,162 words
    ... ra V. Ultrasmo A. poca 1918-1923 Surge en Espaa por influjo de los movimientos europeos de vanguardia. B. Caractersticas 1. Reduccin de la lrica a su elemento primordial: la metfora. La imagen se identifica con el objeto y lo anula. 2. Omisin de frases de enlace, nexos y adjetivos intiles. 3. Desaparicin de la rima. Se utiliza el ritmo unipersonal, mudable, no sujeto a pauta. Se suprime la puntuacin sustituyndose por el sistema tipogrfico C. Autores importantes 1. Ramn Gmez de Serna (periodista y escritor espaol) 2. Rafael Cansinos Assens (poeta, novelista, ensayista, crtico) 3. Guillermo de Torre 4. Jorge Luis Borges (escritor argentino) 5. Ricardo Guiraldes (escritor argentino) 6. Juan ...
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