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  • Alice Walker 2 - 1,088 words
    Alice Walker 2 There are many different types of authors in the world of literature, authors of horror, romance, suspense, and the type that Alice Walker writes, through personal experiences. Although most critics categorize her writings as feminist, Walker describes herself as a "womanist", she defines this as "a woman who loves other woman...Appreciates and prefers woman culture, woman's emotional flexibility... and woman's strength... Loves the spirit... Loves herself, Regardless". Walker's thoughts and feelings show through in her writing of poetry and novels. Alice Walker writes through her feelings and the morals that she has grown with, she writes about the black woman's struggle for ...
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  • Compare Contrast Wollestonecraft C Bronte - 786 words
    Compare Contrast - Wollestonecraft & C. Bronte Vindicating Women's Strength The focus of female literary writers from the seventeenth century into the nineteenth century is to reform men's attitudes toward women. Through their writing, they are encouraging women to gain respect and acceptance as viable, rational and intelligent human beings rather than domestic maidservants created for the pleasure of man. Women writers like Mary Wollstonecraft and Charlotte Bront forcefully bring these issues into the forefront of societies minds. Wollstonecraft's publication, A Vindication of the Rights of Women is in response to the French Revolution. Arguing the subjugation women endure from the lack of ...
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  • Dickinson, Emily Elizabeth 18301886, Americas Bestknown Female Poet And One Of The Foremost Authors In American Literature Di - 986 words
    Dickinson, Emily Elizabeth (1830-1886), Americas best-known female poet and one of the foremost authors in American literature. Dickinsons simply constructed yet intensely felt, acutely intellectual writings take as their subject issues vital to humanity: the agonies and ecstasies of love, sexuality, the unfathomable nature of death, the horrors of war, God and religious belief, the importance of humor, and musings on the significance of literature, music, and art. Life Born in Amherst, Massachusetts, Dickinson was the middle child of a prominent lawyer and one-term United States congressional representative, Edward Dickinson, and his wife, Emily Norcross Dickinson. From 1840 to 1847 she att ...
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  • Felicia Hemans And Jane Taylor - 1,094 words
    Felicia Hemans And Jane Taylor The literacy world of the 19th century saw an emergence of female writers into the male dominated profession of poetry. Many men felt as though their profession was being invaded. They resented women entering the public sphere. This mentality in part helped influence which women were able to write and what they wrote about. Felicia Hemans and Jane Taylor are both women poets that emerged during the 19th century. Both women have used their poetry to help expand on traditional notions of romantic poetry during their lives. In order to define romantic poetry on must look towards Bronte and Hemans male contemporaries at the time since their works influenced many ot ...
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  • Fight For The Female - 1,770 words
    Fight for the Female Margaret Atwood, a contemporary Canadian author, has been classified as one of this centurys' most feminist, and near dystopian novelists. Her works illustrate how feminism has caused the downfall of contemporary society. Margaret Atwood, a prominent feminist author of the twentieth century, is driven by her sense of social reform and her realistic view of a disturbed society to produce works such as The Handmaids Tale. Atwood was born on November 18, 1943 in Ottawa, Ontario. In her earlier years as a child, she lived in the Canadian wilderness where her father was an entomologist. He studied and observed insects. Atwood is the second of three children of Margaret Doroth ...
    Related: social groups, human condition, science fiction, location, equality
  • Florence Kelley - 1,153 words
    Florence Kelley Introduction Florence Kelley was born in Philadelphia in 1859 into a cultured and affluent family. Her family was actively devoted to social reform. Her father, Congressman William (Pig Iron) Kelley, fought passionately to persuade government to uphold the rights of the poor and weak. He strongly believed that every child in America, whether born rich or poor should be afforded the same opportunities and chances in life. Florence was conditioned from a very early age to despise the sight of little children hard at work. Her father was a dominating influence throughout Florence's life. He taught her to read at the age of seven. He provided books that focused on child labor and ...
    Related: florence, kelley, state legislature, labor practices, campaign
  • Jean Kerr - 1,058 words
    Jean Kerr Andrea Schade May 3, 1999 English 11-3 Jean Kerrs Humorous Approach at Everyday Life Jean Kerr was a woman with a great style of writing; she was like Thorton Wilder in the sense that she likes to see the big picture in life. She uses logic in her writings. Her family somewhat affected her type of writing. She tended to focus on the humorous aspect of her life and that could relate to almost everyone who read her works. Kerr had a wonderful sense of humor and that helped her write on the level of her readers. Jean Kerr was born July 10, 1923 in Scranton, Pennsylvania to Kitty and Thomas Collins. Her father was a building contractor, her mother was a housewife, and she had a younger ...
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  • Kate Chopin Gives A Womans Voice To Realism - 1,076 words
    Kate Chopin Gives A Woman's Voice To Realism Kate Chopin succeeded in giving a woman's voice to realism. While doing this she sacrificed her career. This seems to be a higher order of feminism than repeating the story of a woman as victim...Kate Chopin gives her female protagonist the central role, normally reserved for the man, in a meditation on identity and culture, consciousness, and art. (Robinson 3) The role of woman in the society Chopin creates is of special interest and relevance. (Robinson 6) Introduction to Kate Chopin Before Kate Chopin came onto the writing scene, women had an insignificant role in society. Women never did anything that would cause some sort of controversy. All ...
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  • Kate Chopins Controversial Views - 1,779 words
    Kate Chopin's Controversial Views "Too strong a drink for moral babies, and should be labeled `poison'." was the how the Republic described Kate Chopin's most famous novel The Awakening (Seyersted 174). This was the not only the view of one magazine, but it summarized the feelings of society as a whole. Chopin woke up people to the feelings and minds of women. Even though her ideas were controversial at first, slowly over the decades people began to accept them. Kate O'Flaherty Chopin was raised in St. Louis in the 1850's and 1860's. Chopin had a close relationship with her French grandmother which lead to her appreciation of French writers. When she was only five Chopin's father, Thomas O'F ...
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  • Katherine Mansfield - 1,464 words
    Katherine Mansfield Katherine Mansfield Katherine Mansfield, who lived from 1888 to 1923, is considered to be one of the most remarkable short story writers of her time. Using her life experiences as an inspiration for her short stories, Mansfield sculpted her ideas into masterful pieces of literary work. Mansfield's life was full of interesting experiences that shaped her outlook upon life. The diversity of friends and acquaintances Katherine Mansfield had over her lifetime also had a great influence on her career. Even as a child, Mansfield made decisions about her life that would create a path for her career to start on. Katherine Mansfield was born Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp to Harold ...
    Related: katherine, katherine mansfield, mansfield, english literature, york cambridge university press
  • Maya Angelou - 1,017 words
    Maya Angelou Her life was never easy. From the time she was born, Maya Angelou was subjected to racism, rape, grief and dehumanization. She beared enough emotional stress in a time frame that most people don't experience in a lifetime. Yet she prevailed. She forced herself to become stronger. And in doing so, she produced writings, which in turn, helped others to become strong. Her experiences and the lessons learned gave her confidence to be a teacher, a preacher, and an inspiration to millions. Maya Angelou was courageous. Based on Angelous most prestigious autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, along with others, certainly reveals the occurring hardships and misfortunes of her li ...
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  • Maya Angelou - 1,000 words
    ... nfidence lead her to "bluff" her way into dangerous situations." Bloom continues that, "Angelous comic-lyric narrative prevents her autobiographical works from becoming a confessional." According to Annie Gottlieb on page eleven of Contemporary Literary Criticism, "Gather Together in My Name, is a little shorter and thinner than its predecessor, telling of an episodic, wondering and searching period in Maya Angelous life, it lacks the density of childhood." She also goes on to state that it is more condensed in a way that conveys a world of emotion, where it more like poetry. Lynn Sukenick on page twelve of Contemporary Literary Criticism goes on to say that in Gather Together, "Maya Ang ...
    Related: angelou, maya, american literature, malcolm x, corp
  • Nikki Yolande Cornelia Giovanni Has Made An Enormous Impact On African American Literature She Uses Her Own Experiences To Wr - 836 words
    Nikki (Yolande Cornelia) Giovanni has made an enormous impact on African American literature. She uses her own experiences to write wonderful poetry. In the poem Nikki-Rosa, Nikki Giovanni writes the opposite about her growing up in her family. When I first read this poem, I pictured a poverty-stricken family living in a small apartment, much like the Younger family in A Raisin in the Sun. Evidently, the family is poor because they have no inside toilet and take baths in one of those/ big tubs that folk in chicago barbecue in (10-11). The family is not as concerned about poverty as they are for their love for one another, And though you're poor it isn't poverty that concerns you and though t ...
    Related: african, african american, african american literature, american, american literature, black experience, enormous
  • Oroonoko - 803 words
    Oroonoko By Aphra Behn I. The story of Oroonoko was one of great passion and loyalty. The story of Oroonoko and Imoinda began with him approaching her claiming his undying love for her. That she was the one and only that he would ever need. Only she would suffice in his heart. Throughout the story Oroonoko exhibits great power , strength and control. A love that started out as beautiful and innocent and ended with that same beautiful innocence. Her passionate descriptions of their emotions intensifies the awful ending. The final scene with brutality and death. Throughout he faces many tragic thing that would break a man. He loses his wife to the king, is convinced that the king has killed he ...
    Related: oroonoko, true love, women writers, aphra behn, peaceful
  • The Joy Luck Club - 1,058 words
    The Joy Luck Club The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan Is it fair to judge someone by their sex? In traditional Chinese culture, many judgments were made about a person just by observing their sex. The woman was looked upon as an inferior being. They had little or no status in society, and little was expected from them. They were discriminated against when they tried to stand up for themselves. Chinese culture was customarily male dominated. The male was expected to do most of the work, and the woman was expected to stay at home with their mouth shut. This custom leaves an unwelcome feeling in a womans heart. They feel like no one cares, and it makes it much harder to live with an optimistic view on ...
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  • Virgina Woolf Vshelene Cixious - 563 words
    Virgina Woolf Vs.Helene Cixious Compare Helene Cixouss position on womens writing with that of Virginia Woolf in A Room of Ones Own. Do you think they would agree with each other? Why or why not - which aspects seem similar, which ones different, and which ones may perhaps be seen as complimentary to each other in some way? Lets do a hypothetical situation here. Imagine Virginia Woolf and Helene Cixous in a room, alone, discussing womens writing, and position in society. This is something I would like to see. I think that the conversation would be a highly animated one, filled with anger, disagreement, and heartfelt unity. Take Cixouss position on women, saying that only through understandin ...
    Related: virgina, virginia woolf, woolf, men and women, hypothetical situation
  • Women And Writing - 1,622 words
    Women And Writing Since the beginning of times, human beings have found various ways to express themselves and more specifically how to declare their feelings and emotions. We all know that art (in a general term) is supposed to be the tool used for expression. People from different communities, cultural backgrounds, and religions, have been appealed to manifest and share their uniqueness through art. Art, whether it was music, painting, sculpting or writing has been highly censured through time because of its contents of truth. The majorities of a society did not allow minorities to fully express themselves with fear of manifestations and revolts . Women, as a minority have fought to tell ...
    Related: women writers, young girl, make sense, white woman, workplace
  • Womens Writing Changes - 564 words
    Women's Writing Changes Women's Writing Changes Women's writing styles have changed over the years as women's roles have changed in this world. The more that woman's roles have changed the more that their writing changes. There are many reasons to account for the changes in women's writing. At first, in the early years, women were not even allowed to be writers. After women were allowed to become writers, they didn't write about what interested them, they wrote about what about what would interest men. Women writers were writing for a male audience. That soon changed women were writing more about things that were of interest to women because now women were writing for a female audience. Anot ...
    Related: women writers, early years, social issues, over time, banking
  • Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Gilman - 1,485 words
    Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Gilman In The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the unnamed protagonist is suffering from postpartum depression, which is caused by the rapid changes in levels of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and thyroid due to the birth of a child. This depression can be brought on by stress and isolation right after birth. In this short story the protagonist was brushed of by her husband John, who is a medical doctor as having a temporary nervous condition. In this situation, if the protagonist was effectively treated instead of being isolated, which allowed the depression to escalate to a severe form, she would have steadily gotten better. Instead the p ...
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