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  • Adrienne Rich - 1,719 words
    Adrienne Rich "What I know, I know through making poems" Passion, Politics and the Body in the Poetry of Adrienne Rich Liz Yorke, Nottingham Trent University, England This paper is largely extracted from my book Adrienne Rich, which is to be published by Sage in October this year...What I have tried to do for the paper is to track one thread explored by the book, which I feel runs through the whole span of Rich's thought, a thread which links desire, passion, and the body - to politics, to activism, and to the writing of poetry. Writing poetry, above all, involves a willingness to let the unconscious speak - a willingness to listen within for the whispers that tell of what we know, even thou ...
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  • Homophobia And Hate Crimes As A Result - 1,012 words
    Homophobia And Hate Crimes As A Result Essay # 1 final draft Feb. 3, 2000 There are many definitions of gender in society today, and there are many reasons for these different definitions. To every person gender may have a different meaning depending on personal experiences or depending on how they choose to view it. I tend to lean towards the more typical definition of gender. I see gender as a way of categorizing people by their actions and or physical appearance. Gender is an issue brought up a lot in today's society, and has been an issue for many years. Issues such as whether or not women can do the same jobs as well as men, or whether or not women are as smart as men comes up a lot in ...
    Related: hate crimes, homophobia, final draft, physical appearance, trait
  • Womans Studies - 1,154 words
    Woman's Studies Oppression is defined by The Collins Paperback English Dictionary as, to subjugate by cruelty, force. etc. To afflict or torment. To lie heavy on (the mind, etc.). According to one of the authors in the book Feminist Frontiers IV, Marilyn Frye says: The root of the word oppression is the element press. The press of the crowd; pressed into the military service; to press a pair of pants; printing press; printing press; press the button. Presses are used to mold things or flatten them or reduce them in bulk. Something pressed is something caught between or among forces and barriers which are so related to each other that jointly they restrain, restrict or prevent the things moti ...
    Related: women in history, westward expansion, urban areas, richer, marilyn
  • Women In The Media - 1,113 words
    Women In The Media What event began the emergence of women as true players in the media? Was it Sherry Lansings appointment to President of 20th Century Fox in 1980, becoming the first woman to head a studio? Was it Cathleen Black in 1979 becoming the first woman publisher of a weekly consumer magazine, New York? Or did the real power for women in the media come later with Geraldine Laybourne reinventing childrens television on Nickelodeon or Judy McGrath sending MTV into 265.8 million households all over the world? Do women in the media, in fact, really have any power today? This paper will examine the power of women in the media through four different women, Sherry Lansing, chair and CEO o ...
    Related: american women, media, women in history, film industry, woman president
  • Womens Movement Towards Equality - 1,407 words
    Women's Movement Towards Equality The Womens Movement Towards Equality For centuries, all over the world, women have been forced to stand in the shadow of man because they were seen as weak individuals not worthy of equality. And for centuries, all over the world, women have fought to prove them wrong. In early 15th century Venice, young girls were only give three options for the pathways of their lives when they reached womanhood: marriage, prostitution, or becoming a bride of Christ (a nun). Marriage placed a woman in virtually the only acceptable position that society allowedmarriage defined the life of a woman. (Ruggiero,11) Females were seen as sexual beings, which led to numerous cases ...
    Related: american women, equality, men and women, national women, rights movement, suffrage movement, women in history
  • Womens Movements - 1,481 words
    Women's Movements Before the women's movements in the United States, women who were treated unfairly and not given any equal rights as men had suffered great tragedy. There tragedy was the way the society had treated them cruelly such as 1women once only had the option of teaching, and nursing, as career opportunities. Women would usually have the role of staying home and taking care of children and the home. Now after the first and second waves of the women's movements, women now are treated with great respect and given independent freedom. And carry a great deal of triumph. 5Women's Movements are group efforts, chiefly by women, that seek to improve women's lives or the lives of others. Pr ...
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