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  • At First Glance The Wizard Of Oz Seems To Be A Simple Childrens Story, A Fairytale Of Sorts Further Examination However Revea - 834 words
    At first glance The Wizard of Oz seems to be a simple childrens story, a fairytale of sorts. Further examination however reveals that there is much more to this story. The movie, which is based on the book The Wonderful World of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum, contains many intriguing symbols. Included among these symbols are the Wicked Witch of the East, the Munchkins, the Wizard, the ruby (silver) slippers and more. Baum chose these symbols to create an allegory of the populist movement of the late 19th century. The most obvious symbol is perhaps the most important. Baum uses the Land of Oz to represent the United States. We can see that the land of the Munchkins represents the East Coast, as ther ...
    Related: examination, fairytale, glance, wizard, wizard of oz
  • The Development Of Dorothythe Movie The Wizard Of Oz Opens On A Farm In Kansas The Lead Character Is A Twelveyearold Girl Nam - 1,226 words
    The Development of DorothyThe movie "The Wizard of Oz" opens on a farm in Kansas. The lead character is a twelve-year-old girl named Dorothy. Dorothy exists in a world limited by aged beliefs and fears, which make up a great part of her reality. In Kansas, Dorothy is a twelve-year-old girl, with twelve-year-old needs and emotions. I feel that the movie is a device by which we can analyze Dorothy in all states of mind, her conscious, pre-conscious, and unconscious. I believe that Sigmund Freuds principles on the structure of personality and dreaming will aid in understanding Dorothys growth, wants, and needs. Dorothy in her conscious state struggles to be heard and understood. She is distress ...
    Related: farm, kansas, wizard, wizard of oz, unconscious mind
  • Wizard Of Oz - 706 words
    Wizard Of Oz All you have to do is knock the heels together three times Glinda the witch made this clear as she told Dorothy how her only way of escaping Oz and returning home was by the ruby slippers she was wearing. Kansas City was a place where Dorothy overcame many different obstacles that played in her mind and led her to fantasizing about a place somewhere over the rainbow way up high. This utopia takes away all of lifes dilemmas and flawlessness and replaces your soul with many hopes, dreams and happiness galore. Meandering down the yellow brick road, Dorothy comes across three imaginary beings that help her along the way on her adventure of going back home. She is given intelligence ...
    Related: wizard, wizard of oz, wicked witch, real world, pigs
  • An Interview With God - 831 words
    An Interview With God An Interview with GOD: Inquirer: So... God... GOD: Yeeesss? Inquirer: What exactly do you do? GOD: Not a damn thing.. life is great.. i'm eternal.. i work 7 days.. and sit on my ass.. i mean come on.. as every day passes, I basicaly work less and less and get credit for it. Inquierer: Doesn't anyone seem to mind? GOD: 95% of the world believes in god.. that other 5% can kiss my white ass.. Inquirer: Your white? GOD: Um.. i didn't say that.. please take that part out.. don't want anyone to know about the whole wizard-of-oz man-behind-the-curtain thing.. that would sorta ruin my reputation.. Inquier: Sure. so... Appeared in any visions yet? Daytime television? GOD: And le ...
    Related: interview, wizard of oz, tooth decay, the bible, lots
  • Catcher In The Rye - 1,369 words
    Catcher In The Rye The forthcoming of American literature proposes two distinct Realistic novels portraying characters which are tested with a plethora of adventures. In this essay, two great American novels are compared: The Adventures of Huck Finn by Mark Twain and The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. The Adventures of Huck Finn is a novel based on the adventures of a boy named Huck Finn, who along with a slave, Jim, make their way along the Mississippi River during the Nineteenth Century. The Catcher In The Rye is a novel about a young man called Holden Caulfield, who travels from Pencey Prep to New York City struggling with his own neurotic problems. These two novels can be compared ...
    Related: catcher, catcher in the rye, the catcher in the rye, century america, wizard of oz
  • Courage - 352 words
    Courage By Courage Courage by Will McDonald Courage. Sounds kind of neat, doesn't it? Webster's New Collegiate Unabridged Dictionary defines courage... but that doesn't matter. To me, courage is having the power to stand up to something you fear, when you know you have to do it. Trying to make yourself a better person against all odds could be considered courage. Courage could be doing what is right for the group even when you are scared. Anyway you define courge, one thing remains the same: it is inside all of us. In the timeless classic To Kill a Mockingbird , Mrs. Dubose is an old, mean lady who apears not to like anything in life anymore. Upon further reading, we find that she is a morph ...
    Related: courage, to kill a mockingbird, wizard of oz, lion, collegiate
  • Film Production - 1,797 words
    Film Production In the period previous to the 1930's, the predominant form of filmmaking was that of the crank camera. This is not to say that motor-driven cameras were not possible. However, the motors to advance the film were so large that they were simply too cumbersome to be effective. Thus, it was the cameraman himself who would crank the film at a steady rate to expose the frames. When it came to showing the film, on the other hand, motor driven projectors were quite convenient, and by the 1920's a standard 24 frames per second was established for projecting films. Filming, however, remained unstandardized due to the inherent variation in recording speeds, since it depended directly on ...
    Related: film, film industry, film production, saving private, digital age
  • I Have Had Many Theaterrelated Experiences Every Chapter That I Have Read In My Theater Book Has Allowed Me To Make A Connect - 1,356 words
    I have had many theater-related experiences. Every chapter that I have read in my theater book has allowed me to make a connection to my past experiences with theater performances. I have also seen many plays and could relate to things an audience sees by reading the book. My first theater experience ever is when I was in the Nutcracker. We did a ballet performance for this play. I was very young when I did this, but I remember my instructor always saying that we must make contact with our audience through movements. Since in ballet you can not talk, you have to express the emotions that you are feeling to the audience through movement. This was very difficult. I must say that acting with wo ...
    Related: connect, theater, work experience, high school, biggest challenge
  • Land Of Desire - 1,128 words
    Land Of Desire Land of Desire: Merchants, Power, and the Rise of a New American Culture William Leach Random House; 1993 428 Pages The transformations that America went through in order to become a capitalist country were very significant and are sometimes looked past. However, in the book Land of Desire, the author, William Leach extensively goes into many of those things. There were many things that went into this ranging from specific poeple and incidents to outside places and things. Leach shows each individual ordeal and explains the personal effect that it had on the industry, as well as how society accepted, or in some cases condemned such things. All of this comes from his own educat ...
    Related: random house, american culture, personal goals, split, reform
  • Mount Everest - 1,446 words
    Mount Everest The speakers words silenced the audience as he began, On the night of May 10, 1996 a blizzard swept over Mount Everest, striking more than thirty mountain climbers with heavy snow, subzero temperatures, and unbelievably strong winds. In the next twenty-four hours, eight of the climbers, including three professional guides were dead. This night would become the most ill fated attempt ever to summit Mount Everest. Among these climbers was a 49-year old Dallas pathologist and an amateur climber, Dr. Beck Weathers, who was left to die in the icy storm 300 yards from his camp. Miraculously, Dr. Weathers survived and came back from his ordeal to speak of his experiences, and to tell ...
    Related: everest, mount, mount everest, associated press, self esteem
  • Once Upon A Psychological Theory - 2,118 words
    Once Upon A Psychological Theory Once Upon A Psychological Theory An Analysis of Psychological Hypotheses in Fairy Tales and Their Affect on Childhood Development INDEX I. Personal Statement II. Introduction III. Piaget A. Childhood Development i. Sensory-Motor Stage ii. Preoperational Stage ii. Stage Of Concrete Operations iii. Stage Of Formal Operations IV. Erikson A. Autonomy And Social Development i. Theory ii. The Goose Girl V. Freud A. The Id, The Ego And The Super Ego i. Theory ii. The Three Little Pigs B. Oedipus i. The Myth Of Oedipus ii. Theory ii. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs iii. Cinderella iv. Rapunzel VI. Conclusion VII. Bibliography PERSONAL STATEMENT The object of psycholo ...
    Related: psychological, psychological development, psychological theory, stage theory, social development
  • Pink Floyd - 1,117 words
    ... e previously mentioned song (Povey 143). It is necessary to study the lyrics from the song to understand it. Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky. Shine on you crazy diamond. You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom, blown on the steel breeze. It is up to the mind whether or not these lyrics make references to Syd Barrett. While Pink Floyd was an excellent band, it had some following that were not incredibly good for their image. Once such instance points to a Los Angeles show in 1977, in which over 500 people were arrested for the use or possession of marijuana. The ...
    Related: floyd, pink, pink floyd, dark side, works cited
  • Subject: English - 275 words
    Subject: English Judy Garland Judy Garland's real name was Frances Gumm. Judy and her two older sisters changed their stage name to Garland. A year later Frances changed her name to Judy.At age 13 a man named Louis B. Mayer was so impressed by her voice that he sighed her on a contract for M.G.M. Her first real screen appearance was called "Every Sunday". She also appeared in "Pigskin Parade". She sang "Dear Mr. Gable" in "Broadway Melody of 1938". Judy Stared in "Thorough Breds Don't Cry". Her frequent screen Partner was Mickey Rooney. The film that made her a world famous movie star was of course , "The Wizard of Oz''. Her role as Dorothy made it's way into the hearts of millions. The Wiza ...
    Related: wizard of oz, movie star, st louis, movies, orchestra
  • The Dvd Revolution - 1,087 words
    The DVD Revolution The DVD Revolution Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the features and advantages of DVD video. Central Idea: The DVD video format has superior audio and visual quality to VHS, as well as more special features, which is why it should eventually occupy the place of the VCR in American households. Introduction Id like to start things out by taking a survey. How many of you remember having a CD player in your house fifteen years ago? Not very many of you, I see. Of course, we all have CD players now. It took a little over a decade and some major price drops, but eventually we all threw out our old vinyl and cassettes and opted for the excellent sound quality and co ...
    Related: central idea, north american, grand jury, format, tomorrow
  • The Old Religion: Why Are They Pagans - 667 words
    The Old Religion: Why Are They Pagans? The Old Religion An excerpt from the Malleus Maleficarum written by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger reads, "Witches are so called on account of the blackness of their guilt, that is to say their deeds are more evil than those of any other malefactors. They stir up and confound the elements by the aid of the devil and arouse terrible hailstorms and tempests. They distract the minds of men driving them to madness, insane hatred, and inordinate lusts. By the terrible influence of their spells alone as it were by a draught of poison they can destroy life." The mere mention of the words witch or witchcraft automatically bring to mind either the green skin ...
    Related: great religions, malleus maleficarum, christian tradition, bunny, automatically
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