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  • 1984: A Bleak Prediction Of The Future - 1,222 words
    1984: A Bleak Prediction Of The Future Nineteen Eighty-Four was written by a major contributor to anticommunist literature around the World War II period, and is one of the greatest stories of an anti-utopian society ever. Nineteen Eighty-Four was not written solely as an entertaining piece of literature or as a dream of what the future could be like, it was written as a warning of what could happen as a result of communism and totalitarianism. This was not necessarily a widely popular vision of the future at the time of publication, but it was certainly considered a possibility by many people. The popular vision of the future, if analyzed as from a character in the book's point of view, som ...
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  • A Loyalist And His Life - 1,490 words
    A Loyalist And His Life The called me M.J., that stood for Michael Jones. It was the early part of April in 1760 when I departed an English port and headed across the waters for the North American colonies where I planned to settle, start a family, and begin what I hoped to be a very prosperous life. It was the summer if 1760 when I planted my feet and my heart in Boston along with several black slaves that I purchased when I arrived here. I brought a hefty 10,000 British pounds in my purse, which was my entire life savings. I was twenty-two years old, turning twenty-three in the fall. I had heard so many wonderful things about this place and I could not wait to get here. When I first arrive ...
    Related: common sense, north american, american colonies, atlantic, personally
  • Air Pollution - 1,567 words
    Air Pollution Acid rain is a problem that has plagued earth for years. It is poisoning our waters, animals, plants, soil, and more. It is a problem that can not be ignored or it might have catastrophic results on our environment. Acid rain is caused by air pollution, which is due to man-made actions. Scientists have discovered that air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels is the major cause of acid rain. Power plants and factories burn coal and oil, which is used to produce the electricity we need to heat and light our homes and to run our electric appliances. We also burn natural gas, coal, and oil to heat our homes, and our cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes use gasoline to run, whic ...
    Related: air pollution, pollution, pollution prevention, power plants, fossil fuel
  • Beginning Of House Music - 1,254 words
    Beginning Of House Music Early House To trace the origins of todays house music, one needs to time travel back to the 80s, following a bizarre trail that spans the Atlantic ocean, hits the Mediterranean dance floors of Ibiza, sneak into the backdoors of New Yorks recording studios, and have V.I.P. passes to the clubs of Chicago and London. Since we cant deliver any of that, heres a brief retelling of the birth of modern dance music. House musics earliest roots are found in the musical hotspots of Chicago around 1985. Transplanted New York DJ Frankie Knuckles had a regular gig at a club called The Warehouse. Knuckles would tinker with soul and disco tunes by laying down a drum machine-generat ...
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  • Black Sabbath - 503 words
    Black Sabbath Jenny dont know what love is. But really Jenny is the one that doesnt know what love is. Then Jenny starts to try to get a ride She is running away from Forrest. Then Forrest tells her he is going to Vietnam. Jenny stops and looks at him then tells him not to be brave if youre in trouble or danger run. Forrest writes her letters everyday and then he signs every letter with Love Forrest. But Jenny sends them all back. Well he is there Jenny gets into more bad relationships and drugs. Forrest and Jenny meat again when he is saying something with Abby. They run to each other she yells Forrest and then he shouts Jenny. That night Jenny Shows Forrest around Washington DC. Then they ...
    Related: black panther, black sabbath, sabbath, true love, abby
  • Born In Boston In 1809, Edgar Poe Was Destined To Lead A Rather Somber And Brief Life, Most Of It - 1,175 words
    ... se ideas, along with those of Plato, the Neoplatonists, Asian mystics, and SWEDENBORG, strongly influenced his philosophy. Returning home (1835), he settled in Concord, Mass., which he, Margaret FULLER, THOREAU, and others made a center of TRANSCENDENTALISM. He stated the movement's main principles in Nature (1836), stressing the mystical unity of nature. A noted lecturer, Emerson called for American intellectual independence from Europe in his Phi Beta Kappa address at Harvard ("The American Scholar," 1837 [.txt-only version]). In an address at the Harvard divinity school (1838), he asserted that redemption could be found only in one's own soul and intuition. Emerson developed transcend ...
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  • California Water - 1,385 words
    California Water What do we use all this water for? Of all the water that falls to California, 60% is immediately returned to the atmosphere by evaporation or native plant use. The rest runs off into rivers, lakes, streams and the water table, where it is available for human use. We will explain what happens to all this water, show exactly how much water we do use, and give ways to reduce water use in and around your home. The single largest user of water is industry. Industries use 46% of our annual water supply. One industrial use is manufacturing, in various ways such as cooling of materials, washing of materials, products, tools, and equipment. For example, by the time a Sunday paper get ...
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  • Cause For Violent Protest - 763 words
    Cause For Violent Protest Every person, everywhere, with no exceptions has experienced fear. Fear, to be afraid, has hit us all, whether it was fear of failing, or fear for your own personal safety. Fear is what keeps us on our alert edge. It kept you from jumping off the high dive when you were a child for fear you would get injured, and it kept you up late studying for fear of failing. It is the realization of consequences in the immediate or distant future. There are many forms of fear and we benefit from all of them. It never makes you do anything you do not want to do, and gets the consequences going through your head. Fear of failure in our classroom makes us work harder, and fear of d ...
    Related: protest, dark ages, major depression, decision making, incredible
  • Cosmetic Surgery - 1,893 words
    Cosmetic Surgery Nobody knows about cosmetic surgery better than Edward Mondeck and his two children, ages 9 and 11. Rosemarie Mondeck, 39, decided to have a bit of tummy fat removed after having two kids. She let the doctors use a new procedure called tumescent liposuction. The patients are primed prior to surgery by injecting large amounts of diluted local anesthetic and epinephrine, drugs that shrink capillaries. They reduce bleeding and make it easier to suck fat out according to doctors. After the drugs were injected, Rosemarie went into cardiac arrest and died. "All she had was a fatty area above her bellybutton," states Edward. Look at what can happen. This goes to show you that cosme ...
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  • Dubliners By James Joyce - 1,479 words
    Dubliners By James Joyce James Joyce's Dubliners was written in 1914 right at the onset of World War I breaking out in Europe. It is a journey through the stages of life itself: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, public life and finally death. Each one of the stories in the novel fall into one of these stages. "After the Race" falls into the adolescence aspect of the book. It does this because the characters have not yet grown up. Although they are adults they are still immature. Jimmy is easily fooled into gambling away all of his money. He never regretted it. He was actually happy that Routh won the game and took everyone's money. Because of actions like this they are very carefree about h ...
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  • Ethan Fromes Psych - 1,011 words
    Ethan Frome's Psych. Ethan Frome as a Psychological Novel When Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote his novel, The Scarlet Letter, he was praised as being the father of the psychological novel. Since the completion of his landmark story, many other authors have taken their work in similar directions and have tried to reveal human psychology through their writing. Authors have been trying to convey truths about human behavior and explain the human psyche, often unsuccessfully. Edith Whartons novel, Ethan From, is an excellent example of a novel that succeeds in revealing truths. She fills her characters with nuances that reflect the subconscious and her setting is alive with reflected symbolism. She is ...
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  • Frankenstein - 859 words
    Frankenstein The novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley is an excellent example of the Romantic Movement. The movement took place in the period from the late 1700's to the mid-1800; it emphasized passion rather than reason and imagination and intuition rather than logic. One of the key concepts most Romantic writers used was, nature is a source of inspiration. They believed that people who lived in an industrialized area were unhappy because the environment around them was not full of the beautiful gifts of nature. While people who lived in the countryside all their lives were full of happiness as a result of their surroundings. This concept is beautifully brought out in Frankenstein. Having th ...
    Related: frankenstein, natural philosophy, romantic movement, mary shelley, dread
  • Good Man Is Hard To Find - 1,424 words
    Good Man Is Hard To Find In Flanney OConners, "A Good Man is Hard to Find" a great deal of irony is used to express her views on how society and culture in the present day and how it has changed from the past. OConnor used the familys grandmother as a key component in the story because of her personality and also because of her old age. She was able to show her feeling about the deterioration of respect for family and elders through the grandmother. The tales idea explores into deeper things then just respect. As the story continues many spiritual observations are made and the regards to how the "old South" views on religion and "common blood" used to be. The beginning of the story is an imp ...
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  • Good Man Is Hard To Find - 1,405 words
    Good Man Is Hard To Find Flannery OConnor A Good Man Is Hard To Find A Southern American novelist and short story writer, Miss O Connors career spanned the 1950s and early 60s, a time when the South was dominated by Protestant Christians. OConnor was born and raised Catholic. She was a fundamentalist and a Christian moralist whose powerful apocalyptic fiction is focused in the South. Flannery OConnor was born March 25, 1925, in Savannah, Georgia. O Connor grew up on a farm with her parents Regina and Edward O Connor. At the age of five, she taught a chicken to walk backwards. OConnor attended Georgia State College for women, now Georgia College, in Milledgeville, majoring in sociology. She h ...
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  • Hamlet - 1,447 words
    Hamlet And II The King tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to investigate Hamlet's madness .. . Polonius's theory of Hamlet's madness . . . Polonius examines Hamlet . .. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern examine Hamlet . . . The players arrive . .. Hamlet's second soliloquy. Enter King and Queen, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: The King welcomes "dear Rosencrantz and Guildenstern" (2.2.1), and immediately gets down to business. They, friends of Hamlet, are supposed to hang out with him, so that they can find out what's wrong with him. The King says that he "cannot dream of" what might be wrong with Hamlet, other than his father's death. Of course, we've already learned that the King killed Hamlet's ...
    Related: hamlet, polonius hamlet, the prince, common sense, dignity
  • Hamlet - 1,783 words
    Hamlet The first part of this scene, between Polonius and Reynaldo, is not necessary to the plot of the play, and is often cut from performances. That's a shame, because it's lots of fun. Polonius thinks he is very wise, and Reynaldo, a sort of superior butler, knows otherwise. Polonius is sending money and notes (maybe more advice) to his son, Laertes, but he's suspicious about what Laertes might be up to. He seems to assume that if Laertes is fooling around, he will lie about it, so Polonius has a plan. His fetch of wit (2.1.38) is for Reynaldo to find some friends of Laertes, and say certain things about him, such as he's very wild, and see what the friends say. (Later, Hamlet, in trying ...
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  • Images Of Women - 1,096 words
    ... ed away" from him. The reason why she left is alluded to in the second stanza, most likely a misunderstanding between the two parties. Even though the woman is now again out of reach, the narrator still idealizes her. He remembers her at her perfection, with flowers in her arms and in her hair. Even the quote above the poem indicates his admiration: "O quam te memorem virgo..." , O remember the maiden. [5] In Rhapsody on a Windy Night, Eliot evokes images and sounds that describe his consummate woman. The moon "winks", "smiles", and"smooths the hair" of the grass, actions similar to the actions of a woman. The moon also represents a symbol of chastity Collier 5 and purity of woman. Again ...
    Related: men and women, t. s. eliot, portrait of a lady, the narrator, guilt
  • In His Essay, On The Bench, Robert Parker Shows The Trials And Tribulations Of Trying To Be Both Mentally And Physically Stro - 262 words
    In his essay, "On The Bench", Robert Parker shows the trials and tribulations of trying to be both mentally and physically strong. He writes about how horrible it is being thin and weak, and having to hold on to his wifes arm when it is windy out. I hope that this essay was intended to be humorous, because it did in fact make me laugh. The first thing that made me chuckle in this essay is the fact that he had his wife sign for his new set of weights. To read about a man that insecure about himself is ridiculous. Shouldnt he have been proud of himself that he was taking a step to becoming more "manly"? He said himself, "a boy needs a strong father", well if I saw my father hiding from the del ...
    Related: mentally, parker, role model, bench, realization
  • Macbeth Act 2:14 - 3,159 words
    ... the king stirring, worthy thane? (2.3.45). Enter Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth: Woe, alas! / What, in our house? (2.3.87-88). Enter Malcolm and Donalbain. Macduff: Your royal father 's murder'd (2.3.100). Enter a Porter: In the previous scene, we heard a repeated knocking. (You might be interested in reading Thomas DeQuincey's famous comments on the significance of the knocking, in his essay, On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth.) The knocking frightened Macbeth and made Lady Macbeth hurry to cover up their crime. She led Macbeth away to change into nightclothes and to wash King Duncan's blood off his hands. The knocking continues, louder and more impatient, and now we see a Porter com ...
    Related: lady macbeth, macbeth, human life, king duncan, ambition
  • Matthew Funk - 1,420 words
    Matthew Funk Block 2 Geography Report 1-5-99 Location: Absolute: The center of the country of Czech Republic is located at 50 degrees North and 16 degrees East. Relative: The Czech Republic is in the North-Eastern Hemisphere. It is also located on the continent of Asia. The Czech Republic is in the geographic center of Europe. The country also shares borders with four other countries (Poland, Germany, Austria, and Solvakia). The Czech territory is placed between two principal mountain systems in Europe, The Hercynian and Alpine-Himalayan. Place: Physical: The Czech Republic has four major mountain ranges, 3 of them are protected by the country. Krkonose (Giant Mountains) This range stretches ...
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