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  • Commentary On The Poem Of The Cid - 1,711 words
    Commentary On The Poem Of The Cid Chris Irwin Commentary on Poem of the Cid Poetry played a vital role in the dissemination of information during the Crusade period. It provided a compact, easily memorized way of spreading news in a time bereft of the benefit of mass printing. According to Michael Routledge, who penned a chapter on Crusade songs and poetry in The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades, poetry was not only a way of recording and spreading news of current events, but also served to record and extoll the virtues and values of the ruling Medieval aristocracy. These values included commitment to one's lord, and an acceptance of the feudal duties of auxilium (armed help in tim ...
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  • Dark Angel Bookreport - 1,855 words
    Dark Angel Bookreport title = Dark Angel Bookreport Dark Angel By: L.J. Smith Chapter 1 -- This story starts out with Gillian Lennox walking home from school. Gillian was going to get ride from a friend but she had already left. When she reached the wooded area she heard crying. She went to investigate. She followed the sound to the creek where she lost her balance and fell in the icy river. Chapter 2 -- She worked her way over to the left bank and grabbed some roots as she went by and she was able to hold on and pull herself out of the river. She was now trying to find a way out of the woods. She had trouble walking so she took off her jacket, but she still kept on falling. She finally sat ...
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  • Juveniles And The Death Penalty - 1,053 words
    ... Prejean v. Blackburn in 1984, a seventeen year old was given the death penalty and put to death for the same crime. These inconsistencies challenge the justice of the American Judiciary System, and also the strength of the Constitution. That is whats wrong with the age limit. Too many juveniles receive a slap on the wrist while others have to take the full punishment. As the number of cases turned over to the criminal courts increases, the publics recognition that juveniles can and do commit serious felonies also increases. For example, if a youth who is not old enough to be considered an adult is charged with a capital offense, his or her case can be transferred to a criminal court if ...
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  • Manchester United - 1,489 words
    Manchester United Manchester United Football Club Club History Manchester United Football Club is one of the most successful clubs in Britain along with the likes of Liverpool, Rangers and Arsenal but in this paper I will take a look why United are simply just the best there is. The Birth Of A Legend It all started way back in the 1870s when a group of railway workers decided to form a football club to play in on the weekends. They called the team The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Club but in 1878 renamed themselves Newton Heath. In the early 1890s the Football League accepted their application to join the league and were placed in the First Division, as there was two divisions. ...
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  • Manchester United - 1,378 words
    ... ion will allow each club to effectively run its own channel thus cutting out the middleman broadcaster which, in this and many cases, is Sky. BSkyB will doubtless be keen to secure broadcasting or takeover deals with Premier League clubs before this starts to happen. However, any such deal will be investigated by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), as are all takeovers. The OFT will examine whether or not the buyout will have competition implications - restricting the access to televise Man Utd. games, for instance. If the OFT finds that there are implications of this nature the deal would be referred to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (MMC). BSkyB is already being taken to the High ...
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  • The First Battle Of Manassas - 650 words
    The First Battle of Manassas The First Battle of Manassas On a hot summer day in July of 1861 there stood about 30,000 Union troops lead by General Irvin McDowell ready to march out and capture Richmond and end the war. For the troops were young volunteers and thought that the battle would only last one day. But they were wrong for the battle of Manassas or otherwise known as Bull Run lasted more then one day the battle lasted six days instead. The Confederates had 22,000 men who were headed by Gen. Pierre G.T. Beauregard, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, Col. Nathan Evans, Barnard Bee, Col. Francis Bartow, and Gen. Thomas J. Jackson. As the Union army marched towards Richmond they had little knowle ...
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