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  • Avantgo Vs Palm Vii - 663 words
    Avantgo Vs. Palm Vii AvantGo: Palm Inc: Palm developer site: There are many people trying to find the best solution for wireless web browsing. At this time there are two major competitors, AvantGo, which uses any standard Palm device with AvantGo Server software installed on the desktop, and AvantGo Client, and Mobile Application Link software installed on the Palm. Then there is the Palm VII device that uses a wireless modem and a connection to a specialized ISP called While using a Palm device with or without a modem, it is possible to access web content. If you have a wireless modem it is possible to dial a ...
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  • Chief Web Designer - 450 words
    Chief Web Designer Summary A chief web designer is responsible for designing and maintaining the look and feel of a web site as well as designing and publishing content for one key product area on a site. This person will work independently and with other web designers to develop key cross-product areas of the site such as the commerce area, the support area, the galleries, feature tours, product navigation pages, and the home page. A chief web designer will work with a web design team, product marketing managers, and others to create cutting edge graphics and animations, design and maintain clear navigation and site organization, and create guidelines that ensure consistent branding and cor ...
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  • Copyright And Patent Fraud - 1,429 words
    ... became involved in this lawsuit with a motorcycle parts and repair shop called the Hog Farm in San Jose, California, in 1991. The Hog Farm owners argued that a hog referred to any large motorcycle. In this case, Harley-Davidson filed for a trademark of the nickname hog, and was able to win the case. (Fritz 30) An article in the Los Angeles Times reports that on July 5th, 1995, Federal agents raided a stuffy yellow warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, where twelve men were cheating the Chanel Clothing Company of large profits. These few men make money by copying Chanel's crossed C logo and selling the fake product with a 500-per cent markup. (Simon A1) Most counterfeiting products tend to ...
    Related: copyright, copyright infringement, fraud, patent, patent laws, patent office, united states patent
  • Interactive Tv - 1,354 words
    ... termediate users, such as service providers (retailers, information providers, banks, and publishers) who could be persuaded to share in the technology based vision were generally involved in a partnership and exclusive manner. However there is a problem facing developers of these network systems such as interactive television. While the technology can be made to work in the lab, these systems depend on building a critical mass of users (e.g. Rogers 1995 p. 313, Schneider 1991) among many others), and on the content and uses of the system. These non-technical elements are much more difficult and expensive to develop from scratch, and to a large extent out of the control of developers, es ...
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  • Internet Rating Systems: Censors By Default - 1,233 words
    ... me ammunition on their side, the first amendment for one and the technological shortcomings of the PICS system second. One such technological shortcoming questions how would a labeling system keep up with the ever-changing web. With new web content moving through cyberspace constantly, how can all that content be labeled? Voluntary self-labeling is the answer according to the Clinton administration (Weber 1). But that brings up many of it's own questions. The first question is: What happens if the webmaster -the person who creates the web site- decides not to volunteer? The answer is simple. The site is blocked, because the PICS system must, by default, block unlabeled sites in order to ...
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