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  • Voyager Out By Katherine Frank - 1,725 words
    Voyager Out By Katherine Frank Katherine Franks novel A Voyager Out tells the life story of Mary Kingsley. She talks of her childhood, her young adult life, and her traveling life. She wanted to tell the world what this woman explorer did for Africa. Mary Kingsley had a famous family, many of whom were writers. Mary herself wrote two books. In her books however, she leaves out a lot about her life. A lot of what Katherine Frank had discovered came from Marys letters to friends while traveling. Some people who were the recipients of her letters found it odd that she put so much into her correspondences. In one case, she wrote a ten-page letter to a friend. His response to her was that she was ...
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  • Voyager Out By Katherine Frank - 1,789 words
    ... could not say no. She ended up having a lot of luggage because of the many care packages she was bringing to various parts of Africa. While in Christianborg Mary discovered just how bad the white mans death toll was. She was being given a tour of the Christianborg cemetery and she noted two wooden hoods covering empty graves. When she asked what these were for, she was told that they always had two graves dug ready for the white man to die. She was rather shocked at this revelation, and did not at first believe the necessity for these graves. The tour guide told her that just a few days past two men died before noon and then two more died later on in the evening. Mary wrote about this i ...
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  • Voyager System - 1,578 words
    Voyager System Section A This report contents information about the Voyager System used by the Access Services Department of Harvey A. Andruss Library. The computerized system function as an integrated library animation that depends on a network support service. It is linked to a main server in Shippensburg. This server enables the library to share information with the seven Pennsylvania state universities. So, the students, staffs, faculties and Pennsylvania residences can have access to educational materials. The focuses of the report are to describe the configuration of the voyager system and its operations, not forgetting the possible suggestion to improve the system. The Harvey A. Andru ...
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  • Voyager System - 1,658 words
    ... And every policy groups are required to have at least one receive location. Every received location is defined just as the order/claim/pay location. But what will occur when a new ledger is added? Well, when a new ledger is added to a location, all locations within this policy group are displayed to the screen. Then the operator has to select the location that applied to the new ledger. After completing this task, the fiscal period of the ledger must be indicated in the process to describe when the ledger was created. And the new ledger is given storage and activity's zone in the system After a ledger is created, how are they retrieved and updated? The acquisitions module has the feature ...
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  • 100 Years Of History - 1,781 words
    ... dium, Henry Hank Aaron, breaks the record set by Babe Ruth, and hits his 715 Th home run, the 40-year old Brave hit it off of Dodgers pitcher Al Downing. On August 8 Richard Nixon, faced with impeachment, became the first president to quit, he announced his quitting, in Washington, D.C. 1975 On January 12, the stunning Steeler defense held Tarkenton and to Vikings to a standstill in New Orleans, where the Pittsburgh Steelers went on to win their first Super bowl 16-6 over the Minnesota Vikings. On July 17-19 the American Apollo 8, with Thomas P Stafford, Vance D Brand, and Donald K Slayton, hooked up with the Soyuz 19, Aleksei A Leonov and Valeri N Kubasov. On April 29 the Vietnam war en ...
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  • Akria - 930 words
    Akria Akira is a beautiful and also haunting film. It gives the viewer a look into a post apocalyptic Japan 30 years after an H-bomb destroys Tokyo. It follows a gang of punk bickers when one of their friends are captured and tested for a project the government called Akira. When their friend cannot control his new powers it leads to his distraction at the end of the film. With a sometimes-spiritual theme Akira was a groundbreaking film in the world of animation. In the years sense has the film developed a cult following from young men. Akira in many film historians minds is the film that started the animation revolution of the nineteen nineties. The vision of creator Katsuhiro Otomo, who or ...
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  • Closest To The Sun - 1,074 words
    ---- Closest to the sun ---- Smallest of the inner planets ---- Temperatures reach up to 1,380 F ---- Has low gravity, therefore there is no atmosphere ---- Orbits the sun once every 88 days ---- Surface is devoid of basalt - a hard, dense type of volcanic rock that has a glassy appearance ---- High density which implies that there is a large iron or nickel-ore core ---- Fun/Interesting Fact* Mercury's perihelion (the time at which the planet is the closest distance from the sun) advances 43 seconds of arc per century. ---- Second planet that is closest to the sun ---- Earth's twin--has the same density, mass, diameter and rock composition ---- High surface temperatures reaching near 900 F - ...
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  • Cole Porter - 1,249 words
    ... her life. They were married on December 19, 1919 to live a happy but mostly successful although sexless marriage until Linda's death in 1954 The Later Years After early success with one-offs like Don't Fence Me In, re- released in a World War II musical called Hollywood Canteen, Cole signed some contracts to do work for the film industry. The first film to contain a Cole Porter song was The Battle of Paris from 1929, but his two tunes from that movie had little impact on his career because of the low quality of the film in general. Cole was happy with many aspects of the Hollywood community, including the liberal gay enclave called movie industry population. Although there is some disput ...
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  • Cole Porter - 1,249 words
    ... her life. They were married on December 19, 1919 to live a happy but mostly successful although sexless marriage until Linda's death in 1954 The Later Years After early success with one-offs like Don't Fence Me In, re- released in a World War II musical called Hollywood Canteen, Cole signed some contracts to do work for the film industry. The first film to contain a Cole Porter song was The Battle of Paris from 1929, but his two tunes from that movie had little impact on his career because of the low quality of the film in general. Cole was happy with many aspects of the Hollywood community, including the liberal gay enclave called movie industry population. Although there is some disput ...
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  • Excellence, Popularity, Typicality Discuss The Relative Merits Of Each Of These As A Basis For The Inclusion Of Films In A Fi - 1,439 words
    ... be successful with a 15+ certificate, it relies even more on hype and controversy over its content; the most successful have controversial violence and gore like 'The Exorcist'(Friedkin, 1973) or sexual content for example 'Basic Instinct'(Verhoeven, 1992). Based only on the most profitable films, popularity is a very limited area of film to study as part of film history. In part this is due to the problems with the calculation of box office receipts, which is hugely biased towards modern films. It does not take into account inflation or the rise in ticket prices, so older films would have to have been seen by many times the number of people of modern films in order to have the same box ...
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  • Funerary Papyrus Of Ani - 734 words
    Funerary Papyrus Of Ani The Feather of Maat. Funerary Papryus of Ani dates probably from about 1306 B.C. and is the most richly illustrated of all known copies of the Book of the Dead. It is of great length, measuring no less than 76 feet. The Feather of Maat . Funerary Papryus of Ani was purchased for the British Museum in 1888 by Dr E. Wallis Budge, and is said to have been found at Thebes, 450 miles above Cairo. This collection of funerary chapters began to appear in Egyptian tombs. It can be thought of as the deceased's guidebook to a happy afterlife. The text was intended to be read by the deceased during their journey into the Underworld. Egyptian burial rites included the recitation o ...
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  • Gender Roles In Star Trek Next Generation - 1,713 words
    Gender Roles In Star Trek Next Generation Gender Roles In Star Trek Next Generation In 1966 a series called Star Trek was created. It's creator, Gene Roddenberry, did not create the show to be a science fiction series. The series was much deeper than that. It wasn't just about discovering new planets and civilizations. It was about controversial issues. Even though the series' take place in the 23rd and 24th century the issues struck with the times and related current issues. Through each series, The Original, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, there has been progression with the times and the issues. The issues that surround the episodes of Star Trek include race, religion, sexua ...
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  • Great Expations - 1,102 words
    ... Herbert Chapter 17 Setting: the first night in london; Pip finds a friend in Herbert Pocket and learns Miss H's Pip becomes good friends w/ Herbert Pocket ( he was the pale youngstory Herbert says that Estella was excessivelygentlemen, Pip had fought long ago) Herbert's father was Miss H'sproud and fickle/ Estella was adopted by Miss H Miss Herbert gives Pip the nickname Handel, after a famous composer cousin H's story- Miss h mother died when she was a baby, and her father spoiled her. Her father married a cook, and Miss h now had a half brother. The son turned out riotous, extravagant, undutiful-altogether bad. A man pursued Miss H closely and Mi ...
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  • Jupiter Moons - 1,332 words
    Jupiter Moons Jupiter, the largest of the Jovian planets, reigns supreme throughout the solar system. Named after the Roman god Jove, the ruler of Olympus; "Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and is also the largest planet in the Earth's solar system. It is 318 times moremassive than Earth and is two thirds of the planetary mass in the solar system. Jupiter's surface, unlike earth, is gaseous and not a solid. It is about 90% hydrogen and 10% helium with traces of methane, ammonia, water and rock. Jupiter's interior is very similar to the Sun's interior but with a far lower temperature."(Columbia) However, it is still unknown for certain, but Jupiter is believed to have a core of liquid ...
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  • Jupiter Moons - 1,310 words
    ... art of the process by which Jupiter itself formed." (Fimmel) "Accretion is the accumulation of dust and gas into larger bodies." (Astronomy) Ganymede is the largest satellite in the solar system; with a diameter of 3,268 mi (5,262 km), it is larger than the planet Mercury. In 1979 Io was observed by Voyager I and II and was found to have several active volcanoes actually in eruption during the spacecraft flyby. Io is the innermost of the Galilean satellites. Io's size and density is very similar to our own Moon, and it the most dense of the Galilean satellites. "When the Galileo spacecraft flew by Io in December 1995; it discovered that Io has an iron inner core. A high-altitude ionosphe ...
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  • Power Mac G4 - 927 words
    Power Mac G4 With its Pentium-crushing speed and new design, the Power Mac G4 picks up where the old Macintosh (G3) left off. Its enclosure is now highly polished silver and graphite, yet it still offers easy access to every internal component through its swing-open side door. With PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine, the computer speeds up to 450MHz, one megabyte of backside level-2 cache running at half the processor speed, and a 100MHz system bus supporting up to 800-megabytes-per-second data throughput, the Power Mac G4 delivers high performance. And when youve completed your projects, shooting those big files across the network is a snap, because every new Power Mac G4 comes with 10/100BASE ...
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  • Richard The Iii - 1,636 words
    Richard The Iii INTRODUCTION Thomas More's sainthood has been under great controversy even after a century of his death. It was not until 1866 that he was declared a saint. This declaration came about after many debates and votes of acceptance both by the people and by the church. While the English Church was still bound by King Henry VIII's Supremacy Act, Thomas More was rumored to have been a deceitful character of the court. He was declared unorthodox who went against the Church (Roper, 1935). He was also said to have gone against the doctrines of the church because he went against the King of England. In modern times the portrayal of, partially, Richard the III and Thomas More is seen to ...
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  • Saturn - 1,391 words
    Saturn Saturn Saturn is one of the most interesting planets in the solar system. It is the sixth planet in the solar system, and is most famous for its stunning array of rings. It is a very easy planet to pick out in the sky because it is one of the brightest lights in the shy. It also has a very faint greenish color that makes it stand out from the rest of the objects in the sky (Astronomy for Kids). Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter being the only planet that is bigger. It also has at least eighteen moons, more than any other planet in the solar system. There have been three voyages to this extraordinary planet, and one is still in process today. The Pioneer ...
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  • Saturn - 1,287 words
    ... Saturn, has been a major process in shaping the solar system. Mimas is marked by a huge impact crater called Herschel that is fully one-fourth the diameter of Mimas itself. This crater makes Mimas look like a staring eyeball, giving it the nickname Death Star. The impact that formed it was almost intense enough to blast Mimas into fragments. This moon is the innermost of Saturns large moons, orbiting outside the rings of its parent planet. Herschek is 140 kilometers (90 miles) across and 10 kilometers (6 miles) deep. It is one of the largest craters, with respect to planetary diameter, in the solar system (Great Space Place). Enceladus, another of Saturns moons, is located in the center ...
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  • Sinbad The Sailor - 904 words
    Sinbad The Sailor Sinbad, the Non-Classical Hero The stories on Sinbad the Voyager from the Arabian nights, are fantastic tales of voyages of a merchant named Sinbad. The stories are told as Sinbad tells them to a humble porter named Hindbad, who after complaining about his lack of financial fortune outside of Sindbads luxurious home is invited into Sindbad's home. Sinbad offers Hindbad dinner and a hundred sequins, a substantial amount, to listen to his stories. Throughout the stories of Sinbad the Voyager in the Arabian Nights the main character Sinbad lacks the classic properties of a hero and is only respected because of his exotic stories and his wealth. Sinbad throughout his stories fa ...
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