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  • Griswold V Connecticut - 1,076 words
    Griswold V. Connecticut On June 7th 1965, married couples in the State of Connecticut received the right to acquire and benefit from contraceptive devises. In a majority decision by the United States Supreme Court, seven out of the nine judges believed that sections 53-32 and 54-196 of the General Statues of Connecticut , violated the right of privacy guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. The case set precedence by establishing marital (and later constitutional) privacy, and had notable influence on three later controversial ruling=s in Roe v. Wade (1973), Bowers v. Hardwick (1986) and Planned Parenthood of S.E. Pennsylvania v. Casey (1992) . The issue at hand was, and is still, one that s ...
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  • Pms Premenstrual Syndrome Defense - 839 words
    Pms (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) Defense The question has been posed, What characteristics of employees, other than those explicitly covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, can employers consider when hiring, firing, or promoting employees?. This is a question that has become critical to answer, as ADA claims exceeded 91,000 in number between 1992 and 1997. Of these claims, the agency discovered reasonable cause to believe that discrimination occurred in only 3.1% of the cases. Many of these claims were built on seemingly weak foundations. Actual cases of discrimination have been brought (and denied) on claims of disability due to myopia, body odor, infertility, and anxiety brought on by ...
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  • The Military: An Impetus For Social Reform - 991 words
    The Military: An Impetus For Social Reform The Military: An Impetus for Social Reform Revolutionary War The military since the Colonial Era has been an impetus for social reform in the United States. The Revolutionary War afforded Black Americans an opportunity to escape from the toils of slavery and fight for freedom. Some Black Americans even earned their freedom by fighting for the Colonists, but still the freedom they fought for wasn't their own. However, the military was responsible for the freedom of many slaves and some of these freed slaves became legendary soldiers like Salem Poor. His performance in battle gave credibility for future arguments about blacks being allowed to serve. I ...
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  • Thomas Jefferson - 663 words
    Thomas Jefferson What we know Jefferson best for is his infamous phrase in the Declaration of Independence: The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without this wed Never be in America speaking English, Spanish, Indian, and all other diverse languages. Like any one of us, Thomas was a living person, growing and changing. It was Virginia that Jefferson grew up in. Virginia was the largest American colony in size by the time he was born in April of 1743. Thomas was the 3rd born in his family. He had two older sisters. His father Peter had great strength. Everyone remembered the time Peter had taken two hogs head of tobacco weighing 1,000lbs each and lifted them from their sid ...
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  • Virginia Unemployment - 1,873 words
    Virginia Unemployment The economic situation differs from country to country, caused by difference in population, geography, monetary system, political situation and a lot of other factors. But even within one country there are always a number of regions that differ from one another by their economic performance. This situation is especially true for big countries like US. If the regions are too broadly defined, the economic diversity would be lost. If the regions are too narrowly defined, they are not likely to have any viability as economic entities, and this circumstance will increase the problem of developing good regional economic data pertinent to the individual regions. Economic indic ...
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  • Virginia Unemployment - 1,845 words
    ... ship but was not significant. Two other variables are significant at 85% level of significance, are positively related to employment. Increase of output stimulates an increase of demand for labor (increase in employment) and increase in wages and salaries stimulates more people to take a job. Graph 4 shows the growth rates of Regional employment and National employment Graph 4 US and Virginia Employment Growth Rate 1975-1997 Employment in Virginia is growing at a higher rate than in the US for the time period form 1982 to 1988. Over 20-year period of time regional and national employment growth rates are cointegrated. It is also useful to know what is the ratio of employment to a total p ...
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  • Wendt V Host - 4,611 words
    Wendt V. Host US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Case Name:WENDT V HOST INTERNATIONAL Case Number: Date Filed: 96-55243 12/28/99 FOR PUBLICATION UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT GEORGE WENDT, an individual; JOHN RATZENBERGER, an individual, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. No. 96-55243 HOST INTERNATIONAL, INC., a Delaware corporation, D.C. No. Defendant-Appellee, CV-93-00142-R and ORDER PARAMOUNT PICTURES, CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation, Defendant-Intervenor. Filed December 28, 1999 Before: Betty B. Fletcher and Stephen S. Trott, Circuit Judges, and Bruce S. Jenkins,1 District Judge. Order; Dissent by Judge Kozinski ORDER The panel has voted to deny the petition fo ...
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