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  • 5 Most Influential People In American History - 1,556 words
    5 Most Influential People In American History The United Sates has had a short yet complex history in its two hundred and twenty-four years. She has produced millions and millions of great individuals. These great minds have shaped what America is today. Others, however, have personally molded this magnificent nation with their own acts. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson are the most influential builders of the United States of America. John Adams was born loyal to the English Crown but evolved into the second President of the Free World. As a lawyer, Adams emerged into politics as an opponent of the Stamp Act and was a leader in the Revolutionary gro ...
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  • Art Of Persuasion - 707 words
    Art Of Persuasion The art of persuasion was one of the greatest assets possessed by the patriarchs of The United States. It allowed our founding fathers to preserve the fragile Nation through the decade of Revolution and left for its posterity the legacy of the most celebrated works of American history. Patrick Henry, in his address to the Virginia Convention, institutes effective use of the entire range of appeals, logos, ethos, and pathos giving the speech a quality of concrete infirmity which leaves the listener with no doubts; Virginia should join the Revolution of Independence. The logos faction of Henry's address utilizes firm facts to convince the listener that fighting or slavery are ...
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  • Constitution - 1,279 words
    Constitution With the Constitution the elite society protected rights for every American that would secure and ensure our nations existence for hundreds of years. Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States government was in a state of chaos. To end the existing chaos and build a stronger democratic society for the future, the government would need to be more powerful and centralized. Thus, the elite class established the rules and boundaries that would protect the rights of all citizens from a suppressive government. The Articles created a weak, almost non-existent government had neither an executive or judicial branch, which meant that it lacked enforcement powers. The newly for ...
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  • James Monroe - 481 words
    James Monroe James Monroe He was the fifth president of the United States (1817-1825) and the last of the so-called Virginia dynasty of U.S. presidents. Monroe was president during the Era of Good Feelings. James Monroe was one of five children born to Spence Monroe, a carpenter, and Elizabeth Jones Monroe. In 1775 Monroe left college to go to war. Monroe served in Congress for three years. In 1784, during a congressional recess, Monroe journeyed through the Western territories. After the Constitutional Convention drafted the new Constitution of the United States in 1787, Monroe was elected a delegate to the Virginia convention called to ratify it. In 1789 Monroe moved to Albemarle County, V ...
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  • Patrick Henery And Jonathan Edwards - 464 words
    Patrick Henery And Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards and Patrick Henrys biographies and speeches showed a lot of similar characteristics, but also many differences, Their speeches both contained incredible power and impact. Yet the effects and results were hardly on the same subject. Jonathan Edwards was a powerful speaker. He made his audience feel the words that he spoke. An example of this is in his speech, Sinners in the hands of and angry God when he says ...hell is gaping for them, the flames gather and flash about them, and would fain lay hold of them and swallow them up... Jonathans speeches influenced the lives of many people. His congregations feared sinning. They fainted and cried ...
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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Jonathan Edwards And Patrick Henry - 344 words
    The Similarities And Differences Of Jonathan Edwards And Patrick Henry The Similarities and Differences of Jonathan Edwards and Patrick Henry convey theiThere were many similarities and differences between speech styles of the early 1700's and the late 1700's. Speakers were known to use persuasive techniques in these time periods to influence their audience's opinions. Speakers were also using an oratory approach to their speeches. Two speakers of this time period were Jonathan Edwards and Patrick Henry. The persuasive techniques of these speakers were different due to their topics, their purpose, and their messages being conveyed, yet they were similar due to their authority, their strong s ...
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  • Thomas Jefferson - 1,843 words
    Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), 3d PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. As the author of the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, he is probably the most conspicuous champion of political and spiritual freedom in his country's history. He voiced the aspirations of the new nation in matchless phrase, and one may doubt if any other American has been so often quoted. As a public official--legislator, diplomat, and executive--he served the province and commonwealth of Virginia and the young American republic almost 40 years. While his services as a Revolutionary patriot have beenhonored by his countrymen with only slight dissent, his later and mor ...
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  • Thomas Jefferson Is Remembered In History Not Only For The - 1,134 words
    Thomas Jefferson is remembered in history not only for the offices he held, but also for his belief in the natural rights of man as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and his faith in the people's ability to govern themselves. He left an impact on his times equaled by few others in American history. Born on April 13, 1743, Jefferson was the third child in the family and grew up with six sisters and one brother. Though he opposed slavery, his family had owned slaves. From his father and his environment he developed an interest in botany, geology, cartography, and North American exploration, and from his childhood teacher developed a love for Greek and Latin. In 1760, at the age of 1 ...
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  • Thomas Jefferson, Third President Of The United States, Was One Of The Most Brilliant Men - 1,061 words
    Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, was one of the most brilliant men in history. His interests were boundless, and his accomplishments were great and varied. He was a philosopher, educator, naturalist, politician, scientist, architect, inventor, pioneer in scientific farming, musician, and writer, and was the foremost spokesmen for democracy in his day. He was born at Shadwell in Goochland County, Virginia on April 13, 1743, to Jane Randolph and Peter Jefferson. Jefferson Graduated from the college of William and Mary in 1760 (Adams, Page #26). His interest in science was fostered by Dr. William Small, teacher of mathematics and philosophy, who introduced him to Gov. Fra ...
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