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  • Born In Virginia To A Family Of Famous People, His Father, A Revolutionary War Hero And His Mother From A Long Line Of Rich, - 305 words
    Born in Virginia to a family of famous people, his father, a Revolutionary War hero and his mother from a long line of rich, loyal Virginians, he went on to become one of the greatest people the South would ever see. Robert Edward Lee was born in January 1807 and went to West Point and was one of the best students they had ever had. He married Mary Custis, Martha Washington's great great granddaughter. They had seven children. Lee was asked by the North to lead their army but he refused, he was a Virginian, even though he didn't believe in slavery or secession. The South asked him and he accepted. He became General of the Confederate Army. Ulysses S. Grant became General of the North. Lee wa ...
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  • Cohen Vs Virginia - 320 words
    Cohen Vs Virginia is Cohens vs. Virginia, in which the question arose as to the right of the Supreme Court to exercise its appellate jurisdiction over the judgment of a state court involving the validity of state legislation. The contention of the counsel for the state struck at the very root of the judicial system of the Union, with its authority to review state decisions which involved the binding effect of the Federal Constitution and laws: and so to the discussion of this fundamental question Marshall brought his heaviest artillery. In a series of powerful paragraphs he proclaimed the principle of nationalism and the existence of a real union resting on the will and determination of the ...
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  • George Washington Was Born On February 22, 1732 In Westmoreland County, Virginia Here He Received Little Formal Education His - 1,730 words
    George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Here he received little formal education. Historians have speculated that he attended a school in Fredericksburg, or may have been tutored by an indentured servant. Washington lived with his mother until the age of 16. At the age of 15, Washington took a job as an assistant land surveyor. In 1748, he joined a surveying team that was sent to the Shanandoah Valley to help survey the land holdings of Lord Fairfax. By 1749, he established a good reputation as a land surveyor and was appointed to the official land surveyor of Culpeper County. Washington's father owned several farms. When his father died in 1743, his ...
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  • John Browns Raid On The Federal Armory At Harpers Ferry, Virginia, In October 1859, Involved - 382 words
    John Brown's raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, In October 1859, involved only a handful of abolitionists, freed no slaves, and was over in two days. Although many Northerners condemned the raid, by 1863 John Brown had become a hero and a martyr in the North. The views about John Brown expressed in the documents illustrate the strained relationship between the North and South before the civil war(1859-1860) and the severely crippled relationship after the civil war. In 1859 before the Civil war the Northern-Southern relationship was strained with such laws as the Kansas-Nebraska act, 'legalizing' slavery through popular soveirgnty in the territories, and the Dredd Scott d ...
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  • Mrs Dalloway And To The Lighhouse By Virginia Woolf - 1,110 words
    Mrs Dalloway And To The Lighhouse By Virginia Woolf In her writings, Virginia Woolf wanted to capture the realness of life, as one would live it. In turn, Woolfs shared the significant elements of her life in her poetic prose novels, Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse, as a relative self-portrayal. In these books Woolf captured the life as she had lived it, performing this task in three different layers of depth. For a general sense, by allowing the characters to live in a similar society as her own, Woolf depicted her society in her writing. In a deeper sense, many of Woolfs family members, relationships, and characteristics were symbolically illustrated through the minor literary characte ...
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  • Mrs Dalloway And To The Lighhouse By Virginia Woolf - 1,028 words
    ... eristics show comparison to the characteristics of Lily Briscoe in To the Lighthouse who also is an artist, very close to Mrs. Ramsay. Regardless of parallelism between Lily Briscoe and Vanessa Bell, many other members are depicted through the minor characters. The character Peter Walsh, a government official who works in India, suggests a close friend of Leonard and Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes. Keynes was an economist who worked in the India Office and in government economics during the World War I. Although not constant in opinion, many suggest that Thoby Stephen, Virginia Woolfs brother who died in Greece, is implied in the character Anthony Ramsay, who dies in World War I, si ...
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  • Mrs Dalloway By Virginia Woolf - 784 words
    Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf In Virginia Woolfs book, Mrs. Dalloway, Clarissa Dalloway and Septimus Warren Smith grow up under the same social institutions although social classes are drawn upon wealth; it can be conceived that two people may have very similar opinions of the society that created them. The English society which Woolf presents individuals that are uncannily similar. Clarissa and Septimus share the quality of expressing through actions, not words. Through these basic beliefs and idiosyncrasies, both characters mimic each other through their actions and thoughts, even though they never meet. Clarissa feels sadness and death around her. There is much routine and habit around ...
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  • Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention - 1,372 words
    Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention The Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home The Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home was established to provide safe, secure custody for juveniles being charged with a crime, or are awaiting court action. The majority of children are held pending court disposition or transfer to another jurisdiction or agency. A few children may be held temporarily for as long as three months. Currently the referrals come from the Juvenile Courts of Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church. In 1960, Northern Virginia built the home for the sole purpose of housing all of its juvenile delinquents. Over the course of thirty years, the home's size became the cause for c ...
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  • Profession For Women By Virginia Woolf - 452 words
    Profession For Women By Virginia Woolf "Professions for Women" Through Virginia Woolfs essay she shows how women struggle in society. Due to these struggles, women are held back from expressing their true selves. Virginia Woolf does not accept these struggles for she feels that in order for any one person to be complete he or she has to explore who they are as an individual. "Professions for Women" shows how a woman in society wants to explore her abilities as a woman, but has many obstacles holding her back. Virginia Woolf speaks through her persona in this essay by relating to her struggle as a young girl wanting to be a writer. The little girl wanted to write and wanted to explore her min ...
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  • Religion In Whos Afraid Of Virginia Woolf - 488 words
    Religion In 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?' In Edward Albees controversial play, Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, religion plays a major, yet often overlooked theme. There are constant references to God and Jesus throughout the play; in the third act, The Exorcism, George recites the Requiem for the Dead, the Catholic funeral mass. Throughout the play, these religious references and the character of Honey come to symbolize the failure of religion. Albee added these references to point out the fact that although religion is and has been ubiquitous, it still gives no answers. Most of the references to God and Jesus are swear words; God damn, and Jesus Christ! and the like. Even though these i ...
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  • Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush, By Virginia Hamilton - 874 words
    Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush, By Virginia Hamilton Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush, by Virginia Hamilton, was first published in 1982. The estimated reading level for this book is twelve years old and up. Some of the issues examined in the book, such as child abuse, disease, and drug use, will be better understood by junior high age students. This novel would probably attract more female readers than male. The protagonist is a teenage girl named Tree who lives with her mentally challenged brother, Dab. She is responsible for taking care of herself and Dab. Tree begins to see a ghost who reveals her early childhood to her. Throughout the novel we see Tree's struggle with what the revelations sig ...
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  • To The Lighthouse By Virginia Woolf : Transcending Death - 1,067 words
    To The Lighthouse By Virginia Woolf : Transcending Death Transcending Death in To the Lighthouse The greatest obstacle to identifying a purpose for human life is the inevitability of death. Why should a human being strive for any goal when death will always be the final result of his striving, and after death he will be oblivious to any positive or negative effects of his lifetime actions? Virginia Woolf tackles this dilemma in her novel To the Lighthouse by presenting characters who attempt to transcend death either through accomplishments in art and science, or by nurturing other human beings. Mr. Ramsay and Charles Tansley take the path of intellectual accomplishment; Mrs. Ramsay represen ...
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  • To The Lighthouse By Virginia Woolf : Transcending Death - 1,071 words
    ... ouble the older philosopher's mind. Obsessed with achieving recognition for his work, Tansley rambles about his progress to Mrs. Ramsay: He worked hard--seven hours a day; his subject was now the influence of something upon somebody--they were walking on and Mrs. Ramsay did not quite catch the meaning, only the words, here and there...dissertation...fellowship...readership...l ectureship (11). Tansley is more pitiable than Mr. Ramsay because he has not been as successful and does not seem to have any interests beyond his work. He even regards ordinary conversation as a waste of time, deriding it as rot and silliness (85). While Tansley is almost a caricature of the frustrated academician, ...
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  • Virginia - 521 words
    Virginia Virginia is located in the eastern coast of the United States. It is surrounded by the states of West Virginia, which lies to the north west of it, Kentucky, west of it, and North Carolina, which is to the south. It has also the Atlantic Ocean to the east of it. Virginia has a coastal plain with tidal swamps and marshes flowing into rivers that lead into the Chesapeake Bay. The James, York, Rappahannock, and Potomac rivers split the mainland into three peninsulas. The size of Virginia is a total of 42,326 square miles. It also has the population of 6,733,996, which is the estimated in 1997. It is made up of 77.4 percent of whites and 18.8 percent blacks. Virginias metropolitan areas ...
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  • Virginia Unemployment - 1,873 words
    Virginia Unemployment The economic situation differs from country to country, caused by difference in population, geography, monetary system, political situation and a lot of other factors. But even within one country there are always a number of regions that differ from one another by their economic performance. This situation is especially true for big countries like US. If the regions are too broadly defined, the economic diversity would be lost. If the regions are too narrowly defined, they are not likely to have any viability as economic entities, and this circumstance will increase the problem of developing good regional economic data pertinent to the individual regions. Economic indic ...
    Related: unemployment, unemployment rate, virginia, virginia state, national economy
  • Virginia Unemployment - 1,845 words
    ... ship but was not significant. Two other variables are significant at 85% level of significance, are positively related to employment. Increase of output stimulates an increase of demand for labor (increase in employment) and increase in wages and salaries stimulates more people to take a job. Graph 4 shows the growth rates of Regional employment and National employment Graph 4 US and Virginia Employment Growth Rate 1975-1997 Employment in Virginia is growing at a higher rate than in the US for the time period form 1982 to 1988. Over 20-year period of time regional and national employment growth rates are cointegrated. It is also useful to know what is the ratio of employment to a total p ...
    Related: northern virginia, unemployment, unemployment rate, virginia, virginia state
  • Virginia Woolf - 1,669 words
    Virginia Woolf "Virginia Woolf - A Life of Struggle and Affliction" The literary critic Queenie Leavis, who had been born into the British lower middle class and reared three children while writing and editing and teaching, thought Virginia Woolf a preposterous representative of real women's lives: "There is no reason to suppose Mrs. Woolf would know which end of the cradle to stir." Yet no one was more aware of the price of unworldliness than Virginia Woolf. Her imaginative voyages into the waveringly lighted depths of "Mrs. Dalloway" and "To the Lighthouse" were partly owed to a freedom from the literal daily need of voyaging out - to the shop or the office or even the nursery. Her husband ...
    Related: virginia, virginia woolf, woolf, feminist literature, medical history
  • Virginia Woolfs Mrs Dalloway - 549 words
    Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway this report is about the Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway. With a comparison to Clarissa Dalloway and Septimus warren smith. These citizens grow up under the same social institutions and although classes are drawn up on wealth; it can be conceived that two people may have very similar opinions of the society that created them. The English society which Virginia Woolf presents individuals that are uncannily similar. These two individuals carry the names of Clarissa Dalloway and Septimus Warren Smith. Clarissa and Septimus, share the quality of communicating through actions, not words, and perceiving death as "defiance." Through these basic beliefs and mannerisms, ...
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  • 100 Years Of History - 1,762 words
    100 Years of History CURRENT EVENTS: 1945-1996 1945 On April 12 Harry S. Truman became President of the United States of America., In Washington, D.C. On August 6 at 9:15 a.m. US fighter planes dropped an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima Japan. In Berlin, Germany on April 30, Adolf Hitler was found dead, Hitler committed suicide. 1946 On October 16 in Nurenburg, 9 Nazi war criminals were hanged for the crimes during WW II. On April 25 Big Four Ministers met in Paris to finalize a treaty with Germany, to end WWII. In Austria Queens New York, on October 22, Chester Carlos tried his experiment that is commonly known as the Xerox machine. 1947 On November 20, in England, Queen Elizabeth gets married to ...
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  • 5 Most Influential People In American History - 1,556 words
    5 Most Influential People In American History The United Sates has had a short yet complex history in its two hundred and twenty-four years. She has produced millions and millions of great individuals. These great minds have shaped what America is today. Others, however, have personally molded this magnificent nation with their own acts. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson are the most influential builders of the United States of America. John Adams was born loyal to the English Crown but evolved into the second President of the Free World. As a lawyer, Adams emerged into politics as an opponent of the Stamp Act and was a leader in the Revolutionary gro ...
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