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  • Deep Ecololgy - 1,844 words
    Deep Ecololgy Deep Ecology/Ecosophy The ideas behind deep ecology have major implications today. They allow people to think more profoundly about the environment and possibly come to a better understanding of their own meaning. People are intensely concerned about the worlds technological adolescence, massive consumerism, and overpopulation. A man named Arne Naess, former head of the philosophy department at the University of Oslo founded an idea that can direct peoples anxiety away from their shallow notion of the problem to one that is much deeper. Deep ecology goes beyond the limited piecemeal shallow approach to environmental problems and attempts to articulate a comprehensive religious ...
    Related: human life, wilderness areas, face value, outline, dependency
  • Inventions Of The Early 19th Century - 1,645 words
    Inventions of the Early 19th Century -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- FILE CONTAINED: INVENT.TXT ACTUAL TOPIC: Inventions of the early nineteenth century. AUTHOR AND RESEARCHER: Big Brother @ The Works (617) 861-8976 -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- This file was originally researched and typed by Big Brother. All material used in the file is original and unplagerized, so these files are SAFE to use AS-IS with no modifications other than specifics to cover the actual required topic for school. Because school can be a BITCH, these files have been prepared to aide you in your research, and are not inten ...
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  • Literature - 1,474 words
    Literature In life as in literature people have certain struggles. In the novels and short stories we read this year there are several example of inner struggles, within the characters. The basic type of struggles known to people is Man Vs Man, Man Vs Nature and Man Vs Himself, otherwise known as inner struggle. It is when you have within yourself problems, concerns or questions that you must decide. They often decide to keep it's feeling and emotion to themselves. Like the famous Ghandi once said, "It was confrontation out of real humanity which marks his true stature and which makes his struggles and glimpses of truth of enduring significance. As a man of his time who asked the deepest que ...
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  • Morse Telegraph - 596 words
    Morse Telegraph Morse Telegraph In the beginning of the industrial age, cities were expanding and railroads were growing, but people couldn't get messages or news to other people fast enough. There were some electrical communications, but all were to slow or to complicating. Railroads were growing to fast, they were connecting cities to each other, and there needed some form of communication of some sort fast enough to past messages around. That is what Morse system of telegraphy did. In the early 19th century, all of the essential components necessary to construct an electrical communication system had been discovered. The most important of these were the battery by Volta, the relationship ...
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  • One Of Emily Dickinsons Poems, Formally Titled The Feet Of People Walking Home, Is Of Some Interest In Its Own Merit Unlike S - 918 words
    One of Emily Dickinsons poems, formally titled "The feet of people walking home," is of some interest in its own merit. Unlike some of Dickinsons other poems, such as the ones that exist among other versions due to a few dissimilarities, this poem is duplicated verbatim. To the untrained eye, this triviality would often be overlooked, were it not for the fact that Emily Dickinson had not intended on publishing many of her poems. Why, then, did she duplicate this poem? Perhaps a more in-depth analysis of the poem, as well as the current events in Dickinsons life, would answer this query. Estimated to have been written in the year 1858, the poem begins its first stanza by conveying the emotion ...
    Related: emily, emily dickinson, formally, merit, walking
  • President Gerald Ford - 1,405 words
    President Gerald Ford Outline I. Introduction II. Early Life III. Presidency IV. Conclusion V. Bibliography Introduction Ford may not be the most important president during his time, but he did more than some presidents did for the people. One of them was raising their spirits and hopes for the people to the government. He helped people gain confidence in their president again after losing confidence with Nixon. He set new records and started getting the United States on its feet again after having a very hard time in the past. He started his presidency with an oath on August 9, 1974 which he said - "Our long national nightmare is over (4, page 422)" which started his presidency. Early Life ...
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  • Since Im At Work Now, Ill Try To Type This Out With A Minimum Of Tears, - 1,657 words
    Since I'm at work now, I'll try to type this out with a minimum of tears, although my heart is still aching. This morning I learned that Jerry Garcia passed away. Why should I care about a rock star who I don't even know? Why should I feel any pain? Why should I even take the time to write this? I have asked myself these questions. But I feel compelled, and the answer will lie in this letter. The unfortunate first words I heard about his death were from a jerk at work who was callously telling somebody on the phone, "Yeah, he probably died of a drug overdose or something." My mind went numb, knowing the sometimes joked-about day is here, for me, and for all who appreciated his music. To comm ...
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  • Skiing Experience - 476 words
    Skiing Experience Thin air encompasses me as I commence the final day of skiing at Vail, Colorado. Seven days of skiing elapse rather painlessly; I fall occasionally but an evening in the Jacuzzi soothes my minor aches. Closing time approaches on the final day of our trip as I prepare myself for the final run of the vacation. Fresh off the ski lift, I coast toward the junction of trails on the unoccupied expert face of the mountain. After a moment of thought, I confidently select a narrow trail so steep that only the entrance can be seen from my viewpoint. A blast of adrenaline charges throughout my body as I experience the initial drop. My body's weight shifts mechanically, cutting the snow ...
    Related: skiing, emergency room, left hand, powder, casting
  • The Alamo Samuel Fb Morse - 823 words
    The Alamo - Samuel F.B. Morse Samuel F. B. Morse Samuel Finley Breese Morse was born on April 27, 1791, in Charlestown, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. His father was Jedidiah Morse, a well- respected pastor and a writer. His mother was Elizabeth Ann Breese. Samuels parents had high hopes for their oldest son. When he was seven, they sent him to Phillips Academy in Andover. Although he was clearly smart, Samuel as a student was disappointing. He spent most of his time goofing off and drawing. At Yale College, Morse was an unsure student, but his interests were lectures of the then newly developing subject of electricity, and painting miniature portraits. After college, Morse directed ...
    Related: alamo, morse, samuel, york university, national academy
  • The Scarlet Letter Punishment And Death - 613 words
    The Scarlet Letter - Punishment and Death Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter deals with many themes, among those including punishment and death. Utilizing the theme of punishment, the central character, Hester Prynne, was forced to wear an embroidered scarlet letter on "her bosom" for the rest of her life as a sign of her sin of adultery. This object; however, has the opposite affect as a punishment and as people of the community begin to forget the original significance of the letter it comes to bear a new meaning, able. In the thirteenth chapter of this book, Hawthorne comes out and in the third person states "the scarlet letter had not done its office." Hester has gone beyond the letter of th ...
    Related: punishment, scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, hester prynne
  • The Telephone And Its Corporation - 1,984 words
    The Telephone And Its Corporation The Telephone And Its Corporation The phone is easily one of mans most important, useful and taken for granted inventions. The telephone has outgrown the ridicule with which it first received, now in most places taken for granted, it is a part of many peoples daily lives. It marvelously extended the ways man converses that it is now an indispensable help to whoever would live the convenient life. All disadvantage of being deaf and mute to any persons, which was universal before the advent of the telephone, has now happily been overcome. Before I tell of the history of how the telephone was constructed and put in to place I will tell of the past of communicat ...
    Related: bell telephone, corporation, telephone, samuel morse, jay gould
  • Why The North Won The Civil War You Are Bound To Fail - 1,441 words
    ... n 105). The total value of goods manufactured in the state of New York alone was over four times that of the entire Confederacy. The Northern states produced 96 percent of the locomotives in the country, and, as for firearms, more of them were made in one Connecticut county than in all the Southern factories combined ("Civil War," Encyclopedia Americana). The Confederacy had made one fatal mistake: believing that its thriving cotton industry alone would be enough to sustain itself throughout the war. Southerners saw no need to venture into the uncharted industrial territories when good money could be made with cotton. What they failed to realize was that the cotton boom had done more for ...
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