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  • Desperate Battle Defines Congos Warlike Peace - 1,968 words
    Desperate Battle Defines Congo's Warlike Peace Desperate Battle Defines Congo's Warlike Peace At the southern extreme of a ragged front line that winds 1,400 miles across Congo lies a ferry, dirty pink and half-submerged in the muddy Luvua River. Facing it on a gravel ramp stand the burned-out husks of 33 military vehicles -- armored personnel carriers, trucks, an ambulance -- waiting in a line that never moved forward. Unopened syringes lie underfoot, amid charred tires and a trampled note that a fleeing Congolese junior officer left behind: Attaque, reads the neat cursive French. But by the time Rwandan forces approached Pweto on Dec. 3, the Congolese government army was in no position to ...
    Related: desperate, security council, human rights, international human rights, tank
  • Mother Love In Infancy Is As Important For Mental Health As Are Vitamins And Proteins For Physical Health Bowlby, 1951 Discus - 1,420 words
    Mother Love In Infancy Is As Important For Mental Health As Are Vitamins And Proteins For Physical Health. (Bowlby, 1951) Discuss. During the 1930s and 1940s John Bowlby, considered one of the most influential child psychiatrics, worked at a clinic for mentally disturbed adolescents. It was in this context that, between 1936 and 1939, he conducted a research on the case history of 44 patients, among whom a few had been convicted for various minor crimes, particularly for theft. The outcome of his research revealed that that 17 of them had been separated from their mother for more than six months, before the age of five. From a later similar research on other 44 adolescents mentally disturbed ...
    Related: health, important role, infancy, mental health, physical health, vitamins
  • Polygamy - 995 words
    ... their children once that wife started questioning the husbands absolute authority. Many women stay in these bad situations, because of their children. They do not want their children growing up without a father in their lives. However, once the husband starts abusing the children, then the wives feel that things have gone too far and they finally decide to break away, but not at all for the womens sake but for her children instead. The question is to what extent does freedom of religion go hand in hand with womens freedom and to what extent the freedom of women is restricted by polygamy. Also many debates are centered on womens rights and the potential for abuse in a polygamous marriage ...
    Related: polygamy, second wife, west side, freedom of religion, unpaid
  • The Story Of El Nio Begins On The Eastern Margins Of The Pacific Ocean For Centuries, Peruvian Fishermen Have Known That The - 965 words
    The story of El Nio begins on the eastern margins of the Pacific Ocean. For centuries, Peruvian fishermen have known that the usually cold and nutrient rich waters from time to time become exceptionally warm, accompanied by collapsing fish stocks. At the same time, torrential rain and flooding of the rivers of the Andes occur. This abnormal situation returns every 3-7 years and, since the event usually peaks around Christmas, the fishermen named the phenomenon El Nio (el nio is Spanish for boy child). For a long time, El Nio was considered to be a weather phenomenon local to the countries of the western part of South America. Only early in the 20th century did scientists begin to realize tha ...
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