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  • Lottery By Shirley Jackson - 926 words
    Lottery By Shirley Jackson Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" portrays a small town in which the citizens gather for a yearly lottery. Unlike the "typical" lottery, this is not one you would want to win. Throughout "The Lottery," Jackson focuses on families from the village in order to demonstrate the role of separation of genders. Gender is defined as the sexual identity of a person, especially in relation to society or culture. Gender divisions exist within the community in "The Lottery" and issues of gender help to explain the characters action and thoughts. During the lottery, everyone is equal and the society is genderless. Although the men draw as the head of the household, the women part ...
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  • Symbolism And Setting In The Lottery - 1,119 words
    Symbolism And Setting In The Lottery "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson is a short story that without the symbolism of its characters, would amount to little more than an odd tale about a stoning. However, because of what each character represents and the way the setting helps to magnify those representations, it becomes a short story that is anything but short of meaning. The first character is probably the most obviously symbolic character of the story. Every word that leaves Old Man Warner's Mouth reeks of tradition. He never stops criticizing new ideas about the lottery, the way it is run, or complaining about how things have changed for the worst, etc., etc. When Mr. Adams tells him that ...
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  • The Lottery - 902 words
    The Lottery The Lottery, a short story written by Shirley Jackson, is a tale of disturbing evilness. The setting is a small village consisting of about 300 residents. On June 27th of every year the members of the community hold a village-wide lottery in which everyone is expected to participate. Throughout the story the reader gets an odd feeling regarding the residents. Although they are gathering for a lottery drawing there is an air of nervousness about the event. From start to finish there is an overwhelming sense that something terrible is about to happen due to the authors in depth use of foreshadowing. The first hint that something strange is happening is brought to our attention in t ...
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  • The Lottery - 1,147 words
    The Lottery Mario Cruz M. Seiferth Eng 1302 Shirley Jackson's The Lottery and Flannery O'Connnors A Good Man Is Hard To Find are stories that deal with mans inhumanity to man by illastrating different situation, but lead to the same conclusion and with no thought of the consequences. Jackson and O'Connor use central characters to show how man has the power to distort reality into something the people accept into everyday life. Jackson uses tradition in The Lottery when she uses Mr. Summers as the announcer of the lottery every year. Mr. Summers was a person who believed in the lottery and never thought of ending this tradition. Every year Mr. Summers spoke about making a new box, but no one ...
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